Madness: Belmont Now at 54 Kills in 2020

Belmont Park has ended the year fittingly – with yet another kill. Cairo Beauty, the Gaming Commission says, was euthanized Wednesday “due to complication during surgery from a prevous [sic] injury on 12/20.” This one, it appears, the Commission got right by calling it a “training” death – as opposed, that is, to the deception on the other Belmont kill from Wednesday, Rock N Warrior. The Philip Serpe-trained Cairo was two years old; she was being prepped for her debut.

While the book is not quite closed yet on 2020, for now Belmont stands at 54 dead racehorses; at all NYS tracks, 99 – or the exact same amount as the two previous calendar years, 2018 and 2019. And racing/training was down this year because of the pandemic. What I’m trying to say is, with all the intense scrutiny on deaths (thanks to Santa Anita) and the supposed reforms that have come in its wake, exactly nothing has changed. Nor will it. Horseracing kills horses – always has, always will.

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  1. This is an important lesson being taught to those in the “reform school of thought”, just by knowing the unavoidable facts, Patrick. No actual benefit to the horses, no reduction in deaths, after ALL the increased protests in the various forms of media, including sites like HRW, has actually occurred! By its very nature, horseracing is a brutally dangerous activity and industry.
    Patrick and Nicole, Joy Aten, board members of HRW, thank you so much for your relentless efforts to expose what racing does to horses, in 2020 and years past! My eyes, and those of thousands of people nationwide, have been opened because of you. To me, you are making all the difference. I do believe that your continual exposure of these killings to the light of day will make a dramatic difference in how soon this cruel practice is made completely illegal. Looking forward to progress to that end in 2021! Thank you!

  2. I’m hoping that more and more people will realize that placing bets on horses adds money to the wagering handle which, in turn, contributes to the continued racing (and killing) of horses. If everyone that bets on racehorses would buy lottery tickets instead, the HBPA would lose the income they depend on to keep their barbaric, sadistic abuse of horses going, including both young, immature horses and “older” horses. No wagering handle would mean racing would be shutdown. As long as the casinos are closed to stop or slow down the spread of COVID-19, and the newer mutated version, the racinos depend even more on the wagering handle. I’m hoping racing can be shutdown in 2021.

  3. These people shed alligator tears. They froth at mouth for money, sex, booze, winning, shit. Horses are expendable to them.

  4. Aqueduct race #3 horse #3 called We should talk first almost all the way around almost at finish
    Definitely something wrong with him at the finish

    • Not just that one, Nancy. Back-to-back horrors, as DRF’s Grening reports another horse was euthanized in race 4, too.
      Way to kick off the new year, NYRA!

  5. So sad
    Stop racing 2 year olds
    Raise the racing age to 4
    and that is still young
    because they don’t stop growing until they’re 5
    These greedy Killers have to be put in their place and put your foot down on them hard
    Those horses don’t deserve to suffer and when they suffer we suffer

    • EXACTLY!!! No business racing a 2yr old. They cannot do the training required No excuse for the greed

  6. There is NO WAY to EVER make this monstrosity of a “sport” safe. There is no way to redeem this, correct it, fix it or any other euphemism for keeping the corruption going.
    It. Just. Needs. To. END.

  7. 🐴💔😭😭😭😭🐴💔
    End horseracing !!!!
    It is immoral to kill horse children.
    Why do you deny to understand???
    Nobody should watch horseraces!!!!

  8. Change the racing age and maybe there will be a great decline in things like this

  9. Horse racing is out-dated and it’s time to stop! It is cruelty from the get-go. Bred to race, most horses do not make the mark and get exported to Mexico or Canada for slaughter. Even the champions have a brief career, then also get sent to slaughter.

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