Filly Dead of Colic at Santa Anita

The California Horse Racing Board has disclosed the death of an “unnamed filly” at Santa Anita Wednesday – cause, colic. For those who’d like to absolve the racing industry of these types of deaths, this.

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  1. Whoever did this needs to be called out, but it is all of these demented, barbaric people involved in this sadistic barbarism that need to be called out repeatedly!!!!!!!!
    An article online states that dehydration can be one of the causes of colic. If the horse doesn’t drink enough water, compaction can be a consequence. The cost of treatment by a veterinarian can range from $3,000 up to $10,000 depending on various factors. That was from an article dated in October of 2019.

    If these sadists would stop this torture to horses, the number of colic cases would definitely decrease significantly.

      • You hit the nail on the head, Nancy!!! If they cared, they could engage in activities that would be healthy for the horses and the humans.

  2. And the ADMITTED number of COVID-infected workers staffing the SADT’s sister track, Golden Gate Fields, just shot up past 200(!).
    These super-safety-conscious Stronachs are just the gift that keeps on giving, aren’t they? I think we should all chip in and send them some flowers;)

    • Kelly, I would like it very much to know that the Stronach Group was sent a notice of termination from the corporate welfare they receive from California and Florida and any other government jurisdiction.

  3. I wish we’d get someone in office to ban animal sports of any kind here in the US. None of these activities take the welfare of the animals involved into consideration. It seems there is always some type of disaster at this Santa Anita; how can we as human beings allow this cruelty and destruction to continue?

  4. My heart breaks – HOW COULD THEY — you’d think “they’d” appreciate everything the Horses do for them — INSTEAD, they abuse, torment, torture, MURDER the Horses – Oh, how I loathe the HORSERACING Industry — I LOATHE them all who participate in this abhorrent RACKET — abuse and death is par for the course — SHUT DOWN this amoral, cruel, depraved, unconscionable, wimpy, fearful business.

  5. Poor Baby this is such a painful illness for horses, Why was she not given a name?
    The trainers, owners vets and punters should be ashamed!!!!!!

    • Thank you, Kate. I suspect that (as Gina implied below) she WAS GIVEN A NAME. But if the CHRB had posted that name, then they’d have had to name her trainer on their Fatalities page — over which they’re super selective and defensive. With that key info hidden, they know we can’t establish exactly which monsters forced this poor baby girl to suffer and die for their state-sanctioned, legalized animal cruelty.
      Pretty smart thinking from the credible, transparent, high-integrity California Horse Racing Board, no?

      • We can place the criminal mentality and the blame on the members of the California Horse Racing Board!!!! They are just as guilty as the individual owners and trainers of each of these doomed Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses!!!!

  6. Belinda Stronach, owner and CEO of The Stronach Group has not responded to any of these horrific deaths.
    Initially, she vowed to implement safety measures to reduce and/or stop racehorses from dying at Santa Anita remember that?
    Even going so far to reach out and cajole PETA who praised her efforts.
    Nevertheless, after Mongolian Groom proved that her safety measures did nothing to prevent this obviously lame horse (as seen in training days before the BC where he snapped an ankle-off) from running and dying plus subsequent numerous deaths on Stronach-owned tracks she’s gone silent – AWOL.
    Really what can she say now?
    Not much as racehorses continue to die as they’ve always have and always will because this is horse racing.
    Now we have a baby racehorse, a filly, dying in her stall from colic!
    What do you have to say now Ms. Stronach refusing to release the name – shame on you.
    You never cared about the racehorses or their safety as example after example shows.
    Your main goal is to exploit racehorses to fatten your wagering coffers and if that means babies like this dying than that seems to be just fine by you.
    Don’t you think it’s time to shut down your horror show and call it out for what it really is – a public abattoir.

  7. Look, everybody! Turns out she WAS given a name after all: Awesome Elaine, “trained” by James Cassidy (of the SADT’s New Year’s Day death of Golden Birthday fame.) This means, one of two things happened with the ever-transparent CHRB;

    Possibility #1: Cali racing authorities decided they’re gonna start naming horses post-mortem. This will help them to more sufficiently HONOR their beloved family members killed in service to the Greed Wizards.
    Unlikely? Perhaps. So that only leaves…

    Possibility #2: Poor baby girl Elaine was not only forced to endure a prolonged, agonizing death all alone in her tiny stall at the Santa Anita Death Track. Oh no, that’s not horrific enough for the Sport of Killings. She ALSO was scapegoated by her loving connections, who didn’t want their Good Names smeared, so they refused to identify her to so-called regulators. “What, that dead horse? Over there, in Stall #DE-297? Nah, never seen it before in our lives. Someone must’ve just dumped it there.”
    (Only problem with this possibility is that real horse advocates — otherwise known as us — would have started speculating about which abusive trainers/owners/vets were responsible for both her death and for the cover-up of her death. But I don’t think the CHRB possesses this kind of foresight. So, they just stuck with “unnamed filly” while all the other horse-killing parties pointed fingers at one another.)

    In either case, we shouldn’t dare try to find out any more about Awesome Elaine’s tragic final moments, should we? After all, we’ve already been given such a vast wealth of information from the CHRB via their new, improved, more-transparent Equine Fatalities Page;(

    • Thank you, Kelly. In the event that the owners of racehorses know best about whether or not a horse is fit to run, relieving all other racing participants of the responsibility of taking responsibility for a horse’s health and well-being, we/ they can conveniently blame the owners. The rest of these racing participants (track veterinarians, trainers, owners of the racetracks, etc.) can delude themselves into thinking that they have pulled a fast one and, in their deviant minds, think that they have gotten away with the abuse, the neglect, the daily practice of exploiting horses for racing and gambling. They all are guilty to various degrees.

      • And, the so-called VET who had treated poor Awesome Elaine FULLY KNEW her connections, her name, her tattoo/chip number from her Jockey Club registration, and her short medical history, but apparently stayed silent about it all for at least THREE DAYS after her death.
        Didn’t want the public be able to connect you to another Santa Anita Horse Death, did you, “Doc”?

  8. It seems that there is a “shortage” of staff, especially track veterinarians, to be specific, to do a proper pre-race exam of each horse, according to what I read in the article about the CHRB. It seems like exactly what others have said in the past about the meetings of the CHRB; that it is a lot of talk about doing this or that and then back to doing business as usual.
    So they don’t want to set the rules or standards. The CHRB wants to let the industry determine how many track veterinarians they should have on duty.
    It doesn’t sound like they want to stick their necks out to rock the boat, so to speak.

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