2-Year-Old Beaten at Aqueduct

In the 4th at Aqueduct yesterday, jockey Manuel Franco administered the following beating – yes, that’s exactly what it was – to the 2-year-old colt Nepotism. It was Nepotism’s second race ever. The beating, as far as the racing people were concerned, was successful: Nepotism finished third, “earning” $9,600 for his exploiters.

(Nepotism is the 7 horse)

This is horseracing.

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  1. Some people won’t appreciate my observation, but many of the jockeys who are riding at U.S. tracks are Hispanics. Go to Mexico, or other countries in Central/South America and see how they treat their animals. They bullfight in those countries, for cryin’ out loud. These riders want a pay day. They are NOT concerned with animals or their lot in life…period! Just my opinion.

    • Bull fighting is sick!!!!! I mean think about it …people CHEERING an innocent ANIMAL, purposely being killed with SPEARS ,and the assholes cheering it on. Now that is a whole different kind of sociopathy.

    • I agree with Bonnie- bull-fighting is sick. I also agree with Andrea that the owners should take better care and concern for the welfare of their horses. They should keep that monster away from their horse!

    • I agreed with Karen. Poor horses are suffering at young ages. How insensitive people are.

  2. I am fully aware of the abuse of animals in Mexico, Central/South America and Asia, but it doesn’t make it right. Even here in the U.S. Factory Farming is Vile!!!! As a social worker, I do not include this as “culture.” This is a learned behavior that can be unlearned! It is not ingrained in their DNA, and not everyone agrees with it. Everyone, except perhaps sociopath’s, and those that are criminally mentally ill, can show compassion. No Excuse!

    • Totally agree with you Janice! Two ( or in this case multiple) wrongs do not make a right. If the owners/trainers would have even a shred of decency and empathy left, they would NEVER allow this monster to get close to their horse, let alone ride him.

      • But isn’t there a Catch-22 in all of this in that if a jockey does not give a full-out effort then he/she could be fined?

    • Nancy, he didn’t used to be like this. Something changed…I truly feel it was being removed from his mount (Tiz the law) Remember, trainer AND owners of Tiz the law,were critical of his ride in Kentucky Derby.

  3. NEPOTISM got the crap beaten out of him and perhaps next time he will quickly veer in or out to avoid the beatings and throw the jockey – not that I would wish it on anybody, but just saying.
    By virtue of the contracts (between the “horsemen” and our politicians ) it’s you and me who supports this via our taxes or even if you go to a casino that is forced to support it.
    In many states ALL casinos are forced to contribute about 10% of their earnings to support horse racing whether they run a meet or not.
    This is outrageous and how in the hell can state attorneys, legislators, politicians cut such a contract knowing that our public education systems are falling apart which is where the money should be going?
    How in the hell can they approve something like this?
    I’m fed up with the gamblers getting their way and with the racehorses paying with their lives.
    I’ve written so many letters to demand that they stop funding this, but please anybody who hasn’t, – write your politicians, tell them how you feel and that this money should not be supporting horse racing.

  4. Evil is EVIL no matter what country you’re from or what country you move to or what color your skin is or what language/s you speak. Whipping a horse constantly to keep him or her from slowing down is EVIL.
    All of this EVIL happens so gambling on horses may continue to generate revenue for the degenerate, psychopathic, sociopathic, evil individuals in our society.
    Money is their god.

    • Gambling is an addiction. If the horse and dog tracks all shut down tomorrow the bettors would play at the machines or tables. That is a good reason for shutting racing down. Bettors don’t need animals to gratify their vice.

      • There have been some comments on this blog from people who have made the choice to stop betting on horses; and/or their father or other relative stopped betting on racehorses, because of the more detailed information on this blog about how horses are forced to suffer such horrendous abuse. I’m thankful for all of those people who have made the choice to stop wagering on horses.

  5. I’ve seen videos of horse racing in other countries and some of them don’t use whips at all. Why are whips even allowed in the USA? Maybe there needs to be a special race where USA jockeys ride dummy plastic horses and “win” according to how much they can whip the dummies. Surely horses don’t need to be beaten like this.

