The NYRA Killing Machine Keeps Rolling Along

Golden Zapper was killed today while training at Belmont. He was but two years old and being prepped for his debut. This is horseracing.

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  1. Oh, Come on! Take a freaking break, Randi, you soulless killing machine. Lucky for you and your brethren of demented sociopaths, the NYRA is just gonna keep extending your Livelihood of Bloody Destruction for as long as you care to enjoy it.
    The rest of us will just keep reminding them and the public what they’re facilitating.

    • Thank you for making me feel better. After typing realize the error. You are sooo funny Kelly. Your commitment and comments are first class.

    • Laraine, that had to be horrifying to see such an unnecessary and abusive catastrophic injury and death of a two-year-old Thoroughbred!!!

    • Laraine, I know it’s not much of a comfort, but we can at least know that Golden Zapper (a baby, in every sense of the word) was put down pretty quickly after his fatal injury. New York still reports its training kills. But if you lived in California, across from, say, Santa Anita, or Del Mar, or (god forbid) Los Alamitos, you would have witnessed him being mangled, then loaded, then NEVER TO BE HEARD FROM AGAIN.
      The uber-credible CHRB has convinced itself that they don’t have to report ANY horse deaths that don’t occur directly on track property. Their super-humane Equine Medical Director even explained the “highly scientific” process at their last meeting. In short, take a catastrophically-injured, mortally wounded racehorse, put the suffering animal in the van, then DRIVE AWAY from the property. That’s it. The CHRB washes its bloody hands of him or her, at least as far as the public is concerned.
      They’re so honest and transparent, those neutral. non-industry-affiliated CHRB members, aren’t they?

      • Kelly, don’t all of the members of the California Horse Racing Board own racehorses? I think that’s what you meant when you (sarcastically) referred to them as 1) neutral, 2) non-industry-affiliated CHRB MEMBERS…
        You nailed it, again, Kelly!!!

      • Not necessarily anymore, Wanda. After the SADT Disaster AND the Justify Debacle, a bunch of ’em bailed out because the fire was getting a little too hot. Winner, Auerbach, Baedeker and a couple others bounced. And their replacements, for the most part, have had fewer obvious conflicts of interest. But the reconfigured CHRB is still following in the footsteps of their predecessors in every way: Rule 1 is cover up your favoritism. Rule 2 is cover up your horse killings.
        Meet the new Kings; same as the old Kings, I think.

  2. I live next to belmonts training track and saw the whole thing today it was heartbreaking to see him struggle it took awhile for him to get on the ambulance. I knew it was the end for him

    • Laraine, could you see which part of GOLDEN ZAPPER was injured? I am assuming he had a broken leg, but I don’t know what his injuries were.

      • It was his front leg. They loaded him in the ambulance and took him i think back to the barn. Not sure if he went to the ruffian equine center.but outcome you could see was not going to be good. Sorry I spelled his name wrong

      • Thank you, Laraine. I didn’t even notice you misspelled his name until now. Thanks for your input. What a horrible thing to witness! I hope this nightmare of horseracing can be ended soon!

  3. Because the horse is a prey animal he tries to stay on his feet and will struggle to get back up – he is terrified, and rightly so because he is surrounded by worst of predators.

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