“Suffered a Catastrophic Injury, Euthanized” at Mahoning

Beautifulstreetcat in the 3rd today at Mahoning: “was bumped at the start, suffered a catastrophic injury at the nine sixteenths pole, was pulled up then euthanized.” Beautifulstreetcat was three; ’twas her 3rd time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Ah, Mahoning. When will you learn? You and all your cohorts at the other little dirtbag tracks MUST stop admitting your on-track kills on the charts. Helpful hint: just do what your “elite” counterparts (the big dirtbag tracks) do daily, and write ’em all up as van-offs. That way, you can maintain the illusion that your equine victims might still be alive — like Gulfstream did just this morning. Smart, right?

    • One thing that I read somewhere is hiring a lobbyist to be a voice FOR the horses and to end horseracing. The horseracing industry has lobbyists to be a voice for the horseracing industry, which is a voice to drown out all voices FOR horses. If HORSERACING WRONGS can get, or is working to get, a lobbyist, I would definitely like to know more about that.

  2. Oh yeah… they shouldn’t be running on FROZEN dirt in the FIRST place!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bonnie, the track at Mahoning wasn’t frozen and that comes from a Mahoning steward. The track had been harrowed/drug repeatedly and that caused a “deep” track so that can be tough on horses and requires additional energy. Times were slow yesterday and it was suggested that the track be “sealed” to make it safer for the horses and, according to my source, that was being done since today is a “dark” day. Temperatures here in Ohio have been relatively mild considering it is the middle of winter and on Tuesday it was in the low 40’s. I’m not condoning racing at ANY time of the year but I’m just trying to clarify that the track was not frozen.

      • Mary, thanks for the info. I would love to know if there are more catastrophic breakdowns in the cold weather as opposed to the warm months. I know as a former tennis player I hated having to play a match in cold or windy weather. I would imagine for the older horses especially,with their aches and pains from the years of abuse and servitude. The whole industry just needs to go…like NOW.

  3. Bumped at the start, still forced to run. No scratching out of an abundance of caution. The horse isn’t worth that. So, so heartbreaking.

    • Susan, you are SOOO right about the bump. I can’t tell you how many fatal injuries happened because of bump. It’s an underreported issue. Thank you for bringing it to the fore.

  4. I am sad that there are people who have no empathy or love for these horses and allow them to get injured and die. This horseracing has to end!

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