Another “Catastrophic Injury” Today

Rub My Belly in the 1st today at Gulfstream: “chased early inside, went wrong suffering a catastrophic injury to the right front entering the stretch….” This was the 2-year-old’s 2nd time under the whip.

Again, this is horseracing.

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  1. Gosh, I wonder why the Daily Racing Form’s Mike Welsch decided to take the day off from (not) reporting Gulfstream’s carnage?
    That’s okay, Mike. There’ll still be plenty more GP horse kills for you to ignore on Twitter when you return!

  2. Sickening…poor baby. How could the horse go wrong, after all the poor horse is being ridden and beaten by a brilliant, experienced highly skilled killer, the heartless cruel jockey. Ugh…I’m sure with enough beating, hard yanking of the bit they should have been able to control the horse, but lets blame the horse, we the almighty, all knowing horseman is never at fault.
    Absolutely disgusting, vile, cruel treatment, a shameful way for these selfish, heartless, unfeeling beings ( I use the term lightly ) to kill these close family members. Liars!! Too bad we cant put them out of their misery!!!
    Oh wait!!Get rid of the tracks and the 2 bit gamblers, that ought to do it!!

    • A business with a total conflict of interest – jockeys, owners, trainers and breeders all abusing horses to further their pathetic careers, make money and feed their sick egos.
      Actually, I misspoke, because there is no interest in the horse in terms of welfare. – so no conflict there!! These people say the horses are their “family members” but the truth lies in what they do with them.
      The business caters to the worst of human instincts – cruelty, greed, lawlessness, exploitation of the voiceless and the addicted.
      It is a business with no redeeming social value. It owes it existence to the domination of money and ego over human decency..

  3. Gulfstream is usually good at scratching horses who are not sound. But lately too many are going down this year. Did they change the vet who checks them out, or is there no possible clue to this? That is why I liked this track but not lately. How many this year at this track? At least 3 so far this year. Anybody have the accurate number? One a week?

    • Hogwash.
      The Stronach Group is very efficient at facilitating the deaths of many racehorses.
      They’ve been doing it for years, but so has this entire business.
      It’s got nothing to do with the vet, but everything to do with the system in place including hiding vet/treatment records from the state vet whose the one who does the pre-race check.
      Horse racing is carnage – end of story.

    • Scratching horses who are not sound? Do you mean horses who are literally hobbling so there is no way to mask or hide their pain for the chance at some pocket change? The majority of racehorses are not sound, from overtaxed limbs and muscles, to chronic colic and ulcers, to mental breakdown from constant confinement and the love shown to them through the use of stud chains, tongue ties, and whips. And let’s not forget all those “vitamins” injected Lord knows how many times a day.
      Anyone who watches horse racing and defends it in any way is as guilty of the abuse and death of these horses as the person jabbing a needle into their neck or beating them down the track for a chance at $125.

  4. Kelly, could it be possible that he, Mike Welsch, was paid more money to keep his mouth shut than to report the heinous abuse of another innocent two-year-old?
    RUB MY BELLY was foaled February 4, 2018, so he was considered a 3-year-old in Thoroughbred racing terms. He had one start in 2020 and one start in 2021. His earnings total $2,500 and it says on Equibase that he earned $250 for his start in 2021. He earned $2,250 for finishing third in his first race. He earned $250 in his second race, the race in which he suffered a catastrophic injury, on Wednesday, January 27, 2021. This racing and gambling business is organized animal abuse and it must be ended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horses deserve so much better than racing has to offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nah, at least to your initial query. I have a special disdain for the racing press because they can’t handle reporting the downside(s) of their sick game — chief among them, all the equine death and destruction — so they choose not to. I don’t think it’s corruption in the traditional, purest sense, though: “Kill the story, and I’ll give you cash, Mr. Welsch.” That’s too obvious in the digital age. I believe they all avoid/deny the carnage because they know they HAVE TO to protect their non-sport, and thus, their jobs.

      *What if a few REAL sports reporters decided to quash their stories of, say, Patrick Mahomes’ on-field injury and concussion protocol in the playoffs, on the grounds that it might make the NFL look bad? I’d say those few “reporters” would make excellent racing writers:)

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