A Training Kill at Golden Gate

The CHRB has disclosed the training death of Staredown this morning at Golden Gate. He was three and had been under the whip four times – the most recent, 11 days ago: last, 13+ lengths back. Blaine Wright, trainer. Todd & Shawn Hansen, owners.

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  1. I see this statement a lot and it bothers me.
    This colt had been under the whip 4
    Times. Could these babies being pushed by the whip causing some of these break downs?

    • Yes, it definitely contributes to breakdowns when jockeys whip their mounts to run faster and farther than horses would normally run on their own. The horseracing industry forces horses to run faster and farther for the gambling bets as well as purse money. It is a very abusive business.

      • We have NEVER used a whip to have a horse gallop for the 1st time with us aboard & have achieved the fastest time of the day with a horse at our now thankfully redeveloped, defunct track without carrying or using a whip! We used to cringe when we saw young horses being severely whipped & forced to gallop on our now demolished 1 mile oval track! With our young horse we brought to the track we proved our point by having him gallop with no whip or spurs. Yes, spurs! We have seen used on young horses at our now defunct track.We later did not allow our young horse to be raced as we later discovered the truth about racing.

  2. I’d like to to exactly what kind of Bullshit is a “training death”. What did they do to this baby

  3. I don’t think a lot of people realize the trauma whipping causes to both the horse under the abuse and the horses watching it. Horses are very cognitive animals and their communication with each other can be as simple as the flick of an ear. To see another horse in obvious mental distress while being hit, I believe, can make them react violently when they themselves are struck because they remember what they’ve seen.
    I know a lot of “horse people” will dismiss this, but if you’ve spent any amount of time around horses you know just how aware and interactive they are of their surroundings.

    • I agree, Rebecca.
      Actually, people in racing are one dimensional when it comes to the horse – make him run!
      Horses read humans very well. Most humans are functionally illiterate when it comes to the horse.
      Arrogance and domination are poor substitutes for true knowledge, understanding and respect.

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