“Unfortunately Went Wrong – Perished on the Track”

Equibase’s account of Favored’s run in the 2nd at Gulfstream yesterday, in its entirety: “FAVORED lied off of the pace two wide, but unfortunately went wrong in upper stretch, fell, and perished on the track.”

“unfortunately went wrong”


“perished on the track”

Favored was three; ’twas his very first time under the whip.

This, every day, is horseracing.

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  1. “went wrong”, AGAIN, putting the blame on the horses!!!!! At least 2 horses died yesterday because of their FIRST ever race. This evil must end.

  2. That part of the chart writer’s notes that says “FAVORED lied off of the pace…” sounds weird but the whole thing is really messed up!!!!! This is horseracing. This is horse killing. This is horse abuse. Horses deserve better, much better, treatment than what horseracing has to offer! This is criminal.

  3. In 1519 Century, Hernán Cortés brought 10 stallions and six mares to Mexico. That was the biggest mistake in US history that the horse came to USA!!

    The horse is 99% not valued in the USA, but only tortured, mishanded. As with the rodeos in all states, only used until death by drunken idiots, ridden, mishandled, kicked, tortured, put to sleep, transported away, thrown away like toilet paper! The horses at the rodeos are deliberately given a number of broken legs and vertebrae. Then the horse is made so wild with electric shocks that it goes nuts or already has a heart attack and falls over and something breaks.

    The horse is just a living shit for these events in the USA – nothing more!

    Or their hooves are deliberately mutilated. “The Suffering of the Tennessee Walking Horse” In addition, blocks of wood are hammered under their hooves. Usually the screws are driven into the hoof so far that it hurts the horses. Other “aids” are, for example, wedges or bolts. These things are often used together with “mustard oil”, a mixture of acid, kerosene and other chemicals. It is said to burn the hooves and ankles of the horse, making them more sensitive to pain and pressure!!! Or they are hunted and shot with a helicopter, whereby the dams are shot and the foals are left alone to die.

    Or they are driven to the slaughterhouses in Canada where they have to freeze to death with their foals at minus 25 degrees and more in the worst weather conditions, there is no shelter on these farms (even from there the horses are flown away to Japan, etc.) .) Or they are driven to the slaughterhouses in the totally heat to Mexico, also for hours / days without water, in both slaughterhouses these horses are tortured and slaughtered and hung up alive under terrible circumstances.

    Or they die one by one on the racetrack in every state in the United States – put to sleep on the assembly line for deliberately crippled to death – purposely hunted so that their lungs ruptured and they had a heart attack, Bleeding from the nose or their tongues swallowed etc. are forced to do this, which is not the nature of the horse, they are sometimes much too young to die – these horses are not fully grown and in the end these horses end up thanks to their performance when they just barely live on the plane to Japan and Korea processed as sushi.

    Owners who don’t even know their own horse, trainer, because it’s all about the money, the jockey who doesn’t care, because the next horse is just around the corner. Racehorses that are permanently in the stable for hours, have no contact with other horses, horses that are totally psychologically abused.
    I am addressing precisely those, and there are very many in the US who deliberately cause pain to these horses!!!!!!!
    1. USA does not adore these horses.
    2. USA has no respect for horses.
    3. USA needs a rethink in the new government, all senators in all states have no understanding for the horse and 100% no idea about horses, but only interested in money. ???????

    It would be best to have the horse as it was before 7,000 BC. – to be exterminated again in USA !!!!!

  4. Somehow, much more media coverage of the cruelty of horse racing must reach the public – through social media, and especially through a well known animal rights and welfare group that takes it on as a major cruelty (such as the groups working on ending ocean mammals in captivity).

  5. Race 8 Fair Grounds… something went wrong,in my opinion, with the #3 horse. His left front leg did Not look right. He pressed the pace,and then fell back through the field precipitously. This horse is injured in my opinion. I am positive I am right.

      • Nancy, while he was pressing the front runner,he kept bobbling strangely, and that fading away was extreme, then …I could not help but notice, his left front leg looked like it was floppy. He does not look “sound” to me, but who knows?

  6. Yeah, most of these chartwriters’ statements are just absurd and obscene. A young, abused animal “unfortunately went wrong,” eh? Like it was just one of those things that can’t be helped? Misfortune just happened to strike the ironically-named Favored, just as it had also done with 8-9 other U.S. racehorses yesterday? All the others, though, were reported as vanned off (before they “perished,” presumably), so they “fortunately” managed to avoid the editorializing. Lucky them.
    Of these, though, the most obscene mischaracterization from yesterday has to go to Turfway Park. In their 6th, the chartwriter didn’t even bother with the “went wrong” qualifier. Oh, no. This guy took the blame-the-victim game a step further: “MISS EAU DE VIE went bad in the stretch, pulled up in distress, vanned off.”
    She went BAD? Like some expired leftovers buried in the back of the fridge, which probably should be thrown away in the OUTSIDE trash, because they “went bad”? Or, rather, like Old Yeller, a mild-mannered, fictional canine companion who “went bad” after contracting rabies, so he then had to be destroyed? Either way, the poor horse didn’t “go wrong” OR “go bad.”

    It’s horse racing itself: It’s wrong. And it’s bad.

  7. I won’t shed a tear when the entire vile business of horse racing “goes wrong.”
    That means shutting it down and throwing it in a manure pile where it belongs.

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