New Year, Same Story – Yet Another Kill at Belmont Park

This morning at Belmont, says the Gaming Commission, All Mo “unseated the rider on the training track, ranned [sic] of [sic] the track and suffered a [sic] opened distal radial fracture – euthanized.” He was two and had been put to the whip once, at Aqueduct in November. He is already the third dead horse in NY on the young year.

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  1. This is so heinous that charges should be brought against all of these people involved. If this is an example of “safety to be emulated” (excuse me while I vomit) what would it look like if they removed any or all of their magical safety protocols?
    Prosecute these FELONY ABUSERS of horses with Felony Animal Abuse and give them a punishment that they won’t soon forget. In my dreams…

  2. Who’s writing these database entries, anyway, Belmont’s stable goats?
    Hey, racing folks. At least act like you give a shit that these “reports” about your daily track horrors are being read and analyzed and publicly dissected. It won’t help to save your jobs when racing goes away for good, but it’ll at least appear that you care a tiny, little bit about all the dead animals you generate.
    Try harder next time (tomorrow), okay? Thanks.

  3. Interesting, yesterday’s AND today’s kill, were both grandsons of Indian Charlie. What a friggin shit show horse killing is.

    • Bonnie,
      Thank you for sharing what you know about these victims of racing. While I was searching to find the sale information on PRIVATE UNION who was killed on January 6, 2021, I kept trying to find the month and day he was foaled. All I could find on Equibase and ALLBREEDPEDIGREE and the sale website/listing was the year he was foaled (2018) regarding his true birthday. As you know, he was listed as a 2-year-old for the Fasig-Tipton mixed sale in Maryland on December 8, 2020, but of course he is listed as a 3-year-old on Equibase under the race at Parx on January 6, 2021. PRIVATE UNION sold at auction for $33,000. Fasig-Tipton’s sales commission was 5% of that (to the best of my knowledge) and I don’t know if they charged an entry fee. They could have charged a late fee also since he was a late addition or supplement to the catalog. So, $1,650 plus any fees if applicable went to Fasig-Tipton. They made their money off of him and now he’s dead just short of a month.

      • Wanda, his birthday was January 30th. I remember because my ex-husband’s was the same.😂 His sire Liason, is quite a handsome horse. I always kinda feel even worse for the modestly bred ones.

        • Thank you so much, Bonnie! I noticed that his sire’s name was spelled Liaison on the sites I mentioned above. I know his pedigree goes back to some more well-known horses; Secretariat is one and Seattle Slew is another, among others.

  4. OMG – I wasn’t going to look up this now dead racehorse called ALL MO, but a gut feeling told me to.
    Buckle up because it’s all bad.
    ALL MO was foaled on February 7, 2018.
    Suckling on his broodmare’s life giving milk and with her teats barely dry, he’s weaned (forcibly separated from his broodmare) and sent off to the sale to complete his sole purpose: bring in some money.
    ALL MO didn’t disappoint as he sold for $400,000 at the Keenland sale in November of 2018.
    He sells to Renee Dailey – agent meaning she wouldn’t disclose who exactly bought ALL MO, but it’s said that there was an equine insurance policy in place at the fall of the hammer.
    Now it’s time to make some more money because parasites is what you find in this vile business at the expense and detriment of the horses.
    The owner has ALL MO for 10 months and flips him at the Keeneland Yearling Sale for $900,000.
    Sold awfully high, but it sure would increase the equine insurance policy that was probably in place.
    A profit of $500,000 in 10 months by an undisclosed seller and this time the buyer is Robert LaPenta et al (who insures most all of his horses according to sources with some dropping dead).
    ALL MO doesn’t live up to his human expectations based on his workouts – they are bad and slow.
    They seem to indicate that something went amiss along the way.
    Of course the secret doping/treatment records will ensure lack of transparency leading up to his death.
    Finishes 3rd in his only start on November 28, 2020 and dies on January 7, 2021 – just over 2 months.
    All of the cardinal signs are in place 1) high priced horse 2) most likely insured 3) dies during training hours under less scrutiny.
    There seems to be some really shady things going down in certain scenarios.
    Nevertheless, ALL MO is dead, another living, breathing being killed by this rotten to the core racket.

    • And, to add insult to injury.. he was a scratch today at Aqueduct. I guess being DEAD is a pretty good excuse.

    • Gina, thank you so much for doing all of that research on ALL MO and sharing that information with us! I know that’s a real pain in the head trying to get all that stuff together; it is for me anyway! One thing is the TIME between his first, last, and ONLY race and the day ALL MO was killed “in training” by his racing participant connections is/was LESS THAN TWO MONTHS; November 28, ’20 to January 7, ’21 is ONE MONTH and TEN DAYS, or 40 DAYS.
      So, I have pondered this question: How many Financial Institutions (banks, etc.) and/or Insurance Companies would SUPPORT any person or group of persons who, for the sake of “earning” a “living,” would go out and buy real estate property/properties with a house on them AND THEN set the house on FIRE AND BURN IT TO THE GROUND and go to their Financial Institutions and/or INSURANCE COMPANIES to file a claim to get compensated for their “LOSS” without having them arrested for arson and fraud?

    • Thank you for providing the additional information on All Mo, Gina. No horse should be used as a gambling tool – but these babies who shouldn’t even carry a rider at their tender age and are then killed?!? – no words for how cruel that is.

  5. Horse just went wrong Aqueduct race 4, it was the number 9 horse who went wrong,also another horse lost rider same race,but that horse looks ok.

    • Thanks, Bonnie. Chart’s not up yet, but David Grening on Twitter has become THE source for all things van-off. Sure enough, One Whirlwind Ride had the Boot of Doom put on, and was “helped” onto the Horse Hearse:(

        • Kelly, Peggy, in the past talked about that sire Tufflesburg,I’m sure I’m misspelling,but you guys know what I mean. It did NOT look good for the poor baby boy.😢

      • *Auto-correct changed it… I typed in PUNISHED, but having it published as well would work, in addition to being seriously P-U-N-I-S-H-E-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nancy, his NY breeder tried selling him at the bottom basement price for a yearling at 1,000 and he RNA’d at that giveaway price. Another one who had no business trying to be near a racetrack. It’s sad, it’s just sad. NY, is becoming,or maybe always was the most killed.

  7. It’s very sad that BOTH Private Union and All Mo died this week. I feel Private Union had it sooooo bad, First he was raced under Mike Maker,then he was dumped,and then dying WHILE being whipped during a race. Does it get WORSE than that? Like I said it’s sad for both,but boy did Private Union go through a lot. By the way Anthony Salgado is a very,very whip aggressive rider, who poor Private Union had on his back WHILE he was catastrophically breaking down. Dear god,End this bs.

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