Cruelty, Thy Name Is Horseracing

As a follow-up to the grisly list I recently published on Camarero, I’ve decided to highlight some of the more egregious cases. Here are two:

Fight for Rags was bred in Kentucky in April 2015. Save for one race in Florida, his entire “career” – 26 races in all – was spent in Puerto Rico. In a training session on February 28 of last year, Fight broke both knees and was euthanized. With that end in mind, consider these, his final seven races, beginning in June 2019:

8th, 11+ lengths back
8th, 31+ lengths back
9th, 20+ lengths back
10th, 18 lengths back
5th, 17 lengths back
12th, 22+ lengths back
9th, 31+ lengths back

That final race came on January 24. A bit over a month later, he was killed (again, when both of his knees shattered). The owner throughout this stretch was CEB Racing, but as an added stress on this poor animal, he was handled by four different trainers: Benjamin Figueroa, Rene Serrano, Luis Adorno, Domingo Diaz. That’s four trainers in seven races. Oh, and he was also “For Sale” (cheap) before each of those.

Ghostly Games also broke a pair of limb parts while training at Camarero. His death came on March 6. For him, it was about the extended grinding and, as with Fight, the mental and emotional stress he was forced to endure in the process. Ghostly was bred in Florida in March 2012; he was first put to the whip 2 1/2 years later at Monmouth Park in New Jersey. From there:

to Florida for four races
to Pennsylvania for one
to West Virginia for one
back to Pennsylvania for one
to Maryland for nine
back to Pennsylvania for one
to Delaware for one
back to Maryland for one
back to Delaware for six
back to Pennsylvania for one
back to Maryland for two
back to Pennsylvania for four
back to Delaware for one
back to Maryland for one
back to Delaware for two
back to Maryland for nine
back to Delaware for eight

And then, in November 2018, he was shipped to Camarero, where he would spend the rest (17 races) of his abbreviated life. In all, Ghostly was put to the whip 71 times. 71. And, needless to say, he was exploited by multiple owners and trainers along the way.

Cruelty, thy name is horseracing.

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  1. Horseracing is EVIL and the people who participate in racing make it EVIL by the constant abuse and killing of their horses!!!
    What happened to all of the horses killed by racing is NOT HORSEMANSHIP, IT IS ABUSE OF THE WORST KIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Horses don’t get the choice to race or not to race People do. It is cruel to horse race just as it was cruel to race dogs please stop this barbarous Act of enjoyment to the human beings.

  3. When does this cruelty stop? Do these men have no sense of humanity towards these horses? Clearly they have none. Why don’t they themselves go out and race and feel the wip. See how they like it. Just disgusting!

  4. The barbarian miscreants of horse racing leave me feeling so sad, and I am at a loss for words at the horror of the agonizing death of these victims.

  5. Horse racing is just another evil barbaric industry. The horses do not get a choice like slaves. I would make the trainers owners and jockeies compete. Only the winner survives to run another day. The rest are shot dead. Rubbish humans and no loss to the planet.

  6. I’ve always hated to see any animal hit by people. Its cowardly and despicable behavior. I hope this sport is banned before another race is run!

  7. SIGN SHARE — God, how I LOATHE this industry — SHAME on those who keep the depraved, sadistic cruelty alive — what about the HORSES? — we MUST PROTECT our Horses —- SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING FOREVER.


  9. Every week the kill pens are full of horse racing’s unwanted racehorse mess.
    I can’t look into all of them because there are just too many.
    I randomly selected one today, BOSS E BRIT, to review her race records.
    It’s heartbreaking what these racehorses went through during their time on the track.
    BOSS E BRIT never performed on the track, most likely due to pre-existing, chronic injuries, but in her last 2 starts she couldn’t even finish the race.
    At Delta Downs on 3/5/2011 she was a DNF due to her stumbling badly.
    Then just 8 days later on 3/13/2011 she was a DNF yet again.
    In both those races she “stumbled badly,” indicating serious existing injuries.
    Talk about heartless to send a poor filly out, not once, but twice probably knowing that she was suffering.
    The fact she made it out alive is a testament to her will to live.
    Then she disappears for 10 years and ends up at the kill pen yesterday and horse racing is 100% solely responsible for her current plight.

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