“Suffered a Catastrophic Injury Near the Quarter Pole”

In the 8th at Parx yesterday afternoon, Barcode, says the chartwriter, “suffered a catastrophic injury near the quarter pole”; he was, I can confirm, euthanized. Barcode was six years old, and this was his 34th time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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  1. The kill lists.
    The whips.
    The corruption while getting millions in taxpayers money and/or casino profits.
    Needles in and out of their jugular veins, muscles, joints and whatever crevice they can find.
    The kill pens full of unwanted racehorses, and the subsequent bleeding out on the slaughterhouse floors.
    All of this for an unnecessary gambling venue that has no place in any civilized society.
    I hope for the day that racehorses like Barcode no longer die for gambling bets.

  2. There were only 3 tracks running yesterday, and they still couldn’t go a day without at least one death! (There will probably be another one from Remington Park but of course they are only saying that one was vanned off!) only 3 tracks and probably 2 deaths. Pathetic. And apologists are ok with this, all for the almighty dollar

    • Looks like another one today, race 10, preceded by some gate carnage in race 9.
      Poor, poor Parx! They just can’t catch a break, can they? They’re about to lose most of their horse-killing funds from the Pennsylvania taxpayers — who kinda need the money for a few things that don’t involve mangling animals for degenerate gamblers’ entertainment. So their response is to force a string of horse kills that puts even Los Alamitos to shame? Good work, racing creeps! You’re really convincing us now.

    • And, again today! The geniuses at Indiana Grand just vanned off some poor soul in something called the “To (sic) Much Coffee Stakes.” This time, though, the chartwriter used the word “eventually” — instead of the requisite “subsequently” — to describe the timing of the van-off. Clever.

      • Operation Stevie (the horse name)listed as last on the order of finish for that ridiculous named race.

      • Thanks, Nancy. More like Operation Secrecy.
        Eight years old, 62 starts, earned these current monsters almost 3/4 of a mil., but that just wasn’t enough,
        was it? Notice their announcer is too busy bragging about today’s handle on Twitter to acknowledge poor Stevie’s probable breakdown. Same with their production manager. Are they keeping zipped-up just like they do for our friend, Maggi Moss, when her horses get killed there, too?

  3. Gina, as you know, it was that god awful day in March 2018, at Aqueduct NY, that got me involved in this site and cause. I will never let his death,or any of these majestic horses deaths be in vain…never. I will forever champion HORSES,because, they are worth it.

  4. Yes, it is, sickeningly. An industry like this can’t be reformed, it can only be done away all together!

  5. Horseracing and child pornography are both immoral. They are both wrong and the criminals engaged in both need to be locked up!!!!!!!!!!!!

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