4-Year-Old Becomes Los Alamitos’ 43rd 2020 Victim

The CHRB has disclosed the death of Thru Lady yesterday at Los Alamitos; cause: “other,” meaning probably in the stall. Still, her death came only three days after she was raced at that same track (a race, incidentally, she “won,” capturing $3,900 for her people: owner Jesse Cruz, trainer Adriana Vallejo). So, could have been racing-related after all. Either way – stall or track – she’s unquestionably an industry casualty. Thru Lady was four years old. She’s the 43rd horse to perish at Los Alamitos this year.

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  1. Los Alamitos Horse Hell is so far removed from any shred of credibility, integrity, and moral and legal decency about their own horse-killing, jockey-paralyzing, COVID-spreading business that it literally matters NOT AT ALL to them that Thru Lady is dead.

    OF COURSE her death is racing-related. OF COURSE she’s just another one they couldn’t get off the grounds in time — as in, up to a nanosecond before her death — to avoid the state kill list. And, OF COURSE the ever-vigilant CHRB Dead Horse Watchdog Committee will still find a way to keep this one from “counting” toward Doc Allred’s bloody shitstorm.

    So sorry for poor Thru Lady. Her short life didn’t matter to the “regulators” at the CHRB, nor to anyone at Los Al Horse-Killing Hell. But it matters to us.

  2. In my way of looking at things, THRU LADY was definitely a racing-related death because she was bred for racing, used and abused for racing and was a young, immature filly that would have had a normal life expectancy of twenty to possibly close to thirty-five or so years under the care of individuals who have the capacity to care about the horse as a sentient being.
    In horseracing, horses are forced to perform so money can be gained through wagering profits, purse money, and selling their bodies as a means to reproduce and eventually to be slaughtered for meat.
    THRU LADY was spent. She died. She died three days after being raced. It is highly likely that she was doped to the maximum and then some by her owners/trainers/ private veterinarians with little or no accountability. She was exploited by racing participants. Now she’s dead because of racing.

  3. No horse deserves such a horrible fate. These are horrible people to abuse and torture the horse till it dies. They are very selfish people and are monsters.

  4. Kelly, I’ll tell you what gives me hope… my 22yr old godson is vegan,rescues cats, and supports all animal and environmental causes. I can positively tell you he is in the majority of this generation of young up and comers. I find them to be very sensitive and caring, because of what they’ve grown up with (mass school shootings), and then positive things,such as Animal Planet. This next generation will not tolerate this, plus they’re not into it , like todays old people. So , this tells me..it will die out.How many cigar smoking old men are left?, really.

    • Exactly, Bonnie. And nothing illustrates your point better than today’s CHRB vote on whether to grant Los Alamitos Horse Hell a provisional license to continue its killing show: The vote was TWICE split down the middle, with the three old-guy dinosaurs voting for ALLOWING Los Al to continue its full-time carnage unabated, and the younger, more thoughtful, and conscientious Board members (two of whom are women) voting to put some stipulations on its long-term continuation.
      Pretty funny hearing old Doc Allred throw a hissy-fit about it, and threaten to take his ball and go home if he didn’t get his way;)
      Now he’s gonna have to come groveling back to the Board, just like he was forced to do the last time they hauled him in for killing horses. Which he’ll do, of course. Otherwise, he won’t be allowed to keep his personal, private, animal-abusing amusement park going, at least until the voters close it in 2022. Poor Doc!

      • About an hour ago I let my dog out for the final time to do her business, when we came in we were both shivering,it’s really cold tonight in Delaware. It got me to thinking of all the horses in their stalls,and how miserable they must feel with their sore aching bones and whole bodies freezing in these temperatures. Their injuries probably feel worse from the elements. It just made me very sad…alone in a stall cold and in pain. Their suffering is something that is hard not to think about. And then I’m sure some of them will be woken up real early-forced to run a “workout” on the FROZEN dirt. What a sad existence. At least I know SOME good people are thinking of them and their plight.#SOMEDAY🙏

      • Yes it’s sad, Bonnie. Even Paulick report had a pic of Mahoning valley racecourse the other day and they were racing in white out conditions. I’ve seen tracks race in such blinding snow that you couldn’t even see the horses. I can’t imagine the cold air damage that these horses lungs incur racing in these cold temps.

