2-Year-Old Killed at Santa Anita This Morning; 93rd Death at California Tracks This Year

While California horsemen/women, and the tracks they race at, are busy patting one other’s backs over their supposedly safer racing, Penelope Rose became the 93rd racehorse to die at a Golden State track this year when she broke down training this morning at Santa Anita. Penelope was two years old and being prepped for her debut.

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  1. These sick psychopathic individuals are only fooling themselves if they think that everyone has been too stupid to see through their filthy lies and “public relations” crap about safety. Thank you, Patrick, for your efforts to keep us informed and keep up the good fight for right!!!

  2. RIP Dearest Penelope!!!!!!!!! Your life dear girl was valuable!!!

    This death was completely unwarranted and down-right cruel to such a young horse. Heartbreaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The industry is doing something radically wrong, and must face the facts and end this atrocity towards horses!!! Unacceptable in every sense of the word!

    Janice Giampaoli

  3. Terrible news. More scrutiny into their wellbeing and welfare. Too young to be prepped for this..

  4. This one must have been absolutely, obscenely horrific. They’re all hideous, but the SADT has lately made it a point to haul all of its injured horses elsewhere for “treatment.” That way, the CHRB won’t publicly report them on their super-accurate, all-inclusive, extra-transparent new Equine Fatalities Page.
    Poor Penelope Rose must have been so mutilated and mangled from her training breakdown that even the super-humanitarian TRACK VETS AT SANTA ANITA couldn’t bring themselves to force her to make the agonizing journey off track grounds:(

  5. Their proclamations of “safer racing” have been going on for years while racehorse after racehorse dies.
    If people don’t know or admit by now that this can never be corrected, that racehorses will die as long as there’s horse racing, then they are deliberately delusional.
    There’s nothing delusional about this poor baby filly PENELOPE ROSE as she crumbled to the dirt.
    PETA has just announced that Kentucky Derby contender PRIVATE VOW was slaughtered in South Korea while they were conducting an under cover video of the main horse slaughterhouse in South Korea – the process is on tape and I couldn’t get through it because it was so incredibly sad, evil and horrific.
    Here’s the official PETA statement now on most social media outlets:
    “PETA can now show that Private Vow was sold to South Korea for stud duty in 2014 and ended up being slaughtered for meat on July 22, 2020. He sired 196 foals in the U.S. and South Korea. His sons Normal Classic and Private Man were slaughtered on August 11 and September 10, respectively.”
    PV won over $490,000 for multiple racehorse killer “Trainer” Steve Asmussen owner Mike McCarty.
    He was then turned over to Assistant Trainer Scott Blasi for his last couple of races.
    Scott has been caught on tape referring to racehorses as “rats.”
    CV was sold for millions to a South Korea breeding farm because no farms in the U.S were interested in buying a stud that finished 15th in the Derby.
    His end was horrific and now The Stronach Group and PETA have released a joint statement urging owners not to sell their racehorses to South Korea.
    We all know how that will go and it seems rather hypocritical coming from Frank Stronach whose dumped broodmare and racehorses for years and now exploits them to fill races for his tracks and wagering coffers.

    • Gina, thanks for sharing this information and I think that a statement of this type from anyone deeply entrenched in the racing and gambling industry as Frank Stronach is and has been for so many years is absolutely hypocritical!!!! It is so hypocritical that it stinks!!!! It smells to high heaven, as the saying goes!!! 💩💩💩💩💩

      • Ms. Belinda Stronach, Owner & CEO of The Stronach Group released this statement via CEO Craig Fravel: “Obviously we have very strong feelings about aftercare, and we support any efforts that make sure horses aren’t shipped to or used for slaughter,” said Craig Fravel, CEO of the group’s 1/ST Racing. “This effort is something we support just like our other aftercare initiatives.”
        Hypocrisy to the max.
        Fact is about 20,000+ racehorses die being bled out on the slaughterhouse floor every single year in Canada with over 50% coming directly from U.S. racetracks according to the Canadian Department of Agriculture, Canadian Horse Defense Coalition and many other groups that witness it first hand.
        So their statements are not only ludicrous, but reflect an industry that think people are stupid.
        Both Ms. Stronach and Mr. Fravel know that they facilitate the massive exploitation, killing and dying of racehorses and are, more or less, the largest providers to these slaughterhouses by owning tracks.
        If they truly care then they would support shutting their public abattoir and killing business down.
        A casino can toss aside a slot machine, but tossing aside thousands of racehorses?
        This business has always known that the slaughterhouse is their main aftercare “initiative,” and there will never be enough homes for the racehorses.
        They are reduced to mere disposable gambling chips by the horse racing business.

      • Just exactly what are their strong feelings about aftercare?
        They make their living exploiting horses for racing and gambling/ wagering handle/ betting, so they continue to exercise the barbaric practice of forcing young, underdeveloped colts and filles to be confined to a stall for 23 hours a day, routinely forcing them to carry the weight of saddle and rider and run and run fast, as fast as the rider can force them to run for part of that one-hour break from being confined to their stall. Horseracing is so wrong on so many levels; and the owner/s of these racetracks and gambling venues continue to spew vomit-worthy falsehoods to dupe the public into letting them get away with this horror/killing show for more money, more money, more money. If people have not seen where racehorses go to retire, that is the VAST MAJORITY OF RETIRED RACEHORSES, they need only to watch the undercover videos. PETA has a very educational video that will repulse anyone with any capacity to feel compassion for horses as sentient beings. The participants of the racing industry only see horses as objects to be exploited for money. There are no words that these expert con-artists can put together that can make this horrifying reality (of causing pain, fear, suffering, catastrophic injuries and death to horses) “magically” disappear!!!!

    • If PETA has so many undercover videos exposing the horrors of horse racing, why do they still refuse to publicly condemn it? For that matter, with all these documentaries being released (and of course not disproved) why are non of the animal welfare groups standing up for racehorses and condemning the racing industry, an industry which literally goes against every type of abuse and exploitation listed in the charters of these welfare organizations? That’s right, HSUS, I’m looking at you. There are hundreds of videos of horses being shattered and mangled in the name of sport, but it’s still acceptable because “it’s just Horseracing”.


  7. Shut the race track down. Stop the illegal drugs, steroids given to these horses. Prosecute offenders. Don’t let owners or trainers of the 93 dead horses compete there or at any other race track.

  8. It is amazing how protective they are for what they call a ‘sport.’ I have commented on mutual acquaintance post and have been attacked by those who love it…disgusting! Posts of their horse pacing around, head bobbing, and nipping explained as ‘excited to go to the track again’ or ‘playing’ and ‘strong’ when in fact we know the horse is going crazy cooped up in the box! I have been told I do not know what I am talking about etc etc for pointing out the obvious, and I reply – “I know too much.” I know people personally that have been at farms where it is common to take foals and pull their ears, trip purposely, and physically punished for running away from their abusers. It is unbelievable how callus people can be, especially those who make a penny or thousands on their life and certain death. I know those who rescue and work tirelessly to save as many as possible, and who also cry for the ones left behind. It is cruel, evil abuse – nothing less!

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