Vile: “Very Cool Horse,” “Kind, Tough Warrior” Dead

In the 9th at Churchill Thursday, Winning Impression, says Equibase, “took a bad step after the wire [and] broke down.” “Broke Down,” of course, is an age-old industry euphemism for dead. And indeed, the 3-year-old is. Nothing unusual there; what is, especially in Kentucky, is an early confirmation. (I would have eventually gotten that confirmation with my year-end FOIA request.) The reason the racing press is covering this particular kill: Winning’s most recent start came in none other than the Kentucky Derby in September. In other words, his death was noteworthy. Disgusting, but not half as disgusting as the excrement that (as usual) is flowing from his people.

Terry Finley of Winning’s co-owner West Point Thoroughbreds had this to say to BloodHorse: “Simply heartbroken for everyone involved with this very cool horse.” And, lamenting that this was Winning’s first race on turf: “He looked like he really loved the grass.” And then there’s this from Jeff Lifson, also of West Point:

What they will miss, of course, about their “kind, tough warrior” is the cash he brought in: In just 11 “career” races, Winning netted West Point, Pearl Racing (the other owner), and trainer Dallas Stewart over $100,000; even in death, he “won” the group $8,700 (Winning finished 3rd before taking that “bad step”). As I said, disgusting.


  1. And this poor guy had Unbridled Song as a grandsire. He is notorious for siring unsound horses. The greedy in this business don’t care if they perpetuate unsoundness. Use them up and spit them out. Like someone posted in Paulick Report, this was the same combination as the ill fated Payntermaniac, who also broke down.

  2. Vile, indeed!!! A beautiful and majestic horse, gone, all for these humans ‘love for the race’. Horseracing needs to end now, period!!! Rest in peace, ‘WINNING IMPRESSION’, my prayers and love go with you…

  3. As he was getting the daylights beaten out of him looks like the injury happened right before the finish line. Then really bad after crossing the line. Well good for you people. Enjoy your winnings. Too bad you have to pay the vet and the jockey.

    • Nancy…I could not HATE these scumbags in this ‘sport’ more. I hope they all go to hell. That is where they belong!

      • Bonnie…you and Joy love the chestnuts. I am partial to the grays so this just hit me the very wrong way.

  4. Too bad Terry Finley couldn’t have done anything positive with his life…instead of THIS slaughter show. Shame on you.

  5. You know ME , Nancy! Speaking of chestnut’s.. I used to love how California Chrome would only exit the van going out backwards 🤣😂. I’m VERY upset about this beautiful grey,he’s by Paynter,out of the Awesome Again line, which I admire. Peggy is very correct about Both Unbridled Song & Into Mischief, being “suspect”!!!!! It’s ALL too sad.

    • Speaking of, Bonnie, I just came across a story that Instagrand, a son of Into Mischief, is going to stud in 2021, for a $7500 fee.
      This is after he sustained a sesamoid fracture and had to have surgery to fix it.

      • Peggy, this “going to stud” is becoming the BIGGEST joke. Everyone and their grandmother is “going to stud”. Most of them have not much of a resume.

    • Bonnie, remember when Paynter was so sick and he made it!!! And Chrome was so much fun to follow. But he is who knows where now. And yes knowing everyone here and the ultimate goal is so amazing.

  6. This is so horrible! It is inhumane; cruel, sadistic, barbaric!!!! What part of “animal abuse” can these creeps not understand!?! This horse is beautiful!!!! But, even if he was not beautiful, it is still inhumane to force any horse to run so hard and fast that it brings about such suffering to the horse!!!! These demented people do not care about the horse as a sentient being. They only care about the horse as a moneymaker, as an investment. Horseracing creeps are vile, depraved individuals!!!!!

  7. Bonnie, it’s all about the number of disposable horses available to choose from for the “big” races such as the Kentucky Derby and the Breeders’ Cup so-called “championship” races. The individual horses are exploited and expendable as we see in these reports of horses maimed and killed everyday. It is such a vile industry. The people involved in horse racing are absolutely evil to do what they do to these horses!!!!

    • Wanda, they are creating new life,not so they can respect and treat them lovingly like they DESERVE, but , just to breed to make money for the farms. Scumbags don’t care about the horses lives,it’s all about what can they do for them. VILE,VILE,VILE!!!!!!!!!! Every human involved in this Ponzi scheme is beyond contempt AND pure evil. They need to get a life,and find a REAL job.

      • They’re so criminal that they should have a job making little rocks out of big rocks…

  8. The falseness of these phony charlatans is deafening. Gorgeous WI you are another victim of this disgusting industry. Your life was cut short and you were betrayed in the most horrific way The fight for you and your buddies continues.

