2-Year-Old Killed at Santa Anita

Ebeko, a 2-year-old colt under the whip for the 8th time, was killed today in the 3rd race at Santa Anita. He is the 20th (that we know about) dead horse at that track this year and 96th for California as a whole.

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  1. Santa Anita Park should put on their list of protocols under HORSE CARE AND SAFETY the following:
    That would keep the two-year-olds from being abused to their death.

    • How about NO RACES AT ALL – DONE – GONE – OVER – END IT.
      Horse racing will never eliminate “baby” 2 year old races because in order to qualify for the Kentucky Derby the majority of earnings must be made as a 2 year old.
      As you probably know Wanda only 3 year olds can run in the Derby and it’s in early May (no Covid) so very few chances from January to April to accumulate enough earnings to qualify although it has been done.
      This entire business is built on the Derby and many racehorses are crippled and die leading up to it, but dying every day is a all part of it as the kill lists show.
      Santa Anita should have been shut down a long time ago, but all of them need to be shut down.
      Santa Anita is busy bragging about 21 million in wagering profits on opening day and not one mention of all the racehorses who have died filling Stronach’s bank accounts.
      Nor does Ms. Stronach utter a word about “safety” protocols that obviously didn’t and doesn’t work.
      21 million on one day and not one dime going to racehorse aftercare or even mentioned.
      Downright vile.

      • Of course, Gina, “NO RACES AT ALL” would be the best safety protocol to protect horses of all ages from the inherent brutality of horseracing. It is sickening that they brag about the wagering handle. It is clearly the only thing that matters to the people that are raking in that $21 Million in wagering handle.
        I’m hoping the CHRB will vote against letting the Stronach Group get away with killing so many horses at some point within the next 12 months, the sooner, the better. One horse killed from the brutality of racing is too many. Stop using horses as disposable gambling chips!!!!

  2. EBEKO poor little fellow and already eight (8) starts as a TWO YEAR old. So sick.

    “(that we know about)”
    Yes…of course they’re hiding deaths – the damning evidence exposed in the media about the shocking number of deaths not only had the horseracing industry in the spotlight once again for its animal welfare crisis but also had Santa Anita on its knees. SA went into damage control and had to drastically bring down the number of deaths for 2020. Horses were not going to suddenly not break down. The historical and current statistics of horseracing deaths in this global industry is testament to that.

    • Exactly, Carolyn! Perfect comment on the Santa Anita Disaster of 2019. There was no way they could’ve come back from that WITHOUT hiding most of their kills. Because, as you stated so succinctly, HORSES WERE NOT GOING TO SUDDENLY NOT BREAK DOWN.

  3. WHY????????????????? Would you bring that GORGEOUS baby boy over to this scumbag shithole? He would still be ALIVE, if you hadn’t brought him here.

  4. What a hellish couple days of racing, between the confirmed deaths and the probable death of caramel latte yesterday in the big fair grounds wreck. There were falls and van offs today also.
    Pro racing apologists like Donna Brothers would have us believe the deaths are on the decline, that fatalities are a rarity. They also tell us that it’s “part of the game”, that it just happens. These 2 days are proof that deaths aren’t declining, that they aren’t a rarity. But they certainly are “part of the game”. Shame on them, 2 days of death and destruction for these magnificent beautiful animals.

    • Another great comment, Peggy. But, since New York is just about the only racing jurisdiction that regularly reports racehorse deaths — and they’re on a killing break right now — Ms. Brothers can still slither by with her absurd claims going largely unchallenged.

    • And so the horrors of horse racing continue…Peggy what can one expect from Donna B (for bitch) when she pompously announced that horses “ (at least) are dying doing what they love”. This broad is not only as thick as they come but a total and complete disgrace to what a “human being” should be/feel/do/say

      • The horses are dying doing what the human participants love forcing them to do. I’m sure Donna Brothers would love to be doped, shocked and whipped into submission and forced to run so far and so fast that she couldn’t catch her breath. At some point, the respiratory system becomes unable to get oxygen in the blood from over exertion. Lance Armstrong won his bicycle races for something like 7 years in succession because he cheated by having blood transfusions in order to get freshly oxygenated blood in his veins. They run these racehorses until they don’t have enough oxygen in their blood.

    • Exactly, Peggy. And lest one forgets Brothers’ views regarding 2-year-old horses raced to their DEATHS, she says they are LUCKY they died “doing something they loved”.

  5. Horse racing MUST NOT be allowed. It is cruel and abusive. Anyone engaging in this genocidal industry is a psychopath!!!


    Sickening and barbaric.
    Behavior is worse than primitive Neanderthals.
    Sorry excuses for human beings.
    May God forgive you. I won’t.

  8. Karma is a bitch and I hope all those that are responsible for killing all these horses get theirs!

  9. Re “…dying doing what they love”: Just before racehorses break down and are vanned off or die, do they “love” jockey’s barbaric (and what appears to be sadistically cruel) whip beatings–as hard as possible–for a greedy bonus if winning or placing? Also, in most natural instances, horses never “race” per se. In fact, on the range or in pastures, they seldom engage in all-out gallops; but if/when it occurs, it may last a few seconds (unless being rounded up via helicopter….). Horseracing is simply a man-made ruse for gambling at the expense of innocent horses.

  10. If I had fond someone treating my mare Brigitte as these people treat race horses, I would have stompedhim right into the ground. I noticed comments about whips. In 14 years I never owned one, or spurs either .Brigitte often presented to me as if I were a stallion. I will bet any sum anyone cares to name that none of these creeps ever received such a greeting.

  11. Horseracing is nothing but animal cruelty for money. We need to outlaw it completely. Horses are drugged and mistreated behind the scenes.

  12. Devastated that you exploit animals to death….another beautiful.animal used and raced to death to line your pockets.
    Shame on all.of you.

  13. I have no words for this heartless abuse of babies. I just can not understand how self centered humans can be to do this to a horse. Eight times already? How do you rationalize what this poor baby suffered. You have to know and yet you do it anyway.

  14. It is not normal to ride horses. Nor for racing, nor for entertainment. To be forced to run so hard to break your leg. Disgusting.

  15. Awful and senseless. All for money, greed and selfishness. Wrongful death is just that wrong. If you don’t make the necessary changes to protect the innocent then you are just as much at fault and part of a broken system built on poor values.

  16. The killing MUST stop. An investigation must be pursued and the state of California needs to look into the cruelty of continuing the races. It’s outrageous that racing is allowed to continue at these tracks with high kill counts. I am disgusted so much I can’t even write anymore!

  17. I turned TVG on yesterday, and saw this poor baby go down. I quit watching because of this. EBEKO, 2 years old and under the whip 8 times, totally mindblowing…

    • And then TVG with the sad sack voices reports about jockey condition and promises update on horse ” as soon as its available which never happens

  18. All of these deaths are needless, heinous crimes against one of the most loving animals in the world. Time for this to stop immediately.

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