2-Year-Old Dead of “Heart Attack” at Gulfstream, But “Condolences” to His Exploiters Flow

In the 7th at Gulfstream yesterday, Dudes Got Game, says Equibase, “appeared to take a bad step and fell…then was vanned off.” He is in fact dead, as confirmed by the Daily Racing Form’s Mike Welsch: “Sad to report track officials have just confirmed that Dudes Got Game suffered a heart attack during the running of today’s 7th race and has died.” So, it was not a “bad step” after all; rather, a “heart attack.” But here’s the thing, Dudes Got Game was but two years old – on the maturation chart, the rough equivalent of a first-grader. Sick. Sicker yet was the addendum to Welsch’s tweet: “Condolences to his connections, owners Kuehne Racing and trainer Ralph Nicks.”

And the replies that followed:

“That’s awful…the owners are great people that can’t seem to catch a break lately.”

“Tragic! RIP Dudes Got Game.”

“Run free in Equine Heaven, friend…you will be missed….”

“So sorry. Condolences.”

“RIP and run free.”

“So sorry, condolences to the connections.”

“Rest easy, Dudes Got Game. Condolences to the connections.”

“So sorry for all who loved and cared for him. R.I.P. Dudes Got Game.”

Yes, sick.


  1. This is one of the fundamental wrongs of horseracing; starting immature colts and fillies out too young and demanding that they perform as adult horses.
    This two-year-old would have been out grazing on pasture if he were owned by a person/ people who truly valued the ideals of true horsemanship, and the horse!!! DUDES GOT GAME was bred for being exploited and by the participants of the racing industry, therefore he is dead. These people are not exercising true horsemanship and I don’t have any sympathy for them for killing their horse. They need to be prosecuted and locked up in a jail cell for 23 hours a day and only let out to be forced to do something extremely strenuous. Of course, that isn’t going to happen now. It will be just as Carolyn said, “Next horse…” How horrible this racing “game” is for the horses!!!!

  2. I just wanna share a cute little story with you guys… I found myself having a laughing fit last night recalling the Basset Hounds race at I believe it was Canterbury.. the Bassets were loaded into the starting gate..gates open..only ONE decides to run,the others just stand there meandering and socializing. Me being the proud Mama of a Rescue Basset sees the humor in these lovable “Sad Sacks”. I wish the horses would do the same.

  3. Wait, Whoa. You mean a Florida DRF “reporter” actually confirmed a horse death? To the public? That’s revolutionary! I literally couldn’t believe it, so I just checked for myself. Sure enough, Mr. Mike “I don’t ever acknowledge Gulfstream horse deaths, injuries, van-offs, or on-track euths, because I don’t have to, and I don’t want to, and there’s no racing commission here in Florida, anyway, so hahahahaha,” Welsch actually spoke the unspeakable(!).
    Good thing he remembered to offer up that he was “Sad to report” this one racing kill. Imagine how miserable he’d be if he bothered to mention all the hundred or so OTHERS that Gulfstream Park manages to generate every year. He’d be a freaking basket case.
    So, you better just leave it at this ONE, Mike. Now that you’ve shown that you’re keeping it real with your so-called reporting, you can go back to your LALALALALA way of covering all the other death races;)

    • If there was an incident in Florida, this is a very bad day
      Fairgrounds had some kind of incident in race 1 or 2
      And SA also (my punctuation buttons don’ t work )

      • Referring to yesterday’s death of Dudes Got Game. Welsch NEVER Tweets about the GP carnage. But, yeah, Fairgrounds seems to be on a roll, don’t they? What a horrific shitshow already today. But we all knew the carnage was coming back to Santa Anita, didn’t we? They were too “safe” for too long, and too proud of their negligible protocols and obscenely high handle yesterday.
        Welcome back to the headlines, Santa Anita!

  4. Multiple racehorse killer Peter Miller and the facilitator of the gladiator killing ring: The Stronach Group.
    The delusional psychologically challenged apologists with their demented comments.
    Then there are the enablers, plenty of them, but the politicians who continue to financially support this by diverting millions in casino profits to keep this abhorrent killing show going.
    Further to this, they force casinos to pay for horse racing when they don’t even hold a meet on their property.
    This was all the same modus operandi for greyhound racing and they put an end to most all of it.
    So why can’t we?

  5. The horse was killed, but the owners are the ones who can’t catch a break? Sure, why not, since according to the racing community, they’re “nice people”.
    It’s like offering condolences to a serial killer because his victim died.


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