Filly Becomes 3rd Victim at Santa Anita This Month

Scat’s Choice broke down in the 5th at Santa Anita yesterday and is dead. She was two years old; ’twas her 10th time under the whip. She becomes the third dead horse at Santa Anita this month. Reform – Stronach style.

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  1. On the replay she was on the lead and then disappeared from the screen. Next you can see the outrider racing quickly to the accident

    • Nancy, I saw it in real time..and even I couldn’t see it happen, I heard the track announcer,and could tell from his voice. I just knew it was bad. I’m glad I didn’t see it. And, in the meantime..the idiots in FROZEN tundra ny., are forcing them to run on frozen dirt! Gigantic animals with toothpick thin legs, running on rock hard ground,gee, what could go wrong with that?

      • Bonnie. They deleted the accident so no-one except people at the place saw anything
        Called damage control CREEPS

  2. This story was also posted on yahoo news last night. Wonder why yahoo isn’t posting about all the deaths at the New York tracks.

    • Great question, Marie, but I suspect a rhetorical one on your part. My best shot at an answer to that? – keep quiet about as many horses killed for entertainment purposes as possible…the public needs to remain ignorant so racing can hang on by the skin of its teeth.

  3. The torture and abuse of baby racehorse SCAT’S CHOICE is revealed in her PP’s.
    She was obviously broke to train around 1.5 years old – a baby in diapers.
    She was run hard 9 starts as a 2 year old in 2020.
    She changed tracks 7 times.
    She was struggling for 8 of those 9 starts.
    A disposable gambling chip on all accounts backed up by racing commissions, paid for by the public coffers, to uphold the gambling profits at the detriment of the racehorse.
    You apologists are a bunch of parasites – shame on all of you.

    • Wow, Gina, this whole routine of brutality AND EXCESSIVE FORCE in exploiting young fillies (and colts) is so deplorable, demented and disgusting!!!!!!! Horseracing is EVIL!!!!!!!!

  4. Santa Anita and Los Alamitos, both in California, are fiercely protected by an insider and corrupt CHRB.
    There are so many examples that clearly show that this board is corrupt to the core and has been over the years, but to prove that absolutely nothing has changed, even when the faces change, here are 2 recent examples.
    Not only did the CHRB reinstate a 1 year license last week to Dr. Allred’s Los AL, but they did it while he was still on a 6 month probationary period and during that period 2 racehorses died:
    Don’t Stop Lookin, three, and Noor Khan, four as told here on HRW.
    Now if this isn’t a clear example to anybody just how corrupt, pro-horse racing and biased the CHRB is then nothing ever will.
    Every single one of them are downright disgusting and they are being paid for by the public coffers and should be fired by the public, in their place, neutral members and residents of California.
    Now for the second example: Justify.
    One of the biggest cons perpetrated on the American public was the performance of Justify and him subsequently winning the Triple crown and then his breeding rights being sold for 60 million – cha ching.
    We now know that Justify was on dope – dope that was illegal and he should have been disqualified.
    Again, the corrupt CHRB didn’t do their job instead COVERED IT UP, didn’t disclose the positive to the public and permitted the deliberate obfuscation of information that netted billions in wagering profits.
    Not only do the CHRB members need to be fired, but they should have legal charges brought against them for aiding and abetting criminal activity not to mention animal cruelty that led to dying at Los Al.
    These members are all revolting and it’s long overdue to overhaul this board with neutral California residents.
    They know damn well that neutral people would have shut this killing ring down a long time ago.

