Two Dead at Los Alamitos Sunday

The California Horse Racing Board has disclosed a pair of training kills at Los Alamitos Sunday: Don’t Stop Lookin, three, and Noor Khan, four. The latter, the board says, was a victim of “sudden death,” whatever that means. California can now boast (at least) four kills on the young year, giving (again) the lie to “groundbreaking safety reforms.”

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    • Yes, Rebecca. Horses are at the mercy of these men who look like used car salesman who couldn’t make it in the real world….with a real job. The whole thing is just sad.

  1. It is not the horses that are safe!!!!!!!!!!! These horse-killing monsters that kill horses are safe to continue to kill horses for the time being. Every horse that died had to have been tortured horribly during his or her short life, a torture that is unimaginable to bear.
    DON’T STOP LOOKIN, Rest In Peace💔😔🙏
    NOOR KHAN, Rest In Peace💔😔🙏
    May this demented gambling business of torturing horses to death be ended soon!!!

  2. Added emphasis on the “AT LEAST,” part, please.
    I believe that since the Board tightened up its criteria last September, minimal dead racehorses are showing up on the CHRB’s Equine Fatalities list. Under the new, improved, “extra-transparent” system, most racing, training and “other” track deaths can escape mention altogether. Tracks and “regulators” need only throw a scapegoat or two out there (see above) now and again to keep the “nearly fatality-free racing” claims sort of believable, at least to the uninformed. They now pretend that the overnight 60% decline in horse deaths is just a happy accident. Or safety reforms. Or neither. Or both. Who cares, anyway? They’re just happy not to have to answer as many annoying questions from that pesky, animal-loving public and those critical (non-racing-press) news reporters.
    Hooray! Cal racing cares!

  3. Yet again – the killing ring of Los Al didn’t disappoint.
    However, the CHRB and our elected officials continue to disappoint by not shutting these public abattoirs down.
    This vile business has no place in a civilized society and it certainly shouldn’t be getting one dime of public taxpayers money or casino profits.
    You don’t have to know about racehorses to know that this is deeply disturbing and morally wrong.
    Their voiceless victims like 3 y.o filly DON’T STOP LOOKIN, just a baby, and NOOR KHAN who died for the parasites who propagated their misery and took their lives like so many before them.
    Of course the owner of Los Al, Dr. Allred, continues to facilitate the massive suffering and dying on his track.
    How many more must die before this is shut down?

  4. I keep posting these to FB especially California since I live here. Some of my friends attend the races…I hope to change their perception of thinking these horses get the ‘best care, look at them, so beautiful…they want to race.’ Bunch of BS. These horses want to live like a horse which means to have the freedom to run, not forced to run.

    • That’s awesome that you are making the effort to change the perception, Kat. You are exactly right about horses not wanting to be abused by forced confinement and forced exercise, running, racing, being whipped and shocked with small hand-held electrical shocking devices. If that’s royal treatment, what is abuse???

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