A Kill at Ellis

This from the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, 1st race at Ellis, August 28: “Market Garden was pulled up quickly shortly past the finish and required the assistance of the KHRC veterinarians who attended to the horse and loaded him into the horse ambulance. Right hind, closed, comminuted, biaxial sesamoid fractures, comminuted; tearing of the sesamoidian ligaments and failure of the suspensory apparatus. The decision was made to euthanize due to the extent of his injuries.”

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  1. MARKET GARDEN suffered in utter pain and agony while the people regard the barbaric abuse as part of the game. This game needs to be shut-down and these barbaric horse abusers should be put in jail for their criminal actions!!!!!!

  2. Imagine the sheer pain and fear this poor soul had to endure. But hey, his “loving” connections made just over $42,000 off of him. Next in line! Disgusting human beings!

    • Andrea, I don’t know how these people involved in this sleazy evil can live with themselves. I’m sure NONE of them have a CONSCIENCE. Blood money is what it is. VILE. Hope they ALL rot.

      • Bonnie, I ask myself the same question over and over and over again and I am unable to come up with an answer. These are not people, they belong to a wicked category reserved solely for the likes of them. Same category as murderers, pedophiles, criminals in general. The poor horses just fall prey to unfathomable evil. No conscience, no heart no soul just an empty, evil void.

  3. As COVID is surging around the country- why do we even have horse racing? What about it is considered necessary? There’s absolutely no social distancing regardless if they have their non- existent “fans” at the track or not, and when watching races, many participants aren’t wearing masks, and even if they are, many are wearing them incorrectly. Thank goodness some states are finally realizing this is all unnecessary and starting to shut down tracks again.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if the richest people in the racing industry get the vaccine before “the less fortunate” in our country.

    • EXACTLY. Peggy. Why is this silly nonsense going on during this scourge of unimaginable death?????

    • Golden Gate Fields has extended its shut down to at least the end of November because a “substantial amount of COVID positives” have been found on the backside. Gee, wonder why that is?

      • I wonder what kind of an education the children of the workers on the backside of the racetracks are getting, especially during this time of huge increases in the numbers of people testing positive for COVID-19. It’s bad all over and “distance learning” is most likely more challenging to those people who do not have the luxury of the necessary computers and internet access.

  4. There’s that too, Wanda, but these grooms and backside workers are barely making minimum wage, with usually no health care coverage other than workman’s comp. So, if they become gravely ill, or need hospitalized because of this virus, there is no way they can cover their healthcare costs. We, as the non-racing public, are then paying for this also. It’s another level of pathetic in a multi billion dollar industry run by the wealthy and sheiks of the world,

    • A lot of people that have been sick and tested positive for COVID-19 just have to stay home and quarantine or be isolated. I can’t imagine what kind of living quarters the backside workers have to exist in because they don’t get paid enough to have decent housing. Sleeping in a stall or a tack room most of their lives would be substandard whether healthy or sick. Going to the hospital might not be an option for a lot of people regardless of their income bracket or insurance or lack of healthcare insurance now. CBS news reported that some hospitals are turning COVID positive people away. They don’t have adequate isolation rooms or Personal Protective Equipment for staff. A lot of people will just have to suffer through the illness in isolation at home or whatever kind of living quarters they have. Gov. Newsom was reported to have gone out to a gathering without a mask. He, of all people, knows better and he allegedly apologized.

      • In the most exclusive restaurant in California
        And apologies ways follow when your hand is in the cookie jar

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