Two Kills Yesterday at Aqueduct; Casualties at Several Other Tracks, Too

Let’s start with what we know for sure from yesterday. Because of NY’s (anomalous) public database, we have same-day confirmations on two – yes, two – kills at Aqueduct. In the 3rd, Stay Fond “suffered an injury, was placed to a protective hold, pulled up, vanned off,” and subsequently euthanized. She was six. Trainer, Oscar Barrera III; owner, Three Player’s Stable. In the 6th, Tied Up “returned in distress [and] subsequently collapsed fatally.” She was but five – not done growing yet. Trainer, Jeffrey Englehart; owner, Moshe Mark. For the ever-proud-of-its-“safety record” New York Racing Association, this makes 78 dead racehorses in 2020. 78.

But, of course, there was more. This also happened yesterday (I will, you can be sure, update as information arrives):

Night Candy “vanned off” at Churchill
Kaziranga “pulled up in distress, vanned off” at Churchill
Magnolia’s Hope “vanned off” at Del Mar
Velvet Queen “vanned off” at Del Mar
Durango Kid “vanned off” at Hawthorne
Twirling the Gold “vanned off” at Los Alamitos
More Monique “bled, vanned off” at Mahoning
Little Miss Julia “vanned off” at Penn
Aamaal “vanned off” at Penn
Valentine Divine “bled” at Remington

All in a single day. This, America, is your “Sport of Kings.”

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  1. Tied Up crossed the finish line
    Does anyone know what happened to him that he passed away? A beautiful gray horse. Another waste of a beautiful creature because of this barbaric race and abuse.

    • That sounds horribly weird and ghastly that TIED UP was distressed and collapsed fatally. I’m going to assume the trainer/ professional killer of horses did something horribly wrong to the horse such as administering performance enhancing drugs and possibly shocking with an electrical device.

    • Only God and racing know what was in that poor horse’s system. Nobody else ever will.
      Racing operates outside the law not to mention the “laws” of human decency and integrity. These people are the lowest of the low.

      PS However, this lawless business will cite “privacy law” to refuse the release of a necropsy report…ignore law unless it is to your advantage!!!

      • Barbara, I have seen two different horses have heart attacks (not in person) that were being filmed. One was a horse being used as a bucking horse in a rodeo. The other was a world-class show jumping horse during a championship show jumping competition airing on television with Rolex as a sponsor.
        Both horses fell backwards. Both were carrying saddle and rider. The riders dismounted as their horses fell backwards. The horses fell backwards to the ground and while on their side, their hooves and legs continually jerk. I believe the bucking horse in the rodeo was on a SHARK video; SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness. Obviously, the abuse that horses are forced to endure is not respectful and not kind.

  2. And, of course, NOBODY in the racing press is breathing a word about any of the carnage. They’re all just blithely typing away, stuffing down any potential inquiries about yesterday’s slew of dead, dying, and disappeared racehorses. Keep promoting, fellows! There’s still a full weekend of exciting racing action for y’all to “cover.”

    • Kelly, how do these low-life’s live with themselves? They have no soul, no conscience,they are pure evil. How can all this DEATH not bother them? Each and every one of you horse abuser scumbags are you proud of yourselves? Go get a REAL job you f’n losers.

  3. With Stay Fond (the other casualty), they couldn’t refocus the camera so everyone saw the bobbling before the eased up happened.

    • Nancy, I KNOW. Have you looked at the pictures of the other gray, Winning Impression… I think his name was? He was a son of Paynter,who I admired greatly. Google his son’s pictures..omg!!! Too much cuteness.

      • Bonnie, I know adorable face
        I imagine you followed Paynter’s illness and miracle recovery like we all did(and Barbaro)

  4. So much death and these horses don’t have a choice in the matter. Unlike human athletes who still get paid while taking time off rest and heal, the horses are doped up and sent off to work, whipped if they don’t. It’s too awful. Amazing that any of them trust humans. Praying that HR961 can at least get passed so they can’t be sent to slaughter after being raced/tortured or overbred.

