A Kill at Hawthorne Revealed in Obscene Euphemisms

In the 4th at Hawthorne yesterday, And He’s Loose was said (by the chartwriter) to have “taken a bad step,” leading to “humane euthanasia on the track.” Two of Racing’s more obscene euphemisms in a single line: “Took a bad step” implies fluke, misfortune, accident – not on us. “Humanely euthanized” says we did right by this horse; aren’t we kind and compassionate? Disgusting. And He’s Loose was three; ’twas his 11th turn under the whip. Owner/trainer, Pete Scalcione; jockey, Victor Santiago.


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  1. These people are just as guilty of abusing their horses as abusive parents telling their children to play in the road and watching their own children get hit by an automobile. Beyond disgusting!!!! It’s evil what racing participants do to horses!!!! Ignorance is no excuse!!!!

    • Some of them might be ignorant but I think most of the racing participants are very calculating in their egregious abuse of horses. They can make false and/or misleading statements in an effort to attempt to deceive people. Take the people who have been involved in horseracing for most of, or all of, their lives. They do what they do repeatedly and knowing that it will cause injuries to horses. These barbaric sociopaths don’t care.

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