50 – Count Them, 50 – Kills at Belmont This Year

Having reported on death #48 at Belmont Park just yesterday, today I give you two more. Unbridled Mischief, Monday – “horse sustained multiple fractures while breezing at the 3/16 pole…euthanized on track.” Red Ice, Tuesday – euthanized for unspecified reasons. Unbridled was three, Red Ice ten.

50 horses killed in just 10 1/2 months at this, one of America’s premier racetracks. For gambling. It is cruelty. It is carnage. It is madness. Tell them, please:

Governor Cuomo
Senator Schumer
Senator Gillibrand
Assembly Speaker Heastie
Majority Leader Cousins
“Domestic Animal Welfare” Committee
NYS State Senators


  1. Another Into Mischief baby.
    I read an article in the Paulick Report that is bragging that “deaths are down” in most Mid Atlantic tracks, EXCEPT for the NYRA tracks.
    Why is it a celebration that DEATHS ARE DOWN?? Why is it acceptable to have ANY deaths?? How is a deadly industry considered a “sport”?
    The article also mentioned that West Virginia is behind in changes for safety, and that they “hope” that West Virginia will eventually get on board. How pathetic.

    • I believe it was at a West Virginia racetrack that is on a video showing a certain racetrack “official” telling the camera crew to stop filming and to leave. If they had nothing to hide, why would they want anyone to stop filming and leave the racetrack grounds??? This filming was not a pro–racing public relations film. It was meant to expose the reality of the cruelty to horses in racing especially at this one particular track.

      • And Wanda ..West Virginia always reminds us of the Bridget Moloney story. Not guilty to dumping her in a garbage dump racing socks and all.

    • Yes, Nancy. That was illegal dumping of a deceased racehorse in a public landfill, from what I read online. I don’t know if anyone got fined for that or not, for sure. It was one more way of exposing their own cold-hearted and callous mentality towards horses. It’s visible proof that horses are expendable to racing participants.

  2. Oh, Belmont. When are you gonna learn? You’ve got to stop admitting to all these kills. Don’t you want to be just like your buddies on the west coast? They’ve magically ELIMINATED Training deaths in California — as well as most Racing and Other horse deaths, too. Just like that.
    Why don’t y’all ask ’em the secret to their sudden success? I’m sure they’ll be happy to share their methods. In the interest of horse safety, and all. You’re welcome.

  3. Unbridled Mischief sired by Into Mischief was ‘bred in the purple’ as they say in racing. This filly was foaled in March 2017. According to Equibase, UM is owned by Bridlewood Farm. UM at 3 1/2 years of age had only two (2) race starts which is most unusual because the vast majority of racehorses begin racing at 2 years of age (and that’s not from the foaling date – the industry assesses birthday as being in January – some horses are racing under 24 months of age).
    Her first start was in August 2020 and second start in October and she placed 2nd in both races at Monmouth. She then breaks down in trackwork training suffering multiple fractures. Not for one minute do I believe that UM was fit for the stress of racing, otherwise they would’ve started her at 2.
    So, why the delay?
    Of course we’ll never know because her owner is under no legal obligation to produce veterinary records and rest assured this filly would’ve been thoroughly checked out given her breeding, her career in racing and potential for the breeding barn.

    • According to Equibase, Unbridled Mischief was auctioned at Keeneland as a yearling in 2018 for $600,000. I would be very surprised if her owner had not taken out an insurance policy on her.

      • If there was anything wrong, that is to say “extra special wrong” with this filly, UNBRIDLED MISCHIEF, as you pointed out, Carolyn, just knowing that she was auctioned off at KEENELAND should be anyone’s clue.

    • And, Carolyn. ANOTHER 2-year-old filly by Into Mischief was killed last week in her very first start:
      REBUFF fell, was vanned off in race 6 last Thursday at Churchill. But of course, everybody’s keeping hush-hush about her horror, because her big brother was about to go out and win the Bleeders’ Cup Classic. Didn’t want to draw attention to the barbaric death of his baby sister right before his Special Day.
      (It’s too bad for those in racing that Juddmonte Farms’ Fan Club (yes, that is a real thing) screwed up and announced Rebuff’s death on their FB page.)

      • Please read the info on the PR regarding Smokey (American Pharoah’s pony companion). He is being (sold) and the people responding to the news are very concerned where he’ll end up. Another example of love like family…oh I forgot to add this was a big part AP ‘s trainer’s phony baloney persona

  4. Red Ice only raced once and was a DNF and that was six years ago. He was euthanized for unspecified reasons? This sounds like an insurance job. Where is the investigation.

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