    • On that note, Gina: Los Al hosted another INJURY/VAN-OFF in last night’s race 7. Great timing, right? 2-year-old QH named Gowdy FELL at the start, was thrashing in the mud as the jock strode away, not looking back. Camera pans past, of course, for 12 more seconds, but then the video is cut completely — just as it looks as if ANOTHER HORSE is in trouble and about to go down. That’s all: a 20-second video they posted of that race, while all their other race videos run for 3-4 minutes. Oh, then the high-integrity Los Alamitos Horse Killing Team deleted the whole thing, and it was replaced with the “This race is unavailable…” tag.
      As if that’s not creepy enough, THE CHART WAS ALTERED (yes, again) from “injured start, vanned off” to “locked up start, vanned off”. Maybe when I check it later today, it’ll read, “hesitated start, walked off” and we’ll know that all is well in Los Al land;)

  5. You gotta love the spin on this kill from the always-creative racing press. They’re all eager to redirect public outrage from this horrifying, predictable, and entirely preventable death of poor, baby Scat’s Choice to a shameless plug for the SADT’s “commendable” and “exemplary” new, (self-reported) SAFETY RECORD.
    Thanks, guys. We needed that laugh.

  6. Are all of these comments going to waste? Or, are they being used to put some “teeth” in this terrible problem? Congressional support will be needed to make any difference in the inhumane practice which has led to the death of so many beautiful horses. Or, are any organizations involved? Lawsuits eventually?

    • I, too, appreciate your points, Marilyn. But, in my opinion, horse racing will be ultimately shunned into extinction in the U.S. in much the same way as we’ve seen greyhound racing (all but) eliminated. No act of Congress necessary!
      The voters in Florida had been fairly quiet on the subject — I suspect because they’d been bullied by all the creeps and criminals in THAT sleazy, abusive so-called sport.
      But, the second they were given the chance — behind the voting booth curtain — to banish all that animal cruelty from their neighborhoods? BAM! Greyhound racing was given the boot by a landslide. And there was not a damned thing the sleazy dog track folks could do about it.
      I believe horse racing will go exactly the same way, but coast-reversed; Cali’s floundering racing industry will be the first to fall, thanks in large part to the double-team horror show extravaganza of Santa Anita AND Los Alamitos. Once it’s on the ballot, voters will recall the arrogant, horse-killing, worldwide shitshow put on by the SADT, and enabled by the Bob-happy CHRB (with their Justify Scandal, as Gina mentioned, above), then followed up by Los Al’s even more horrific non-stop fatality “spike” (also minimized by the CHRB).
      So, while THiS organization is hands-down the leader of this movement, others will join up as election time nears. And lawsuits? Who needs to sue racehorse killers? They’re all busy suing each other out of existence;)

  7. You can be of some help Marilyn by writing to your local and state politicians.
    I don’t know what state you live in, but it’s highly possible that your tracks are being financially supported by either taxpayers money and/or casino profits that should be going to education and community essential services under normal circumstances let alone now when state coffers are bankrupt due to Covid-19.
    If you do live in one of those states than it’s more important than ever to write your politicians to request that the funding to horse racing stops or express your feelings about horse racing.
    You are always welcome to comment to politicians since they do listen to what their constituents say.
    Much better than doing nothing.

  8. Gina and Kelly,
    How is it legal for the California Horse Racing Board to issue a six-month license to Ed Allred, owner of Los Alamitos Race Course, and then reverse the decision/vote to give him a license for one full year? How is it legal to REVERSE THE SIX-MONTH LICENSE VOTE???

    • Glad you asked:) The board was missing one of its main dinosaurs last month when it deadlocked on Commissioner Gonzalez’ 6-month suggestion. Gonzalez is one of the THREE newer, non-dinosaurs on the reconfigured board. The other two are Mitchell and Davis, both women. These three seem to agree that Los Al should no longer be given free rein to kill off as many horses as they like. Duh, right?
      No, not right. The old timers on the board were short one of their fellow dinosaurs, when Alex Solis didn’t bother to attend that meeting, even though it was held entirely by phone. I guess he was off whipping horses in Kentucky, or something, so couldn’t show up to side with his brethren on Old Doc’s side. Anyhow, without Solis present, the vote was stagnating in a deadlock, which would have left poor Old Doc Allred with NO license to kill WHATSOEVER. So, of course a couple of the dinosaurs had to jump to Gonzalez’ side.
      This allowed Old Doc to stage his hissy-fit, threaten to withdraw his application, and turn Los Al Horse Hell into condos: Oh no!
      But, thank goodness, Commissioner Solis swooped back in, just in the nick of time (okay, it was a month later, but still…he’s quick because he’s a jockey), and save Los Al with the tie-breaking (RE-)vote. Hooray!

