A Kill at Los Al – That Makes 9 Since “New Safety Plan” Went Into Effect

Celtic Miracle was “vanned off” the track after the 5th at Los Alamitos Friday. We now know (CHRB) that the filly was vanned to her death. Los Alamitos, you might remember, was placed on “probation” back in July for what was, at the time, a toll of 30 kills since the first of the year. Since coming off that “probation” – when their “new safety plan” was approved – nine more horses have lost their lives. (The current 2020 tally is 41; two horses died whilst probation was going into effect.) That’s nine kills in just about three months. Boy, have they solved their problems, or what? Vile.

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  1. Rest in peace CELTIC MIRACLE🙏💔💔💔💔💔
    #endhorseracing at all tracks including Los Alamitos…

    • Hi, Carleen,
      Who isn’t paying attention? Glad you asked.

      – Doc Allred (owner of Los Al) and his Merry Gang of Horse Killing Monsters,

      – The California Horse Racing Board, especially their Equine Medical Director, Dr. Rick Arthur (who knows better than anyone that this has been one of the SAFEST years Los Al has ever had in its long, bloody history.)

      – Governor Gavin Newsom, who SEEMED shocked and outraged by all of the SADT deaths last year — even saying, at one point, “Horse racing? Talk about a sport whose time has come…” — but has since been SILENT about all the carnage that’s occurred since.

      – The Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register: The two SoCal dailies that SHOULD be sending real reporters to cover the Los Al Shitstorm, asking questions, conducting interviews, researching who’s paying for silence and cover-ups, etc., BUT WON’T.

      – The Veterinary “professionals” at Los Al, including those who were hired exclusively to conduct pre-race exams in the futile, fleeting hope of somehow saving a single horse’s life.

      – The Bettors, who can’t be pulled away from their all-consuming addiction long enough to see how they’ve contributed directly to all these horses’ deaths — as well as the permanent paralysis of a young jockey — this year alone.

      That’s about all I’ve come up with this time. Carry on, sports fans;(

    • Yes! Horseracing is putting horses at HIGH RISK OF INJURIES AND DEATHS regardless of any safety rules!!!!! Regardless of whether or not those safety rules are being followed or not, the racing participants are continuing to do business and obviously killing horses is part of their business. It’s a so-called game to these people.

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