  5. If this decision was ever put to an up or down vote (by the people), it would be adios you scumbags. Now go get a life and a real job,you animal abusers. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.. ….

    • Bonnie,
      Isn’t it messed up that in a state (Pennsylvania) where the Governor (Tom Wolf) wants to stop funding racing, the State of Pennsylvania still has racing?

  6. Nancy, Tom’s two term Governorship has been under majority total control of a Republican legislature ! It’s actually amazing that he’s been able to do some of the things he has wanted. Fun fact…the man (Tom) is a genius, Graduate of M.I.T. to even be admitted into that genius level University. Believe me, if it was up to HIM,it would’ve been a done deal.

    • Governor Wolf is very decent man and if he wants this funding it will happen
      Hope no more Parx or Penn

  7. I think Gavin Newsome and Cuomo,probably had more majority Democratic legislatures,and therefore could have pushed through legislation. Why not Gavin and Andrew?, since the most DEATHS have been NY, and CA.

  8. Patrick’s work and this site have proven racing kills its horses – but damn, they were relentless in trying to kill off Stay Fond.

    August 7, 2020, Stay Fond was a vet scratch at Saratoga.
    August 29, Stay Fond was a voided vet claim at Saratoga (Linda Rice was her owner/trainer).
    September 3, Stay Fond was a steward scratch at Saratoga.
    November 27, Stay Fond is raced and killed at Aqueduct.

    • Oh my god Joy. How can they look at themselves in the mirror? Horse Killing IS the poster boy of “Pure Evil”.

    • What happened to Stay Fond was no less than criminal. Perhaps NYT writer Joe Drape should be contacted for another article? Some trainers here (Rice especially) need to be publicly shamed. NY racing is again out of control despite all their “reforms”.

      • Jen,
        If you can call being in the news for corruption in the horse racing industry and being on trial (for “alleged” “corrupt and improper acts in relation to racing”) being publicly shamed, then LINDA RICE is being publicly shamed. It isn’t over yet so hopefully she does get fined for each violation. I don’t know how many violations they are charging her with or how many of those violations will be recognized by the court. She is also facing the reality of either having her license “suspended” or possibly “revoked.”

    • Rice is a disgrace and I know that almost first hand.
      For starters she entered a horse in a $16, ooo claimer which was below his level. He won by 10+ lengths and, of course, was claimed. She was competing for most wins at the time and she knew he would add a win for her. Also there was another incident where a horse (same owner) broke down in training and there were other issues with that horse before he was killed. Also, she “offered” to take a horse that only started once. He took a while to come out of the gate and raced at the back. Luckily, I was able to get him away from her.
      Unfortunately, I can’t name names because I don’t have the owners permission.

      • Good work, Rose!!! That is AWESOME that you got a horse away from a corrupt participant in horseracing: Linda Rice.
        I read that the practice of entering a horse in a race that is below the horse’s class is called slumming. Linda Rice stooped to some very low lows to get inside information to give herself a better chance of having more wins. I hope she gets her license revoked.

      • Linda Rice was on Trial recently. I don’t know if the trial wrapped up yet. She was facing big fines and long suspension.

      • Joy, Bonnie and Nancy,
        This is very noteworthy news coming out of the horse racing industry. Thank you for sharing this information about Linda Rice! Please update when you hear of the outcome.

    • Bonnie,
      Thank you for that. I am looking forward to reading more, but from what I have read so far, it seems like there were certain people (with more responsibility) who knew this corruption and bribery was happening and “looked the other way” to save their own butts so to speak. As long as the people with more responsiblity can just lie about it and deny they know anything, they can leave other people holding the bag. In the case of Linda Rice, it appears to be fairly easy to leave her “holding the bag.” All I’m saying is the whole industry is corrupt, not just Linda Rice or the people who accepted bribes from her in the form of cash payments in an envelope.

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