2nd Training Kill in 3 Days in California

The CHRB has disclosed the death of Black Badge training yesterday at San Luis Rey Downs; no details provided. Black Badge was two, and this was only his second timed-workout. He becomes the 8th victim in California this year.

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  1. Ugh. You know it was a bad one when the CHRB puts it on their kill list. Big name trainer, and apparently no attempt to exploit their Unlisted policy (hauling the mangled and the maimed off-site for the euth to avoid any and all public scrutiny.) That poor baby must have suffered the most horrific, gruesome injuries.

    • My thoughts and prayers are that all of the racing participants will be seeking professional mental health counseling and receive treatment for their mental health disorders and pathologic gambling addictions; and that the State of California would recognize that this heinous abuse and deliberate causing of fatal injuries to racehorses is criminal.

    2019 Keeneland yearling sale SOLD for $200,000.
    2020 OBS 2 y.o in training sale RNA for $290,000.
    2020 Maryland 2 y.o in training sale RNA for $375,000.

    This colt was put through a grueling schedule that started his hard training at about 1.5 years old, continued in not one, but two 2 year old in training sales which are brutal on these babies.
    The most likely goal? – The Kentucky Derby which requires standard operating procedures on all babies.
    I bet that he had some issues going on very young because his underdeveloped muscoskeletal system couldn’t endure the stress placed on it.
    The “road to the roses,” (common Derby expression) is not so rosy for most racehorses like BLACK BADGE.

    • Wow, Gina, they really exploited the **** out of this innocent baby Thoroughbred. His exploiters belong in prison as far as I’m concerned!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just when I thought there was hope it quickly turned to despair.
    The hope part of the equation is the announcement of Rick Arthur’s retirement from the CHRB – long overdue.
    It’s no secret that Dr. Arthur is a full supporter of multiple doper, cheater and racehorse killer Bob Baffert.
    Dr. Arthur was actively treating racehorses when in private practice for years before getting on the CHRB.
    Hardly a neutral vet whom, over the years, almost always took the side of the abusers over the racehorses.
    The despair is that the totally biased CHRB ushered in one of their own: Dr. Jeff Blea who will step into Rick Arthur’s vacant spot as Equine Director.
    Dr. Blea has been committed to his thriving veterinary practice on the Southern California thoroughbred circuit.
    Many of his clients are high profile doping, cheating Trainers who maim and kill racehorses.
    He’s made a very good living off of the broken bones of many racehorses.
    So it seems clear that he will be loyal to the racehorse abusers and exploiters.
    Absolutely nothing will change while Dr. Allred of Los Alamitos and Belinda Stronach of The Stronach Group will be enabled to continue their killing business as I’m sure they breathed a sigh of relief on this announcement.
    Just for the record, positions on the CHRB including Dr. Blea’s are financially supported by public coffers with absolutely no input from California residents/taxpayers.
    This announcement pretty much drives a nail in the coffin for most racehorses on the California circuit.

    • It seems to me that the citizen taxpayers of California should be better educated about this injustice. How can this method of operation of pouring public funds into the CHRB payroll (without input from the taxpayers) be changed? What can be done to make an impact in how things are done so as to give the public more control on who gets public funds?

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