A Kill to Ring In Turfway’s Holiday Meet

Turfway Park opened its “Holiday Meet” yesterday – with a kill. (The loathsome Paulick Report titled its post on the death, “Fatal Injury Mars Opening Night Of Tapeta Era At Turfway Park.”) Dream High, three, broke down in the 2nd – according to Kentucky’s equine medical director, Bruce Howard, “it was an open fracture and very serious.” “Very serious,” huh? Dream High was under the whip for the fourth time.

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      • And, don’t forget that baby, I think she was only 2, her name was “Thursday”,she also had Unbridled Song,as grandfather!!! Her breakdown happened very recently,in ny.

  1. In pro-racing lingo, “Fatal Injury Mars Opening Night Of Tapeta Era At Turfway Park” and the racing participants move on to their next equine victims.
    Pro-racing people are willfully killing horses by forcing them to run fast at an age that true horsemen/ horsewomen would not do, not ever. In true horsemanship, people don’t force horses to do something that a horse isn’t old enough to do and stay sound.
    People are supposed to be smart enough not to do what they know will end in tragedy; especially not repeatedly, over and over and over again. But, in pro-racing, it’s about making money using horses as disposable gambling chips. Pro-racing is not about exercising true horsemanship. Pro-racing kills horses. It’s what they do! It’s who they are. They are barbaric killers of horses. I know what I would like to tell the pro-racing barbarians what they can do with their “precious” Tapeta but I won’t say it. I think you get my drift.

  2. Oh, look at the KHRC: gettin’ all transparent on us. Admitting to a racing death? Haven’t they learned by now that the ONLY thing they can do that could possibly save their sorry-ass, lost-cause industry is to HIDE, HIDE, HIDE all of their non-stop carnage?
    Hell, everybody knows that! Even the CHRB finally figured that one out, but it took ’em a while. Sadly, they didn’t learn their lesson in time to save California racing from the inevitable will of the voters:)

    • Kelly, they sent this poor baby gelding out to DIE. So many people FAILED this baby. They KNEW, they all knew he wasn’t SOUND.

      • Bonnie, these racing participants are so horrifyingly EVIL. This deliberate and willful abusive exploitation and betrayal of horses must be ended!!!

  3. AGREED,Wanda. How can they be so unfeeling and callous? The ones in this industry are missing a sensitivity chip. I cry and pray for these dear souls every friggin day. They are just babies,for god’s sake.

  4. I can’t even read about the brood mares, that one is too much for me to handle,and cope with (psychologically). This evil must come to an END. #NoMoreEvil.

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