A Kill at Turfway, Vile Fan Reactions

According to Equibase, in the 6th at Turfway Friday, Miss Eau de Vie “went bad in the stretch, [was] pulled up in distress, [and was] vanned off.” “Went Bad/Wrong” has largely replaced “Broke Down” as this industry’s favored euphemism for dead. And indeed the 2-year-old filly is. As usual, racing “fans,” ever blind to their own complicity, offered up their reactions (via Twitter):

John Farrell @TheJohnFarrell: “Heart breaking stuff at Turfway, RIP Miss Eau De Vie.”

chip plowman @plowmanlm: “That was brutal.”

dan agostino @dan_agostino: “Was flailing ruffian like. Just leg was dead.”

Nick Petroskus @NPetroskus: “That’s horrible…”

LCL PICKS @LCLPICKS: “Made me sick hurts to see that.”

Vile, in every possible way.

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  1. And yet they support an industry in which they see it over and over and over again. When will it finally “hurt” or make them sick enough to stop betting or supporting it, and maybe even turn against it??
    Ron Moquette, a “famous” trainer, made a post yesterday that “more are on our side” regarding the anti racing fight. Well, Ron, we are gaining fast. The public is waking up to the nastiness that is in this industry, and we are spreading the word!

  2. I strongly dislike your comment “blind to their own complicity”. And those men who you quoted were not fans. They were paid racing commentators. And men usually have understated emotional reactions to animal cruelty. This will get alot attention even if you don’t see what goes on behind the scenes.

    • Not a betting person, I’d bet my house that racing commentators are not opposed to horseracing but are, in fact, “fans” – just as Patrick wrote.

      “It’s difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it” – that can be applied to every single individual who benefits from this cruel, abusive and unnecessary industry.

    • He was giving them the benefit of the doubt. If not blind to their complicity they are just evil. Unless, of course, you think running horses to their death is just fine.

      • Alan,
        Marymbaggaley’s comment/ mindset is outrageously unacceptable for anyone who genuinely has compassion for horses as horses. There are different possibilities:
        1) you can be gullible and uninformed of the cruelty in horseracing, or
        2) you can be totally aware of it and condemn it completely, or
        3) you can be an EVIL sociopath who callously exploits horses for “fame” or “fortune” and BOAST ABOUT THE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF WAGERING HANDLE REVENUE, and/ or
        4) you can also be DELUSIONAL which means you have lost your ability to reason LOGICALLY in certain areas. It is NOT OKAY TO BE EVIL, PSYCHOPATHIC, or SOCIOPATHIC. It is also NOT OKAY to be DELUSIONAL. If you are DELUSIONAL, you need to see a licensed, qualified, ethical psychologist with a “PhD” in psychology. It is NOT OKAY to defend the cruelty and killing of horses in any case. IT IS NOT OKAY TO SAY THE HORSE KILLERS WERE IGNORANT AND ATTEMPT TO USE THAT AS AN EXCUSE for psychopathic sociopaths to continually and routinely injure horses and eventually kill the horses as gambling chips!!!!!!!

  3. Ron can say whatever stupid b.s. he wants, BUT, it doesn’t negate the fact that horse killing is PURE EVIL. And, Ron….I know you know deep down you don’t work A REAL JOB. What you do is not something a real man would be doing for a living. You should be embarrassed. Go get a REAL job, you piece…….

  4. Hmm, and Moquette’s horse Right to Vote was found in a killpen (ended up rescued) – of course, Moquette is blameless…he didn’t know the individual he GAVE his horse to was going to dump him at auction the next day (eye roll)…CLEARLY, Moquette never checked out the “organization for girls” where he was (supposedly) told Right to Vote was going to. Seriously, can these folks be THAT stupid? – wouldn’t a prudent individual who “loves their horses like their own children” make a visit or AT LEAST make a phone call to the place where their “beloved child” is being brought to live the remainder of their life? You see, the “organization for girls” didn’t even EXIST – which Moquette would have discovered had he simply taken 10 seconds to pick up the phone.

    Mr. Moquette, enjoy what’s left of making your living off the backs of your horses you’ll eventually unload – your industry is dying one bite at a time.

  5. Hey , Ron, should horse be DYING at 2 yrs.old?????????? They are literally being bred to DIE. It would be better if they were never forcibly created in the first place. They didn’t ask to be born , and they sure as hell despise their human torturers . Would you tolerate this high volume of KILLS if it was humans dying at this rate from a so-called ‘sport’????????? Think about that you little man.

