Not to Be Outdone (by California), NY, Too, Hits 95 Kills on Year

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the death of Linkjack Hanover yesterday at Yonkers: “euthanasia necessitated by injury to horse during racing incident.” Linkjack was eight. He is the 95th horse to die at a New York State track this year.

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  1. New York vs. California: Who’s got 2020’s Most Racehorses Killed?
    My money’s on New York to take home the coveted title. Why? Because, thanks to the CHRB’s fabulous, new Equine Fatalities Reporting System, most of Cali racehorse deaths aren’t counted AT ALL. If we’d maintained similar transparency as our New York rivals, then, sure: we’d have y’all beat by several lengths! (A dead horse is the same length as a live one, isn’t it?) Frankly, we WERE kicking your asses in the killing department, until we changed up our counting system on Sept. 1st, and saw our fake death toll plummet (or was it our fake “Safety” that skyrocketed?)
    Oh well. Either way, congrats to the winner on a well-fought battle. May 2021 prove equally competitive:(

    • Kelly – It’s not over ‘til it’s over. With only nine days to go in 2020, the SANTA ANITA DEATH TRACK opening day of the winter/spring meet is Saturday, Dec. 26th, the day after Christmas. Let’s all have a moment of silence to pray for the horses at 11:00 am, the time of the first post. :(

      Although no “fans” (degenerate bettors) are allowed, there will be live streaming… but wait, “this live stream could be on a delay.” Surprise, surprise. I guess they’ve realized they just can’t swing those cameras over fast enough to prevent people from seeing at least part of the atrocities. So they’re anticipating and preparing for their usual horrors by covering their asses with time delays to prevent the public from seeing what goes on there. Such an honorable so-called “sport.”

      SA and Stronach Group claim to be concerned for horse care and safety, and “Santa Anita has the most rigorous Medication Policies within the U.S.” Cute little medication list, not the whole story by far!

      So why do racehorses keep breaking down and dying, even as BABIES, at such an alarming rate?! There should be another list available so the public can really see all the illegal and exotic drugs and pain-masking and performance-enhancing bizarre concoctions that are also injected into our precious innocent racehorses, who have no say in the matter, do not complain, and dutifully perform as asked to try and please their evil and greedy connections.

      The day cannot come soon enough when this cruel barbaric industry is shut down forever.

      • No way is the SADT gonna host their usual Opening Weekend Horse Death this year, thanks to all their revolutionary new Life-Saving, Super-Safe Safety Protocols. And if, for some reason, those don’t work, they’ll just have the CHRB wave its magic wand and make the death(s) disappear.
        Poof! Problem solved. Thanks, CHRB;)

  2. Daniel Dube is listed (on Equibase) as the driver of LINKJACK HANOVER on December 18, 2020 in Race 1. This forcing a horse to suffer is so horribly unacceptable!!! I assume this injured horse was forced to suffer for three days before they euthanized him. This forcing of horses to suffer needs to be prosecuted. I assume they might have been waiting for the insurance policy to payout but I really don’t know. No insurance company should reward any horse owner that causes so much injury and suffering to a horse with a payout!!!

    • He was pulled up on the third turn, examined by a vet and sent home with the trainer for further evaluation. I’m sure it was a ligament or tendon and he was euthanized as a matter of economics. What’s weird is that I’ve never seen an injured standardbred not pulled up but jockeys keep racing all the time. Maybe because the driver is behind the horse instead of on it? I don’t know.

      The track is entirely responsible for this. They had over a foot of snow on Thursday and Friday, cancelled Thursday’s card at 9:00 am but decided to race Friday even after the drivers complained about the surface, icy in spots, slushy in others. They cancelled the rest of the card after the horse was injured. Greed.

      • Alan, thanks for all of those details. I’m in agreement with you that the racetrack operations are responsible, but the owner(s) can refuse to enter their horse(s), can’t they? I think the owners have just as much (if not more) responsibility, because they can stop participating in racing.

  3. Wow. Whatever happened in this instance… Standardbred horses have those nice thick legs, in other words NORMAL. It’s very rare with Standardbreds to breakdown. I grew up living right next to one of the Nations premier Standardbred tracks Brandywine Raceway,every weekend I was there,as a kid. Very sad regardless.

  4. Abuse just never ends!This is major cause to shut down these
    f——- tracks forever.Cannot believe how cruel these idiots are
    racing in the cold, icy etc.Very extreme temps but the races must
    go on. This is not called for. Stop the killings!!

  5. If this is NOT the smell of CORRUPTION, I do not know what is — God how I LOATHE this industry — those Humans should be ashamed of themselves — exploiting, abusing, tormenting HORSES — Humans’ depraved indifference — their hate & disrespect — SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING — FOREVER.

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