With Kill Today at Golden Gate, California Stands at 90 Dead on the Year

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, California Racing kills another. Duchamp, four, went down training at Golden Gate today. He becomes the 90th dead racehorse at California tracks this year. On the other coast, New York is at 87. How proud for these two supposedly progressive states. Vile.

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  1. Well, at least Golden Gate Fields is still ADMITTING to two of their recent training kills. All the other Cali tracks have ceased having ANY of them at all — or so they claim — with a whole lot of help from the CHRB and its highly-scientific new Dead Horse Reporting System. It’s worked wonders! No, really. The sudden drop in their death numbers (starting on Sept. 1st, when they implemented the fabulous new system) is nothing short of MIRACULOUS. Especially for Santa Anita, who, let’s face it, kinda got a raw deal last year when the press and the public pounced on them for no good reason at all;)

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