      • You must not be knowledgable of horse racing. All thoroughbreds have the universal birthday of January 1.

        • I’m well aware; I date by the birthday. And you, I presume, are but a sad apologist – yet another horse killed and you choose to focus on the age – who must have gotten lost en route to the Paulick Report.

        • The “universal birthday” calendar used by the horse racing industry is just another delusional tactic.
          It’s yet another deliberate attempt by this vile industry to negate their abusive business practices that happens to involve training racehorses at 1.5 years old and racing them shortly after that.
          The age is important because it reveals an industry that starts their indoctrination and abuse long before their muscoskeletal system is developed.
          Hardly a business who cares about the thousands of racehorses whom they exploit, get rich from, dope, dump and refuse to give one dime, under mandatory mandates, to racehorse aftercare.
          Every single deliberately delusional practice is done to cover-up their egregious acts of abuse on racehorses.

          • We also go by real actual foaling date! The January 1st universal foaling date we have always thought stupid & only done because of the too early spring triple crown stakes races as well as other breeds futurities competitions.

        • I read that stuff about “all Thoroughbreds are born, or have a birthday, or turn a year older on January 1st” way back in 1965. I told my dad about that and he shot that b***s*** down right now, if you know what I mean. It was printed on paper in a booklet or a pamphlet about Thoroughbreds and the Jockey Club.
          The local Saddle Clubs have a similar rule regarding the age rules for their local horse shows and junior rodeos that they organize and host in the local area EXCEPT the age rule applies to the human beings as contestants in their horse shows and junior rodeos. I don’t know if it makes it easier for the administrative staff to keep track of the different ages of contestants in those local shows and rodeos or not. That’s what I assumed because the Saddle Club events, horse show/ junior rodeos, are planned well in advance of the actual date of the events. Some contestants may enter before or after their birthday, but the rule simplifies that whole mess of confusion. Of course, the children, regardless of their age or actual birthday, ARE NOT BEING ROUTINELY INJURED AND KILLED AS THOROUGHBRED RACEHORSES ARE!!!!

    • A horse foaled on May 24th (I happen to have one foaled on that date) is, say, 3 yrs. old on Jan1st, almost 5 months shy of turning 3, just because “racing” says so?!!!
      Chronologically and, even more importantly, physiologically, the horse is two and a half yrs old. But this business must be accommodated!
      It is but one more show of arrogance and disregard for the welfare of the horse.


  6. The story of Ruffian was a terrible one. Horrible that all these years later a 2 year old baby still has to suffer.

  7. Their reactions themselves aren’t what’s vile; those are understandable and expected. EVERY breakdown, every day, is sickening, horrific, stomach-churning, gut-wrenching, and maddening to any thinking person. More importantly, they’re all tortuous to these non-consenting equine “athletes.”
    What is absolutely vile about each one of these reactions to Miss Eau de Vie’s horror-show death is the Now-I’ve-offered-up-my-obvious-opinion-so-who-ya-got-in-the-seventh? mentality of racing fans. No matter how gruesome, no matter how often, these guys are just shrugging off all the predictable horrors of their gambling addiction:
    “Here, let me try a big bite of this here shit sandwich…Eew, ugh! That’s AWFUL, I’m gonna be SICK…” *Gag, *wretch. Followed by, “Oh well…Might as well finish it, because they’re gonna serve me up another one in thirty minutes. Don’t want to deprive myself.”

  8. So incredibly sad and brutal. WTF is wrong with all of these assholes do none of them even know that horses bones are not even close to being developed as 2 year olds. You f*ckers are all just about the god damn money and all of your racing fans are as ignorant as the bunch of you are as well. Shame on all of you – this industry needs to be shut down once and fall all – it is horrible what takes place with these poor animals. Just another year and all of the same bullshit as before what a bunch of total assholes.

  9. There are NO words — ANOTHER BRUTAL DAY at THE RACES — How heartbreaking to abuse, exploit HORSES in depravedly cruel way — these majestic, innocent, vulnerable Animals belong with loving & caring People — in this day and age — year 2020 — you’d think we’d have grown and learned by now as Human Beings — SHUT DOWN these DEPRAVEDLY torturous and UNCONSCIONABLE venues — SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING — FOREVER.

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