Skarboni “Put to Sleep”; Track Says, “Condolences to All”

In the 1st at Turf yesterday, Skarboni was reported as “fell, vanned off” – which, as all here can attest, usually means dead. And he is. We know for sure because HW supporter Kelly Griffin pressed the track for an update on Skarboni after it had happily tweeted, “Glad to report Shannon Uske is ok after her fall in Race 1.” Turf’s afterthought reply: “We can report Skarboni was put to sleep. Condolences to all.”

“put to sleep”

“condolences to all”

Can these people be any more vile?

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  1. The horseracing industry’s routine abuse and torture of horses is vile to the core!!! Exploiting live horses UNTIL THEY ARE INJURED AND KILLED for Pari-Mutuel bets to be placed upon the innocent horses is EVIL!!! Horseracing itself is WRONG!!!!

  2. Thank you, Patrick. But, to be clear: I deserve ZERO credit for their reluctant admission. They changed it up at least once overnight. Besides, Turf Pairo’Deaths (no, not gonna stop calling them that) MIGHT have had to publicly concede poor Skarboni’s death anyway, when the AZ Gaming Commission got around to reporting it in the next 3-4 months.

    • Kelly, did you get a direct answer on Twitter about SKARBONI…? How did they change it up at least once overnight? It is peculiar (to me) how someone in the industry chose to answer about the outcome of SKARBONI and not answer about so many other horses that were injured somehow, especially “fell” or “went down” or “DNF” or “walked off” around the country at various racetracks.

      • Yes. As Patrick stated above, their reply to my question confirmed Skarboni’s outcome. But there was an initial reply that was deleted before this “put to sleep” statement was issued. I don’t know what it contained, and I’m pretty sure I never will, but it really doesn’t matter.
        Point is, Turf Pairo’Deaths WAS NOT going to admit this kill, nor any other. It would never have occurred to them to include any mention of the real victim of this horrific crash in their tweet, because Skarboni, as with all racehorses, was and is barely an afterthought for them; part of their daily, dead-horse routine.

        • Kelly, I’m not sure exactly what prompted the “spokesman” or “spokesperson” to announce that SKARBONI had been put to sleep, but I’m going to give you some credit for their admission regardless of how reluctant their admission may have been.

  3. To the people that said that racing people don’t celebrate deaths – some idiot on twitter by the name of Calistoner (boy does that name give a hint to their personality!) wrote: “Skarboni just dipped his jockey while in the 1st down the stretch”. Then they added the LMAO emoji. 🤣 that one. Guess it was a laughing riot that this horse fell and died.

    • I see it all the time on Twitter, too, Marie…disrespect and lack of compassion for the killed horse, relief the horse broke down “on the undercard and not on NBC”…

  4. “Put to sleep” – as if there was anything peaceful about this horse’s final hours. As if his exploiters only had his best interests at heart and this was somehow an act of mercy. Honestly just disgusting. And “condolences”?! Do you send a murderer condolences when his victim is dead? His owners killed him just as surely as if they had shot him dead. I’m sure racing apologist will conjure up visions of this horse laying in a deep bed of straw with people all gathered around, stroking his nose and kissing him goodbye, but we know the truth: they thought no more about him than they would a bag of garbage thrown in a dumpster, and I’m willing to bet the only one there was the vet, shoving the final needle into his neck.

    • Rebecca, that is a very relevant remark/ question you make. “Do you send a murderer condolences when his victim is dead?” So true, so true!!!

  5. Just horrible and heartbreaking how those horses suffer because of vicious humans

  6. YOU SAID IT — “put to sleep” /// “condolences to all” /// Can these people be any more vile?

    EXACTLY my point — to these MONSTERS, Horses are NOT living beings — they’re items of clothing — /// — God, how I LOATHE this industry — this industry is depraved, sadistic and beyond cruel — Society is ALLOWING this Industry to continue with their horrors — again, I can’t say this enough : SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING FOREVER.

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