3-Year-Old “Catastrophically Injured,” Dead at Laurel

The end for Super Dancer came in the 4th at Laurel yesterday: “SUPER
DANCER broke slowly, moved up behind foes into the first turn, came under a ride around the final turn, pursued three wide into the stretch, lost his rider
when suffering a catastrophic injury in mid stretch then was euthanized on the track” (Equibase). He was three years old. For his people – owner Les Wagner, trainer Francis Abbott, jockey Victor Carrasco – it’s next horse up.

This is horseracing.

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  1. A three year old, just a babe!

    His life stolen from him, what a horrible way to die.

    And Equibase still refers to other horses in the race as “foes” which speaks volumes about the type of people who write about these innocents.

    • That use of the word “foes” in describing the other abused horses being forced by humans to run on a racetrack to be wagered on by other humans and maybe win some purse money for their connections is absolutely demented and absolutely does speak volumes about the writers in this abusive industry.
      Some of these people who involve themselves in the horse racing and breeding industry are brazen horse killers. They commit horrendously unacceptable abuses against horses and think nothing of it. It’s their business. I look forward to the day when these brazen horse killers are recognized by law for what they are; they are criminal animal abusers and killers.

    • We have galloped horses on our now defunct redeveloped track as the track was freezing up under the horses hooves. The stupid horse people went ahead & entered their horses for that weeks races anyway! With our old tracks location near 2 rivers & cold winds area, we told them not to bother entering as we knew once the track was frozen solid it would be DAYS before it unfroze. It took 2 weeks before the track unfroze & racing was canceled because nobody could get to the track to go to work! The NWS had been predicting a big freeze up for quite some time but the dumb horse people seemed oblivious of the coming weather.

    • I agree with you completely! They are inhumane animal abusers, and don’t give a damn! I hope karma takes care of them and they get their own! My motto is Zero Tolerance for Animal Abuse (ALDF)!!!!

  2. SUPER DANCER yet another victim of horse racing’s daily, abusive business practices which, more often than not, includes doping to mask chronic conditions that often lead to dying.
    Furthermore, these treatment records are kept secret away from the State Vet who conducts the pre-race exam.
    A tidy little package all wrapped up for the public to see, but hides the disaster inside until it’s exposed.
    This killing business is so vile.

    • Gina, I still don’t understand why they are allowed to keep the medical records hidden? That makes no sense, and it’s frankly pure evil. How in god’s name do they get away with THAT?

      • Well, bonnie, horses are considered property. Hell the ag department in your state, denied a request of mine, citing HIPAA statues

  3. Another poor, innocent, defenseless baby being killed just to satisfy the brain-dead, money-grabbing profiteering POS owners, riders and trainers that profess to ‘love their horses’ When will heinous debacle be ended, how may more innocent victims are there going to be before this so-called ‘sport’ is ended????

  4. This is not only tragic, but exceedingly cruel!!!! No, not “next horse up”, which is the industry’s sick, demented motto! These horses lives are very valuable and they deserve to be treated with love and respect. RIP dear angel boy!!!! I’m so terribly sorry for your needless, tragic death!

  5. Billy, do you mean Delaware,cause that’s where I’ve lived for 53yrs. You’ll have to help me with the “lingo”. What exactly did they deny you,and which state?

    • Bonnie and Billy,
      I can understand not allowing private medical information being released from a private veterinarian to the public or an individual that might “potentially” want to cause some type of malicious harm to the horse(s) and that type of thing. However, what sense does it make to withhold medical information on racehorses from private veterinarians to the State Regulators or State Veterinarians??? The information is withheld to harm the horses in this case scenario. If the information were released to the State Veterinarians/ Regulators, it would protect the horses.
      It’s all messed up!!!
      In humans, medical records can be transferred from one medical doctor to another and it doesn’t seem to matter about the Privacy Act between licensed medical professionals.

      • When I was an Associate Steward all the Trainers who had multiple doping violations and/or were under investigation for shady business practices fought hard to keep their records secret and so did their vets.
        There are many reasons to gain access to these records with the main reason being the health and welfare of racehorses and the safety of jockeys who have an increased risk of injury as well.
        So when their workmen’s compensation fees go up and they continue to whine like horse racing does it’s their own damn fault because they bring it on themselves.
        The crux of the legal argument seems to be this: since the public wagers on racehorses and since doping affects the outcome of races than those records should be made public.
        Those records are not “private property,” rather they are the legal domain of the public due to the nature of their gambling venue being public and most tracks are being financially sustained with public money.
        For example, if you own a dog that’s being treated by the same vet for a couple of years, you then move and need to go to another local vet – what’s the first thing they request?
        You got it – the previous vet’s medication/treatment records faxed over or provided, plus, you must fill out a general health questionnaire on your pet.
        This is all done for the continuity of care, for the health and welfare of your pet and to avoid repeated invasive procedures that were already conducted.
        So their argument about keeping their records private is a bunch of bullshit like the rest of this business.
        A pile of manure has more integrity than horse racing.

  6. It really is messed up! All I know is these horses need MORE protection and safeguards. It’s the very least the trainers, owners etc., should do. Evil people making money off of the horses’ suffering and deaths. There’s no way to put lipstick on this pig (horse racing), it just needs to go away,same as dog fighting and racing.

  7. Did anyone just see that race#4 at Aqueduct??? Manny Franco was whipping the holy living hell out of that Union Rags colt. You guys need to watch this,it’s the worst case of whipping I think I’ve ever seen. This MUST be addressed. That baby two yr. old is never gonna want to race again. I’ve seen Manny Franco do this before,but not this wicked. This colt will have those WELTS forever. #Abuse #Awful.

      • Nancy, ever since he was blamed for not being aggressive with his derby mount Tiz the law, by the trainer and owners, his rage is showing from losing that mount. His anger because of that is out of control. I have noticed this pattern with him since being criticized by Tiz the law ‘s trainer/owners. You will be absolutely sickened when you see this latest incident. This warrants a suspension /fine.

    • Just watched it also. Disgusting. The NYRA should market that ten seconds of zoomed-in video, and title it: “New York Thoroughbred Racing: They Love to Run!”

      • Didn’t you think that was an awful amount of very hard consecutive whipping? It seemed excessive to me. I physically winced every hit,it was that intense. I wouldn’t want to see that horse’s left hind quarters. Maybe it’s just me?, but I’ve noticed this pattern,recently.

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