“Sustained Injury to It Legs, Euthanized on the Track” – Belmont Now at 48 Dead

Belmont Park, already home to 47 dead racehorses this year, has killed again. Beautiful Amaila, a 3-year-old filly who had been put to the whip four times, went down training November 5. Beyond that (quotidian) wickedness, the disclosure (from the Gaming Commission) itself merits a look:

“Beautiful Amailia: sustained injury to it legs euthanized on the track”

First, they spelled her name wrong. Second, they refer to her, a fully sentient being, as an “it” (and can’t even get the grammar right, at that). And third, given that she was euthanized where she lay, why are we only now – one week later – hearing about it? “Love them like their own children”? “Like a death in the family”? Please.

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  1. If that’s love, I’ll take HATE! You don’t exploit and criminally abuse that which you love. Where are the legislators in these pathetic states? Surely they must be aware of the carnage. How do Americans justify this horror?

  2. Looks like the “writer” couldn’t decide between the possessive pronoun (its) and the contraction (it’s) so he/she split the difference and stuck with “it.” Wrong on all counts, Mr./Ms.Blood Sport Bureaucrat. Next time (in other words, tomorrow, when you have to report your next horse kill), just ask someone who’s smart.
    Whoops. Never mind; I just remembered y’all work in horse racing. Scratch that;)

  3. They say ‘injury to it legs’ (just to emphasise ‘legs’ plural) which tells me that it is likely that this innocent young filly suffered a catastrophic injury to both her forelegs and it’s also likely that BEAUTIFUL AMAILIA broke both her knees.
    It is of course possible that cause of injury to more than one leg could’ve been related to her fetlocks, cannon bones, pasterns, shoulders, etc.
    Her excruciating pain, shock, trauma and fear is too terrible to imagine.
    What a gruesome sight it must’ve been.
    And it goes without saying that the people there on Belmont Park track dismissed her death as business as usual.

  4. Only a matter of semantics it/its -leg/legs who cares as long as the message comes across as a semi clear one- they killed yet another baby horse! And hey, why take the time to spell her name correctly? After all, it’s “just” another dead horse and we’re busy keeping up with the killings. Right? Whoever the heck you are? You pathetic, heartless, dense MORON.

    • One of these a while ago did not even remember the NAME of the horse they were lamenting over right after he was euthanized

      • Was this in Florida? Because they don’t have to report shit if they don’t want to there. I think all racing scum should take up residence in Florida. Kinda like Jorge Navarro’s doing right now. They have no real racing commission, so there’s no so-called regulators. That’s much of why the Stronach Group is so “successful” at Gulfstream Park. They’ve broken down/vanned off TWO horses in their last TWO days, forcing them to run on a mucky, sloppy, nasty track. But they don’t have to try to remember their victims’ names, or whether they’re even alive, because it’s a horse-killing free-for-all in the Sunshine State.

  5. unfortunately the owners/trainers rely on the Insurance Claims to supplement income on the horses who will not cut the mustard on the track and of whom they can not sell for a competitive dollar as breeding stock at the sales. it is the insurance Companies who need to put more into the research of the “accidents”.

  6. Patrick love your comment ” Love them like their own children”. I’ve been around the racetrack for 50 years I can honestly say most trainers lie to the public,to their owners and to their help regarding these beautiful animals. Unfortunately race horses are just a commodity once their usefulness is over throw them away like trash. Evil, evil people. I hope Karma catches up to them all..

    • Beverley,
      Horseracing is inherently cruel WORLDWIDE. This blog is usually reporting on horse racing in the USA. Patrick has also reported occasionally on catastrophic injuries and deaths of horses in other countries such as Australia and Japan. If you go back to previous blog posts, you will find them eventually. There is also a horse in Canada that was raced 157 times. His name is EIGHTY EIGHT and he is 14-years-old. His last recorded race was on September 27, 2020.

      • True, Nancy. He was not competitive. He came in last several lengths behind all other horses in the races he was entered in and forced to run. I guess they needed/wanted him to fill out a race card. Maybe there was a payout to the owner-trainer through the casino; I don’t know that for sure.

  7. Of course the owners and trainers ‘love’ their horses…..yea, love them when they’re winning races and money, love them when they produce promising foals, love them all the way to retirement….oh sorry, all the way to the slaughterhouse. Money, money, money is the only thing that these vile people love as they certainly do NOT give a damn about the horse’s lives that they destroy on a daily basis.

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