2-Year-Old “Suffers Catastrophic Injury” at Parx

The Equibase note for Private Union in the 7th at Parx yesterday: “PRIVATE UNION trailed early then suffered a catastrophic injury near the five sixteenths pole.” ‘Twas the 2-year-old’s 5th time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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  1. PRIVATE UNION was forced into training at about 1 1/2 years old then raced 4 times as a 2 y.o.
    A baby in diapers forced to run a marathon would be equivalent to this abhorrent treatment.
    He then changes hands privately after 3 starts where he didn’t perform enough to be kept by his original trainer, multiple racehorse killer, Mike Maker and owners Three Diamonds Farm (whoever they are?).
    They most likely knew that PU had serious issues and was suffering, but they dumped him for another round of abuse because they don’t care.
    When it comes to doing the right thing by the horse this business rarely takes the high moral ground.
    Instead, they uphold the massive pain, suffering and dying of racehorses.
    It’s vile and shameful.
    Horses have contributed to this country every step of the way literally, whether it was winning the Civil War, transporting goods during the Industrial Revolution and assisting with economic growth.
    This country would not be where it’s at today without horses and this business is an abomination of that, an antithesis of exactly what should happen and it’s a total betrayal of our horses.
    Private Union was nothing but another disposable gambling chip.
    That’s what all of you apologists are supporting and you are a bunch of creeps.

  2. How in God’s name can these “cheerleaders” of this pure evil torture of baby animals live with themselves? I wish it was them (cheerleaders) snapping their legs off. This is the SYSTEMATIC torture of babies. I could not hate those SCUMBAGS more. Go get a real job.

    • Aqueduct —— Coltandmississippi — today Race -4 ,100-1 last race .Why is this horse being tortured.

      • Because that’s what this gambling racket is all about. PURE EVIL, covers that question.It is a state sanctioned HORSE/ANIMAL abuse.

      • The precipitous decline of COLTANDMISSISSIPPI (CM).
        He is well-bred, according to industry standards, and bought for $400,000 at the “prestigious” Keeneland sale. He’s then sent to doping violator and multiple racehorse killer “trainer” Todd Pletcher.
        His road to ruin begins in the upper tier of horse racing at the “prestigious” killing ring Saratoga at the ripe old age of 2 years old on 8/12/17.
        He performs and starts bringing in the money including stake placed races where he makes the bulk of his earnings which at this point is about $200,000+.
        As soon as CM stops performing Todd Pletcher and owner Teresa Viola et al dumps him into claiming.
        What ensues is a parasite frenzy:
        09/26/2018 CLAIMED Trainer Gary R Contessa Owner Empire State TBs for $32,000.
        10/4/2018 CLAIMED Trainer David A. Cannizo Owner Mane Event for $40,000.
        11/15/2018 CLAIMED Trainer Edward J. LDe Lauro Owner DLM Stables LLC.$32,000.
        06/02/2019 CLAIMED Trainer Jason Servis Owner Michael Dubb for $50,000.
        09/15/2019 CLAIMED Trainer Dermot Magner Owner Nice Guys Stable for $25,000.
        10/2/2019 CLAIMED Trainer Jason Servis Owner Michael Dubb for $25,000.
        12/31/2019 CLAIMED Trainer Thomas Morley Owner Robert Murray for $25,000.
        01/19/2020 CLAIMED Trainer Rudy R. Rodriquez Owner La Marca Stable for $32,000.
        06/12/2020 CLAIMED Trainer Domenick L Schettino Owner Drawing Away Stable for $25,000.
        08/14/2020 CLAIMED Trainer Edward De Lauro Owner Eleven Stars Racing for $20,000.

        He made $300,000 on his claiming flips so in total including his sales price and racetrack earnings he’s made $1.5+ million NOT INCLUDING the gambling bets he generated and what thanks does he get for this?
        Running for his life in the lower level claiming ranks trying to earn a flake of hay.
        Probably running with serious pre-existing conditions most likely reduced to a pin cushion with needles being shoved in and out of him to keep him going.
        His treatment records are kept secret, don’t follow him and the game of Russian Roulette plays on.
        He ran yesterday, as Sophie D noted, finishing last by lengths just like most of his prior 5 races.
        The parasites have sucked it out of him and will continue to suck until they permanently maim or kill him,
        Please help stop the madness, write your politicians, direct people to this site, educate any chance you get.
        This must be shut down.

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