  9. And, speaking of big, grey geldings about to be killed:

    They’re getting ready to TRY and run Richard’s Boy at Remington tonight in a $15k Claiming Race(!) For those who think, “Eh. No biggie,” I’d like to point out that he’s a MILLIONAIRE stakes-winning horse, Eight years old, Forty-something races, at all the “elite” tracks and “elite” owners and “elite” trainers and “elite” jockeys. Hasn’t raced in TEN MONTHS, so some generous benefactor named Clark Brewster decided he needs to make a few more bucks off Richard’s Boy. Oh, and if all that’s not bad enough, he’s currently back in “training” with Mr. Wonderful himself, Steve Asmussen.
    I’m sure all his former loving connections are so, so proud of how far he’s come in the kind and wonderful world of horse racing.

    • Ugh, he came in second. That’s the second worst thing that could have happened to him:(

      • Wow! I’d forgotten about that exchange. And that was over a year ago, yet you (and others) were pleading even then for Richard’s Boy to be retired. Thanks, Billy.

      • Billy,
        I remember you asking the owner of RICHARD’S BOY to retire him from racing. Obviously, he has raced him anyway. It shows on Equibase that RICHARD’S BOY has been raced 3 (three) times in 2020.

        KELLY, thank you for the update on RICHARD’S BOY. If a person followed the logic of his owner, Clark Brewster, you would be fool enough to think that a horse could “spontaneously combust” if left out on pasture to live a more normal life. Mr. Brewster could roundup cows on his farm/ranch riding RICHARD’S BOY If he wanted to. Obviously, putting the horse’s life at an extreme risk of catastrophic injury and death in a $15,000 claiming race (are you kidding me?) is much more appealing to Clark Brewster, attorney. To top off the criminal insanity, he hires Steven M. Asmussen as the trainer of a gelding foaled in 2012. I can only wonder what drugs “the feed companies are putting in the horse feed” especially regarding RICHARD’S BOY…[sarcasm]!!!

    • Clark Brewster, an attorney who quickly defends the multiple doping violators and racehorse killers, has been using, abusing, dumping, claiming, flipping, and killing racehorses for years.
      The horses that he claims, who are obviously struggling to flip another buck for him, get claimed from him and subsequently snap a leg-off under a new owner doesn’t exonerate him from the Kill Lists – not in any way, shape or form as he seems to claim.
      Yet, he had the audacity to come on here and lament about how much he “loves” his horses.
      The typical proverbial smut coming from a racehorse apologist.
      Clark Brewster is the likes of Maggi Moss – both delusional pro-horse racing apologists who support, defend and participate in this vile business.
      Clark if you’re reading this: SHAME ON YOU for putting RICHARD’S BOY back into training and racing.
      Shame on all of those “elite” rich owners who made millions off this racehorse who ran his ass-off for all you pathetic losers.
      While your grassy paddocks on your million dollar farms in Kentucky sit empty, PAID FOR BY RACEHORSES LIKE RICHARD’S BOY, you sit and watch this horse suffer and to be abused for another round of abuse that will eventually lead to his death on the track if somebody doesn’t step up.
      If Clark Brewster “loved” racehorses so much than he would have did the right thing, retired RB to Old Friends or to his own farm in Oklahoma.
      As we all know, doing the right thing is not part of the moral equation of these racehorse apologists – it’s rare so that when somebody actually does the right thing the racehorse publications exclaim it all over the front pages of their websites because it’s such a rarity.
      As for Westpoint? They are the same. They’re all the same.
      In order to stay in this game you must participate in the daily abusive business practices (doping, maiming, dumping, killing) with not one ounce of remorse.
      As far as I’m concerned Westpoint has, probably, filed an equine insurance claim on their “tough warrior” like all the other racehorses that have died under suspicious circumstances for these exploiters.
      With every revolting death and stories like this I pledge to be a “tough warrior” for the racehorses, to be a voice for them and to educate the unsuspecting public every chance I get.

  10. What a spectacularly beautiful horse he was. And, he died for WHAT ? I’ll tell you… he died for a bunch of selfish low-life losers.

  11. If I would be fortunate to have a beautiful horse like this one, I would never let it take part in a dangerous race.

  12. The fact that they would call a 3 yr old “a warrior” says all you need to know about them….. A 3 yr old is just a baby…not even full grown yet……..not a “warrior”..

  13. Once again, the so-called owners and trainers spout nothing but s**t out of their mouths….we love our horses, we will miss our horses, blah blah blah….yea right, you love them enough to kill them and so obviously ENJOY the very fact that most will get killed..NO, you love your filthy, stinking money even more than the innocent, defenseless horses that put that money into your fat-assed pockets. May Karma find you some day and repay you tenfold for the abuse, torture and death that you inflict onto the horses.

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