For $2 Bets

Last week on U.S. flat tracks (racing only).

“Vanned Off”: horse required an ambulance to get off the track; while not all the “vanned” end up dead, most do, as borne out by my FOIA reports

“Bled”: typically indicates pulmonary hemorrhage

Barcode “suffered a catastrophic injury” at Parx
Expensive Lesson “pulled up in distress, vanned off” at Remington
Yours Completely “in apparent distress, vanned off” at Parx
Operation Stevie “vanned off” at Indiana
Foalsfillyspecial “vanned off” at Penn
Two in the Bush “vanned off” at Charles Town
Jessbye Train “vanned off” at Evangeline
Moochie “injured, euthanized on the track” at Laurel
Ekg Paint Me a Jess “vanned off” at Evangeline
Ho Lotta Patriot “vanned off” at Evangeline
May On the Run “vanned off” at Laurel
Hinton “vanned off” at Hawthorne
Mr. Tag “vanned off,” dead at Aqueduct
Sky of Hook “vanned off” at Aqueduct
R Sea Smoke “went wrong, vanned off” at Gulfstream W
Majestic Maiara “pulled up in distress, vanned off” at Gulfstream W
Jess Agree “vanned off” at Los Alamitos

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  1. This killing of horses for gambling and all the other aspects of horseracing needs to be recognized as inhumane because it is inhumane. Animal abuse should not be rewarded or funded. This barbaric abuse should be punished!!!!

    • “PUNISHED”, is the KEY word. There must be consequences,at the very least. Otherwise this evil b.s. , will continue. Punishment IS the answer,to save the horses. Big time financial punishments. If you hit them in the pocketbook, that’ll get their ATTENTION.

  2. It might be helpful to stress that all horseracing’s cruelty, abuse, doping, etc., is primarily about gambling–whether it’s via ownership, training, or placing bets–but we still call it “horseracing.” When people “play the slots,” it’s not called something innocuous, like “lever pulling–it’s “gambling.” To help ingrain horseracing’s nefarious purpose, including the term “gambling” when discussing horseracing (adding “addiction” when possible), may finally educate the public that innocent horses are just a disposable commodity–collateral kills to profit a very sick, addictive industry.

    • Marilyn, your point is well-made and well-taken. The breeding fees and sales auction prices are all a part of horseracing that is eventually all about the wagering handle. Can you believe that FUSAICHI PEGASUS sold for $70 Million…? That, in my mind, is a lot of foals that will be born into this demented cycle of being exploited, abused and tortured to their death. A high percentage of these foals won’t “make it” as race horses. It’s beyond sad that none of these foals/ horses have a choice!!! Everything about this gambling industry is wrong!!!!

      • Yes. Wanda. It is depressing how some low-life’s can’t comprehend how pure evil EVERY aspect of this sleazy racket is. Too many people make me f’n sick. I’d like to throw a saddle on their back and whip them around a circle. See how they like it.

      • Years ago the gambling industry came up with the term “gaming.” But you’re right, it’s just putting a generic name on an age old phenomenon, gambling. When I think of gaming I think of a kid with his Nintendo, not horseracing and slot machines. One thing struck me also. The great mare Monomoy Girl was sold as a broodmare just one day after she won her Breeder’s Cup and final race. No time off, right into the sales ring. She sold for 9.5m so she’ll be making a lot of babies.

  3. Might have found an UPDATE for you all on part of last night’s carnage at Los Alamitos. Since everyone in the whole, sick racing game is staying silent on the fog-filled shitstorm — especially the CHRB — take it for what it’s worth.
    It’s the last paragraph of a long story (with no byline, of course) that appeared today on the AQHA website.
    Title: Los Al Two Million Futurity Trials.

    “Rios Ayala, the meet’s leading Quarter Horse rider, qualified three horses to the Two Million Futurity, but unfortunately he also injured his knee when his mount, Rite On Time, acted up badly in the starting gate before the start of the ninth trial. Rios Ayala was not able to continue riding and he is expected to be sidelined. Jockey Raul Ramirez, Jr. was dismounted from his mount during the running of the 10th race. An update on his condition was not immediately available.

    AQHA News and information is a service of the American Quarter Horse Association.”

    So, no mention of the conditions of any of the horses forced to participate in Sunday night’s bloodbath. Just a blurb about a couple of injured(?) jockeys. But, hey, this is Los Al we’re talking about. They are exactly the type to use ZERO-VISIBILITY FOG to their smarmy advantage, as long as it conceals a couple of their many horse kills.

    • Thank you, Kelly. A jockey with an injured knee – “far from his heart”, a farrier would glibly say – it’s not gonna kill him. That’s worth a mention yet nothing about the horses they love like family?

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