51st 2020 Kill for Belmont

Michelle Nevin-trained Dorothy’s Star was killed (broken leg) while training at Belmont Thursday. She was two and had been raced twice, once at Belmont, once at Saratoga. For Belmont, this makes 51 dead horses on the year. 51. For all three New York Racing Association tracks, the count is now 80. And yet they continue to say, with a straight face, that their tracks are “demonstrably safer” and that they have “created a standard that should be emulated across the country.” Vile.

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  1. This poor dear beautiful BABY. Just look at her pp’s ,and lack of workouts!!!!!!!!!!!! This baby girl had NO business being near a racetrack.

  2. Racing live animals will never be safe under any circumstances anywhere or at any time. Horseracing is dangerous and very cruel to horses.

  3. You can’t tell me these trainers don’t KNOW so many horses are NOT fit/ and ,or NOT capable of racing. A big majority of them have no desire. This FACT is solely the responsibility of the trainers. Deaths are on THEM.

  4. RIP dearest equine angel. You were just a young horse with so much life left in you. This death was a crime and should never have happened. We must End Horse Racing Wrongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Not one person is guilty of this obscene horror show – they all are.
    Any one of them are either abusers, enablers of the abuse and/or both.
    The entire system upholds this abuse in order to fill races and wagering coffers.
    Belmont and all New York tracks would have shut down long ago if it weren’t for the outrageous sums of taxpayers/casino profits given to support them.
    Gov. Cuomo – why, why, why??
    He may not have started these undeserved subsidies, but he sure as hell continues to support them.
    It’s going to take New York residents and/or organized groups to demand that these ungodly sums of money be put into their education, and essential community services – not horse racing.
    So sorry for all racehorses that have died, yet again, for this vile, unnecessary gambling venue.

    • YES. You are totally correct Gina. It’s a LONG chain of guilty people and enablers. Of course one need look no further than the INFAMOUS case of Mongolian Groom.

    • Look at the different groups of people and the members of each of the different groups of people involved in horseracing. In the case of MONGOLIAN GROOM, there was an official evaluation done by a mouthpiece-for-the-horseracing-industry veterinarian, Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Bramlage, which was downloadable. There are several names listed in that report. They are all participants in the abuse and catastrophic injury of this beautiful Thoroughbred gelding, including the attorneys that support the lies and corruption in the evaluation of the death of MONGOLIAN GROOM. There were x-rays of his fetlocks with micro-fractures before (BEFORE) he was forced to run in the Breeders’ Cup race and they are included in the evaluation.
      So, why did they allow this horse to be entered in the race at all? Why do they think that people are stupider than sticks that cannot see through the filthy lies and excuses? Of course, they also show the x-rays of his catastrophic injuries/ broken bones that occurred because he was forced to run in a race.
      It’s the fault of everyone that supports and participates in this egregious abuse of horses.

      • Another thing I will never forget,Wanda…MG’s owners were complaining about his slow workouts leading up to the race. Are they f’n kidding me?, they were forcing him to try to run on a leg with multiple fractures!!! I ‘d like to see them try to run on a fractured leg. These “people” are NUTS.

      • Yeah, that really shows you how much they cared about their horse. In other words, the poor horse was a slave forced to perform regardless of his injuries.
        I guess that is what is called psychopathic narcissism on the part of the owners, trainers and every other person that stood to gain some type of financial compensation in the racing and gambling industry. Who knows…? It wouldn’t surprise me if someone was taking side bets on when and where he would break down. I’m guessing the private veterinarian, the one or ones who took the x-rays before the Breeders’ Cup race in which he broke down catastrophically, knew exactly what would happen before it happened. Sadistic blood sport!!! These people should be in jail!!!!

    • If I’m not mistaken,I do believe Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a big horse race fan.I know he says he is not a fan. I believe,years before he got into politics he was an owner of horses right here in N.Y. Most people that own horses and can afford them don’t just leave the business of horse ownership. He still might have a connection to horse ownership. Just look at the connections Gov.Cuomo to Anthony Bonomo horse owner) Cuomo assigned Bonomo chairman of the NYRA racing board & Bonomo gave Dean Skelos , wannabe son a no show job at A.Bonomo’s ins. company.A.Bonomo had to step down from his board position at NYRA.Just coincidently A.Bonomo I believe dropped his ownership from some thirty horses to a much smaller stable. Coincidence?

  6. You are so right these people need to be in jail for murdering these beautiful animals. I have been looking at rescue stories. Came across one about a mare from Georgia who was wrapped in barbed wire and pulled behind a tractor. Her name was Trudy. The mental damage this horse suffered was unimaginable. This applies to horses on the track who suffer injuries and are put down. They suffer the same mental anguish as a racehorse. God help us.

    • What kind of EVIL human could be mean to animals? Anyone who abuses animals is the worst of the worst,also child molesters, they’ll all be going to hell.

    • Yes, the mental damage/ harm, not to mention the physical damage/ injuries/ harm to horses that are forced to suffer at the hands of cruel psychopathic/ sociopathic, sadistic, barbaric human beings is unimaginable and so extremely disturbing. This abuse of horses honestly needs to be prosecuted.
      The thought of horses getting injured in barb wire is horrific and being dragged by a tractor is so obviously demented beyond what anyone should be allowed to get away with, and, really, it is the same with the routine abuse of horses used for racing.

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