“Went Wrong” (Almost Always) Equals Dead

“Broke Down” is, of course, Racing’s historically favorite euphemism for died. But in the time I’ve been doing this, I’ve noticed a move away from that vile phrase. While true that more chartwriters are noting euthanasias as they happen (when I started, only Parx and Louisiana Downs consistently acknowledged deaths in the notes), when a euphemism is employed these days it’s more likely to be the equally repugnant “Went Wrong,” especially in Kentucky. On September 26, 3-year-old Lucky Asset was one of those in the 7th at Churchill. And yes, he is dead. From the Racing Commission:

“Biaxial sesamoid fractures. Severe soft tissue damage with tearing of both the deep and superficial digital flexor tendons, the palmar annular ligament, the lateral branch of the suspensory ligament, and rupture of the intersesmoidian ligament.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. Way back when,the term for humanely euthanized was the horse was destroyed. I remember hearing that was sickening as a very young person.

  2. i am always amazed that the euphemisms often make it sound like something the horse decided to do on his own, like “went wrong.” All by himself. No humans involved. The horse made a bad decision. Pathetic.

  3. The breaking of bones and the tearing of tendons and ligaments and ruptured ligaments sounds so extremely painful. If only the human participants in this vile industry could experience such excruciating pain associated with the willful forcing of racehorses to run fast and faster, they would scream!!!!!! They. Would. Scream!!!!!!!!

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