Filly Euthanized Where She Lay

The Equibase note for Moochie in the 6th this afternoon at Laurel: “MOOCHIE vied
towards the rail, gained a short lead leaving the far turn, raced in the two path battling between horses past the five sixteenths, lost her rider after sustaining
an injury near the quarter pole and was euthanized on the track.” And just like that another young (two) life snuffed. This is horseracing.

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  1. My god, is there anything worse than horse racing? (Anything still legal, anyway?) Breaking down a baby girl on one coast; infecting HUNDREDS of track workers on another, and refusing to acknowledge either event? These people are lower than low, and I don’t just mean the Stronach Group and their PR and legal teams. Everyone still involved in this sick game can lay claim to some direct responsibility for this bloody boondoggle known as the Sport of Kings.
    I shudder to think how much worse it’s going to get for horses AND humans before it finally goes away for good.

  2. Owned by … No Guts No Glory Farms.
    Having a really hard time finding the glory in this. They should be ashamed.

    • No Guts No Glory Farms…it’s not their GUTS spilled though, is it. These Neanderthal abusers make me sick.

  3. A two year old horse’s leg and ankle bones aren’t even mature yet let alone able to withstand the beating of running under the whip over and over and over without fracturing. Disgusting excuse of an animal killing ‘sport’ for blood money. And majority wind up in kill pens being trucked to slaughter in CN and Mexico illegally because these breeders and owners aren’t supposed to let that happen. But it’s ALL HIDDEN from the public. I’ve been reading about drones seeking out animals after natural disasters to find and rescue them. When’s someone going to fly drones over stables and kill pens to better document thoroughbreds being sold and trucked to slaughter? Ditto with these criminal BLM wild horse round ups. The problem isn’t wild horses it’s ranchers and CATTLE welfare grazing on public lands that are supposed to be for the wild horses.

    • I think the money received from selling grazing permits to cattle ranchers is a higher priority to the BLM than upholding the laws to protect free roaming Mustangs.

      I was just reading some information about bucked shins online. It is a crying shame what the people do to horses in racing. It takes extremely cold, callous people to knowingly and repeatedly force young, underdeveloped colts and filles to run fast while carrying over one-hundred pounds on their backs.
      All of the richest people in the horse racing industry must be terminated from all corporate welfare. That would include the Stronach Group!!!! Being terminated from all government funding would eliminate millions of dollars from being used as purse money. There would be fewer and fewer races held for horses to be entered into and bet on. The public outcry needs to be louder than the whining of these demented professional horse killers!!!!!

  4. Horse racing is horse killing. Horse racing is despicable!!!! Horseracing must be terminated from public funds/ government subsidies/ corporate welfare. The Stronach Group needs to have criminal charges brought against them as far as I am concerned.

  5. She (Moochie), the BABY(2), really had some “star power”, in her pedigree, I see Elusive Quality,and Dayjur, on the female side. What a sin…Moochie was just a baby, just starting life.

  6. Repulsive, obscene, despicable and unacceptable.
    Just take it all and throw it in a manure pile where it belongs,.

  7. And…again today, race 9. I strongly suspect May On the Run is dead. Looking at her PPs, it’s incredible she wasn’t killed off six races ago. She clearly had no business being anywhere near a racetrack.

    All that Stronach Safety strikes again.

    • Kelly , she hardly made it out of the gate. Bumped and then the legs went
      Still on all fours but was stopped

  8. At one time, like most people, I believed, just as this morally bankrupt business successfully portrays itself as caring for the horses and doing right by them.
    However, once I became more involved and common sense prevailed I realized nothing could be further from the truth.

    Racing is not any better than dog fighting. The main difference Is racing is still legal…

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