“Collapsed…Died on Track”

New York has already recorded its fifth kill on the young year when the Standardbred That’s Official went down training at Monticello yesterday: “collapsed…died on track – suspected heart attack.” “Heart attack” – That’s Official was but seven years old.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Hey guys…. I just saw from equibase, the horse I’ve been concerned about for a while is entered in the tenth race at PARX today. Her name is Our Claire Bear. I pray today is not her day to breakdown. Please be aware.

      • Thank YOU, Nancy. That poor little girl was a vet scratch,last time out!!!!! I couldn’t watch.

        • Nancy, I just looked at chart..she was Last by 24 lengths. Her speed figure was 13. Oh my God, we’ve GOT to save her.

          • Wow! Bonnie, a 13 speed figure; forcing this girl to run is so obviously HORRIBLY WRONG!!!

          • OUR CLAIRE BEAR was foaled April 1, 2016 which means she is not a 5-year-old mare, the standard deception used by Thoroughbred racing and the Jockey Club. She’s a 4-year-old FILLY in actual reality.

    • Not 1, but 2 DNF’s.
      Struggling to make it through every race with a jockey beating her.
      There are no bottoms when it comes to this business and the parasites in it.
      Just sucking the life out of them and then moving on to their next host is what it’s all about.
      It’s despicable and has no place in a civilized society.
      CLAIRE BEAR is on the verge of losing her life and nobody cares.
      The fact that she’s lasted this long is a testament to her willingness to live.
      Every one of them are parasites as they all sit back and watch this suffering play out.
      This is all part of the culture of racing – watch them suffer and die then justify it.

  2. Racehorses, whether Thoroughbred or Standardbred, carry this vile gambling venue on their bones, backs and pay with their lives.
    Racehorses like THAT’S OFFICIAL die every single day for this antiquated and unnecessary gambling venue.
    Equally worse, is the pain, suffering and/or dying that awaits them post-racing directly due to a multibillion dollar industry who has refused and continues to refuse mandatory 1% financial contributions to aftercare.
    Santa Anita boasted about 21 million on opening day while not even one red cent went to racehorse aftercare under a mandatory basis and that’s just one track.
    Our politicians enable this all to happen.
    It’s state-sanctioned racehorse cruelty and inhumane treatment at the highest levels of the moral scale.
    It’s long over due to shut this public abattoir down.

  3. Where are the veterinarians when racing throws out “heart attack” as the cause of death for these horses. To say the least, they are less than professional to allow this falsehood to continue over and over.
    It is a fact that horses do not suffer from coronary artery disease and therefore do not have “heart attacks”. However, it is true some of the drugs/“supplements” pumped into these unfortunates with abandon and without accountability or consequences could, and probably do, cause fatal cardiac events.
    Brushing these deaths off as a “heart attacks” is intended to disguise the deaths as “natural and unavoidable events” is nothing but pure spin and deceit.
    Further, without a necropsy and drug screening what caused the death of That’s Official is unknown and there will be no effort to identify why this 7 yr. old dropped dead. These people just “thumb their their noses” and get away with it.

  4. Rest In Peace, THAT’S OFFICIAL 😥💔💔💔💔💔🙏😔 YOU DIDN’T DESERVE THIS!!!!
    Every time a race horse is said to have died of a heart attack, suspected heart attack, collapsed, a CARDIOVASCULAR event or whatever else resembles that a major organ (or organs) catastrophically broke down inside the over worked horse’s body, it begs the question(s): What drug, or combination of drugs, was/were administered to this horse and when and by whom and how much??? Did they know that the horse was about to give out and die? Did they knowingly administer a lethal dose to get rid of the horse on purpose because they are psychopathic sociopaths that enjoy killing horses??? Is there an insurance settlement involved???
    If everyone that thinks it’s okay to bet on the horses would realize that it is NOT OKAY, because the wagering handle feeds the “monster” that perpetuates the killing of innocent horses, it would be progress towards the shutdown of this vile and cruel killing of horses! Buy a lottery ticket instead, if you are compulsively wanting to gamble.

  5. Wanda and Nancy…I was looking at her previous chart,that had the 13 speed figure. Today, like Nancy said she finished next to last. Our Claire Bear, in no way should even be NEAR a racetrack. This whole evil racket depresses me to no end. I want to SAVE them all. Animals are INNOCENT.

    • Same here, Bonnie. It is very depressing! The abuse is routine everyday, day after day. The killing does not cease.
      I don’t normally advocate gambling, but the Mega Millions is supposedly up to $750 Million. I’m just saying that would save a lot of horses in the lower ranks, of course.

    • Bonnie, I’ve been monitoring P Millers Clock and Cryogenic for a number of years now and am very concerned about these two horses.

      • Carolyn, I found both horses listed on Equibase so there is a 50% chance that they are still alive. I have discovered that in some (not all) cases of the horses that have been killed, that their names do not show up on Equibase.

        • Wanda, both horses are still racing though P Millers Clock was scratched (veterinary) from his last race start late last year. I don’t have the time to do a summary of their racing history atm, however, there’s much information (e.g. race results, charts, trainers, owners, breeders) about PMC and Cryogenic on the equibase site which suggests that these two horses are on a downward spiral which is concerning.
          Yes, horses’ names disappear from equibase and we know why.
          So much for transparency and disclosure by equibase who would have their own raw data.

  6. Glad to see Turf Pairo’Deaths is back to its usual daily van-offs. I was getting kinda nervous for them when they managed to go a couple racing days without one, during the opening week of their triumphant return. But all is as it should be in Arizona; racehorses are dying again, and TPD is sending out tweets that they’re “happy to report” that a DIFFERENT horse and rider (in a different race altogether) are doing fine after their “tumble.” Any word about the four vanned-off horses in the last nine calendar days? Nope. Just that one so-called report from yesterday.
    Guess they merely forgot to report the outcomes of their other little “tumbles,” right?

    • Oh, and as an added bonus, today’s Turf Pairo’Deaths Daily Van-Off Extravaganza was brought to you by the fine racing folks who advocate for COLLAPSE BY EXHAUSTION for their beloved family members: Poor Diamante Appeal in race 4 was “empty” as she crossed the wire (last by double digits, not surprisingly.)
      Wonder if her emptiness was due to also being previously forced to race just EIGHT DAYS prior?
      Nah. Arizona racing officials are far too concerned about horse safety to have knowingly allowed that level of sheer cruelty to transpire. Was probably just a misprint;(

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