      • Thank you, Kelly! That explains this CRUEL JOKE OF INJUSTICE!!!! I’m glad you’re keeping track of the chart notes also. These horse-abusing, horse-killing monsters have a lot to sweep under the rug!!!! Horseracing is EVIL!!!!!!!!

      • The old I’ll scratch your back and you
        scratch mine and the we”ll go off to the golf course and toast our success (with high quality bourbon or scotch

        • Nancy, they’ll keep the money rolling in for a full year, with no honest accountability for horses being killed. The owners and trainers can keep all of their race horses locked up in stalls for 23 hours a day, which is a very, very CRUEL THING TO DO TO ANY HORSE IN ITSELF. I think that some of the gamblers/ bettors (including the owner, Ed Allred and certain members of the CHRB) will make some “easy” money knowing which horses to bet on for a “return on investment” and then some of each $2 bet. After all the horses injured and killed at Los Alamitos, that is what these people “love” about horseracing!!!!

      • Kelly, thanks for clarifying because it can be confusing to keep up with their deliberate non-transparency.
        They were reportedly told to make sure that 1 person didn’t show up that day.
        In other words, Solis took the day off so that it would create the technicality required to reinstate the 1 year license.
        It was most likely planned and they got their direction from the bevy of attorneys they either have on retainer and/or are financially benefitting from horse racing.
        Just a reminder that the racehorse beater Solis disagreed with limiting the amount of times a jockey can beat a racehorse and voted against any rule that would limit beating the crap out of them – “spanking” them as most jockeys refer to it.
        As a former insider, I can’t express just how sleazy, cruel and corrupt horse racing is.

        • Thank you, Gina. Thanks for explaining the technical detail of having ONE BOARD MEMBER ABSENT ON PURPOSE just so Ed Allred could get his way, eventually. It sounds logical that some of the owners of the racehorses are most likely also lawyers/ attorneys who “love” horseracing.

        • Not clarifying so much as editorializing, Gina. I’ve only been following the CHRB’s shenanigans for less than a year, whereas you’ve been at it for decades. I’m so impressed with the dedicated group of citizens who attend the monthly meetings (well, call in, these days) with thoughtful comments and questions about all the MISSING, INJURED, DEAD horses the Cali tracks generate. The Board — and the racing press — works so hard to dismiss them, and paint all of us as “wacko animal rights crazies,” when, in fact, the real insanity (of killing off hundreds of animals for gambling each year) is 100% ON THEM.
          Anyway, I don’t know if Solis’ absence from the Dec. meeting was planned. Seems like it would have been far more expedient (and less embarrassing) to have just kept him there, and have the vote for full-year Los Al licensure go down as expected: Dinosaurs – 4, Horse Savers – 3.
          As you can probably tell, I’m still not willing to write off the newer, more conscientious Board members just yet. But I defer to your skepticism about their motivations, and understand why you believe they’re ALL corrupt — and dismissive of the non-stop equine bloodbath that is Cali racing: At least Gonzales (sorry for the name misspellings earlier, Oscar;), Mitchell, and Davis are TRYING to get this monster under control. which is waaaaaay more than any previous commissioners have ever done. I expect this CHRB power struggle will continue right up until the minute the whole thing is dismantled and abolished by voter referendum:)

          • When the older individuals pass away from old age, it may speed up the process of having organized cruelty to Thoroughbreds and running Quarter Horses become a thing of the past. It’s inevitable.

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