    • I watched a video of a young girl who wanted to be a jockey. She did get her license at the age of 16 years in Arizona. She practiced on a dummy horse a lot.
      I personally think that no teenager should be allowed to ride in races. They are putting their lives on the line as well. I think human beings should not be legally allowed to become “a tool” for the industry at such a young age, before the age of 21. It is horrible enough to put doped up horses’ lives on the line before they are mature!

  6. WTF? In harness racing you can’t put the lines in one hand to raise the whip, you can only use the whip from the wrist (not from the elbow or shoulder), you can’t raise the whip above your shoulder, you can’t use the whip more than 3 times without giving the horse a chance to respond, you can’t use the whip below the shaft of the sulky, above the shaft you can’t strike the horse, and if you leave a mark on the horse you get fined and suspended. Basically it all amounts to whipping the shaft to make noise. These jockeys are abusers. By the way, harness racing has made all of these rules because of public perception.

    • Public perception, not because they are actually concerned about the abuse of the horses. But I suppose some is better than none.

  7. I will not hold my breath in terms of waiting for politicians to help.
    In 2012 Coumo took over from the NYRA for a period of 3 years because of “mismanagement”! His concern was to restore public confidence in the lucrative New York gaming enterprise- MONEY!
    His main focus was the fact that racing was at least a 2.4 billion dollar industry that employed tens of thousands and received $675 million in government subsidies each year (stats per NY Post 22 May 2012).
    As an after thought Cuomo threw in that he would work to improve the health and safety of the horses. But of course, no details were ever provided that I know of.
    Considering 94 horses were killed in NY this yr. alone, as well as the public display of brutality by jockeys Manuel Franco, Luis Rodriguez Castro, et al. I would like to ask the good governor if he is satisfied with this ongoing debacle!?

  8. I always knew Gavin Newsome would’ve had the easiest way to do it,because of majority Democratic legislature!!!!! HE could have pushed it through. Pa.,and Governor Wolf, has a heavy majority Republican Rule…so good luck there.

    • We here should find another avenue outside the politicians who are in charge .
      Getting no response or lame brain excuses when confronted with facts. But it boils down to who has clout to call the shots and move forward .

      • I sort of think they might sort of cannibalize themselves over time in California. I mean look at Los Alamitos; they kill so many horses that even some of the CHRB board members have voted against approving a yearlong license to Allred.

  9. Wanda , its way past time to yank Allred’s license, maybe all the members of the CHRB could get together and come up with one set of balls to oust good ol’e Doc Allred OUT, I;m 66, sure hope its soon, I’d love to be able to witness that! Cheers to the near future !

    • Sue, I think it would be awesome if Ed Allred closed Los Alamitos racecourse and put an end to the routine, brutal exploitation and killing of horses for wagering profits! The vote was 5 to 1. One person out of six people “dissented” so we’ll see what happens. I would rather he closed but a 6-month license for the time being (IF HE DOESN’T CLOSE) is better than a rubber stamp to killing so many horses. At least, the large number of racehorse fatalities are coming under some scrutiny. That is an improvement of sorts. One person, Oscar Gonzales, balked at a “rubber stamp” approval for a yearlong license; six months at a time instead. (So, yay for him!)
      But, remember, it’s the CHRB so they are not inclined to close anybody down. Racing is their business.
      The Stronach Group plans to continue “doing business” for as long as they can get away with such horrendous and unscrupulous abuse and killing of horses for profit. Their public relations “brochure” online suggests that they are going to do so many different things for the “safety” of horses, but it is enough to make anyone angry that hates being lied to about keeping horses safe. The Stronach Group IS NOT going to keep horses safe. They ARE going to continue to deny, deflect and attempt to deceive as many people as possible while they continue to use horses to line their pockets with profits.
      Cheers to the END of horseracing and all of the abuse that is inherent to racing horses; the brutal sacrificing of the horses’ lives for wagering profits. 💔🙏

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