Abused, Scared, Hurt – This Poor Girl

Game On Girl is a 2-year-old filly who made her “debut” at Monmouth July 31. She finished second-to-last, 21+ lengths back. Not very promising. But despite that, or maybe because of that, she was sold – yes, sold, in her very first race. Next time out, a month later, same track: “hit the rail, fell, vanned off.” Flash to Monday: In the 4th at Parx, says the chartwriter, Game On Girl “lost action before leaving the backstretch, bolted…on the turn, continued on and ran into the outside fence and fell at the top of the stretch.” As if this could be even worse, in addition to being owned by (at least) three different people/groups – breeders Alan Goldberg, Ronald Etkin; Colts Neck Stables; David Gruskos (who continues to have her “For Sale”) – she has also endured a different trainer – Jorge Duarte, Jose Delgado, Claudio Gonzalez – in each of her three races. This poor, poor girl. This wicked, wicked industry.

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  1. In each of her three races a different trainer/owner. She was confused,scared and was too young to be thrown into the industry. She was in a position to fail emotionally and mentally. God Bless Her.

  2. The filly is doomed. This brazen lawless business puts it out there for all to see. One can only imagine the brutality that is hidden.
    The abuse is outrageous. Sad to say, her only escape is death.

  3. GAME ON GIRL, bred to be abused by her exploiters.
    It seems obvious to me that she had serious physical/mental conditions right from the start based upon review of her workouts and PP;s.
    Her abusers probably knew this, masked her issues in conjunction with the vet who keeps the records secret.
    GOG was a baby, 2 years old with at least 3 years of abuse for what?
    To earn $1250.00 while flipping a wagering buck for the tracks and coffers.
    They even support a bunch of “horsemen groups” who only care about what they can get out of them.
    There are all set-up for failure with the slaughterhouse floor waiting in the wings should they make it out alive.

    • Thank you NANCY. I say the same thing all the time. Why not?, where are they?, what’s the point of having an agency then? Another thing I think about all the time… what horrific torture it is for a herd animal to be deprived of them being amongst each other. This life they are kept as prisoners in, I’m sure it drives them insane. They are HERD animals, they need to be TOGETHER.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I think from now on, moving forward, when I receive pledge letters from the many good organizations saving animals, my response will be just that. I will support their groups when they join the masses who want horseracing abuse ended.

    • At a guess Nancy the foot soldiers are run ragged and totally disheartened seeing the carnage caused by these sick monsters. At the same time it’s probable the welfare bosses are taking back handers from the racing industry to back away.

    • Well I prayed last week that I may win the EuroMillions Lottery here in England but with no success. The top multi roll over prize stood at £178 million, enough to buy just about every horse in the US and UK that aren’t top flight horses. I keep praying but sometimes win my stake money back!
      Then it would be competing with saving Orangutans, Elephants, Tigers, Whales Dolphins and dogs, all being abused around the world by the stinking human race.
      Keep going everyone and don’t forget your lottery tickets!
      Greetings from the UK and a Healthy New Year.

      • Ray, I keep playing the mega-and powerball, both worth at least 250 million each! There is so many animals and humans could be helped if we ever win. Can only afford one line each, but that is all you need to win. Greetings from the USA and a Healthy New Year to you, too.

  4. The only comfort I find for this poor horse, is to know she is NOT suffering no more. Rest in peace, GAME ON GIRL My prayers and love go with you..

    • Marjorie, I think she is still alive. I think she will be killed soon, unless someone or a group of people can rescue her. I know that is easier said than done. I know what these psychopaths do to horses is EVIL, CRIMINAL and must be ended. Until that happens, this filly is desperate for a “savior” to get her out of HORSERACING HELL!!!!

  5. These horrible, HORRIBLE people! Poor girl running into the fence/rail once was simply not enough for them! No no, no…whip her, abuse her so she, in sheer fear and desperation, could do it again. Lowlifes, parasites is too mild to describe them. Praying for this sweet baby girl..

    • I feel at a loss to save her because 1) I don’t have a place to keep her, 2) I don’t have the money to buy her, or transport her, or provide competent veterinary care from an ETHICAL VETERINARIAN, 3) I don’t have physical access to these HELL HOLES they call racetracks, and I am not acquainted with anyone at these places of routine torture to horses/ babies that should be out on a pasture grazing with another four-legged animal that get along with each other.

      • I feel the same way, Wanda…trying to save them while the bastards abusing them are not only not contributing a dime towards a better life for them but they are thinking about their next victim. Humans SUCK!

    • Oh no, Nancy! What a stunningly gorgeous boy! They were shipping him to stand stud, another form of horrific abuse. Right…”stall accident”.. and the fake tears keep rolling…their inexistent hearts broken…you know, the usual BS yet they slowly but surely KILLED this sweet boy.

      • Andrea
        One of the premier barns and gorgeous Tapizar has a stall accident (whatever that explanation encompasses)
        My heart broken 😂😂

  6. Sio disgusting! This should never happen to any horse but the greediness would have to be left out of horseracing!

  7. Something is wrong, here, and tis horse is trying to tell people. I hope she does get sold! I hope she spends the rest of her life, as someone’s pleasure riding horse, just walking, trotting, and galloping along trails and fields. I hope she is loved, taken care of, and knows she is loved. I hope, when her riding days are over, she can end her life as a pasture mate for other horses.

  8. Does anyone have a contact number for any of these folks you speak of?
    Send to me. I can be quite convincing if need be.

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