New Day, Same Story

The Equibase note for 6-year-old Lucky Lorretta in the 3rd yesterday at Hawthorne: “stumbled badly at the start losing position to the field, switched out nearing upper stretch, fell to the track when suffering an apparent catastrophic injury and was subsequently vanned off the course.” I’ve yet to receive confirmation but odds are (overwhelmingly) she’s dead. Two races prior, the chartwriter had this to say about 4-year-old Riding the Train: “broke in the air causing his rider to momentarily be dislodged…drifted out…into the first turn while coming under correction, continued to race rank under restraint into the backstretch….” Last of 11, 19+ lengths back.

Also: We finally have word on Rebuff, a “broke down, fell, vanned off” in the 6th at Churchill November 5: She is dead. Of course. Rebuff was two years old – a babe; ’twas her very first time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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  1. It’s nauseating to read these horrible stories of horses breaking down but more and more people need to be armed with this knowledge to get horseracing and the killing of racehorses stopped.
    Reading that 4-year-old RIDING THE TRAIN “broke in the air…” was a very strange way of telling what happened during a race. I wonder what in the world happened there that was NOT explained, but the point is “horseracing is cruel and puts horses’ lives at risk!!!”
    Horseracing must be ended!!!

  2. Again, those in racing prove they’ll gladly make their mortally wounded “beloved family member” suffer MORE torture and MORE extended agony by loading and hauling their poor, injured horse prior to being destroyed. “Vanned off” sounds more hopeful to the uninformed. Plus, it gives “Lucky” Lorretta’s owners the ability to maintain the illusion that they’re not the common horse killers we know them to be.

    And, why do the chartwriters feel the need to use the term “subsequently” to qualify all the bad outcomes? Yeah, we know you didn’t van off your poor, mangled victim BEFORE her breakdown. We understand you didn’t “humanely” euthanize him BEFORE he became entangled in the starting gate, or BEFORE he shattered his skeleton in his horrific fall to the ground. Duh.

  3. Aqueduct race 8 horse number 2
    There may have been a problem. The outrider went galloping back after the horse was veering to the right and behind everyone. In the replay, Rosario going to the winner circle looked like activity around and down the track. So hopefully all is ok.

    • A problem? Nah. That was just those zany, horse-loving Engleharts doing what they do. I’m sure Bears Mafia is just fine, chillin’ in his spacious stall. Besides, the chartwriter says he was “SUBSEQUENTLY vanned off.” We only need to worry when they van ’em off BEFORE they race ’em to death.

  4. Joy, Bears Mafia, a beautiful Chestnut 😩😭. This is total b.s., and animal torture. Joy, it does seem to me.. that the gorgeous chestnut’s seem to suffer more than their share of “vanned off’s”. This evil 💩 show is what needs to be “put down”.

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