  5. The CHRB stewards should all be fired and replaced with community representatives including animal advocates.
    Rick Arthur DVM should have been fired a long time ago since he seems to be a corrupt person who is Bob Baffert’s guard duty among other things.
    Their salaries are paid for by taxpayers, public coffers, and the only interest they are protecting are those of the horse racing community and apologists.
    One of their main duties are to protect racehorses from harm and they continue to do the opposite.
    SB-469 should have been implemented months ago both for Santa Anita and Los Al.
    It’s the influence of these killing tracks and the potential for bribes that keep them voting their way while completely ignoring the will of California residents who pay for their salaries.
    In actuality, it’s the racehorses who pay their salaries and who support this entire business on their muscoskeletal systems while they crumble to the ground.
    This is a disgusting, repulsive reality of horse racing and this killing show needs to be shut down.

  6. Just announced! Los Alimitos to be CLOSED! The operators claim they cannot function with just a 6 month schedule & need more lengthy meet for the horse people to plan ahead. Track is to be redeveloped real estate property. This according to BH & LA Times. Another victory for closing down of a dumpy facility having such a terrible breakdown rate for horses!

    • Thank you, Fred and Joan! Will this closing of the Los Alamitos Racecourse happen soon or will it be later?

      • Right, Nancy! I can’t wait to read what Kelly has to say about Ed Allred and his horse-killing HELL HOLE!!!!
        The article I read says he could reapply on July 1 for another 6-month period of racing, BUT it is up for a REVIEW, NOT a guaranteed APPROVAL.
        Evidently, there a few individuals with some voting power that don’t want to put a rubber stamp on 12 months worth of causing catastrophic injuries and death to so many horses without consequences to the operators at Los Alamitos Race Course.

      • Alan, how did you read the story? I read one article by Los Angeles Times writer John Cherwa. Which article/s did you read, may I ask?

        • I read that one and several others. My takeaway is that they are threatening to close unless they get their way so it’s not a done deal.

      • My take is that Allred wants all or nothing and is threatening to sell, if he doesn’t get his own way. I think they have killed too many horses so they have shortened it to a 6-month period but he can reapply to be reviewed. I’m guessing someone has to set a limit on how many dead horses would be the deciding factor on whether Allred’s operations would be able to continue for another 6-months. How many dead horses is considered to be too many dead horses in the Los Alamitos review process???

      • Yes we reread the story but it looks very likely that Los Alimitos will close although not specific about when it will close. Have looked at the track on satellite maps. What a crummy dumpy place for horses to live! No grass anywhere & no turnouts either. We hope that track goes away.

  7. SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING — “Thru Lady” had a miserably cruel life, as was her death — HOW, in good conscience, is this allowed to continue — it’s KILLING so many — this is so WRONG — Horses are innocent & vulnerable & at the mercy of Humans — this so-called sport is INSANE & HATEFUL — we MUST SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING — FOREVER — The History of Mankind is Carried on THE BACK OF THE HORSE — ALL HORSES deserve RESPECT & PROTECTIONS — again, SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING — FOREVER.

  8. Hi, all. There seems to be some confusion surrounding what occurred at yesterday’s CHRB meeting. Doc Allred’s response to an evenly-divided Board was to THREATEN AND BLUFF about shutting his track down if he didn’t get a full-year license because of Los Al’s continued obscene death rate. He merely POSTURED that his application would be withdrawn. I’m pretty confident that it won’t, and that Los Al will continue killing off racehorses for the foreseeable future:(

    • At least, they are “threatening” him which is something more than nothing. Thank you, Kelly.

    • To clarify what I meant by “they threatened him” is that Ed Allred wouldn’t be THREATENING TO CLOSE HIS RACE TRACK if the CHRB, especially vice-chairman Oscar Gonzales, had not threatened to take his year-long license away and go 6 months at a time instead, with a REVIEW at the end of 6 months with the option to reapply for another 6 months.

  9. I’ll say it again as I did before the killings at Los Al have been going on FOR YEARS!!
    The rubber stamp, the complete and total unaccountability by Doc has been going on for YEARS!!
    The newspapers tend to give the impression that this is a relatively new thing just as they did during the Santa Anita meet often claiming that it was an anomaly.
    Of course voices like Baffert and all the apologists went to their “go to” excuse – the track surface.
    This track should have had its license revoked YEARS AGO.
    The fact that they’re even discussing it is pathetic.
    He shouldn’t even get a 6 month license.
    It sickens me that they are even discussing it.
    It shouldn’t even be up for discussion and the CHRB, paid for by the public coffers, should start doing what the public wants not these racetrack operators.

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