Training Kill at Santa Anita; Racing Kill at Turfway

Santa Anita has disclosed the death of Natural History Saturday: “Fracture of the left front ankle while working…unrecoverable injury.” He was three years old and being prepped for his 14th race. He is the 4th dead racehorse at Santa Anita this year.

Also, I can confirm that Mountain Bear, a “pulled up, vanned off” on the chart Friday at Turfway, was indeed euthanized. He was two; ’twas his 3rd time under the whip.

Imagine, folks, if two players died in yesterday’s Super Bowl. And yet, this happens multiple times at U.S. racetracks every day. A sport, like football? Obscene.


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  1. Horseracing is a blood-sport for bloodthirsty, demonic, evil human beings who love to bully innocent sentient beings and who love to be abusive and sadistic to animals that can be controlled, manipulated, forced into submission and be proud of it; psychopathic sociopaths. Legislation needs to be written, introduced and passed in the House of Representatives and the Senate and signed into law by the President of the United States to convict anyone who engaged in animal abuse in rodeos and horseracing!!!!!! It is NOT OKAY to abuse animals and in this case, horses. These animals are gregarious and deserve to be treated with kindness!!!!

  2. I don’t understand why Humane Society can’t do something about this :-((((((((((( It is heartbreaking that this keeps going on!!!!

    • I refuse to send HSUS and their affiliates any monetary support, and I’ve written some very frank and pointed letters at to why. Every type of exploitation and abuse they insist they are against is on blatant display in horse racing, yet NO animal welfare organization will speak out against it, never mind actually do something about it. Don’t tell me about about the animals you do save – explain why there are ones you WILL NOT save.

  3. I agree, how come the humane society does not step up and do something about horse racing for pete’s sake…? SMH…

    • Sylvana, the short answer to why the humane society, especially the HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES, does NOT do the job you would think and expect is that the HSUS is as CORRUPT AS HORSERACING. The horseracing industry is involved in abuse and deception. The HSUS IS INVOLVED IN ABUSE AND DECEPTION. Both groups are making millions of dollars defrauding the public and actively engaging in animal abuse.

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