Another Kill on Breeders’ Cup Day – But This One No One Will Hear About

In the 7th at Mahoning yesterday, “GIOVANTE…suffered a catastrophic injury…and was euthanized” (Equibase). This, remember, is the same day Absolutely Aiden went down at the Breeders’ Cup in Kentucky. But while the media – racing and mainstream alike – was flooded with stories of AA, there will be nary a mention of Giovante. For you see: Mahoning is a low-rent racino; Keeneland is one of America’s crown jewels. Giovante perished in a cheap ($4,000) “claiming” race, Absolutely Aiden in a $150,000 “stakes” race. Giovante was a 6-year-old gelding with but $34,000 “career” earnings; Absolutely Aiden was a 4-year-old colt (meaning he was being preserved for the post-racing breeding shed) who was averaging almost $20,000 every time out. What’s more, it’s “prayers and condolences” for the one, angrily discarded betting tickets for the other. Not here, however. Here, these poor, poor animals are equal in every way.


  1. Patrick, thanks to you and your efforts, I am one of those “nobodies” that does hear about GIOVANTE. Also, since I don’t follow horse racing in the same way that many here do, I did not hear about ABSOLUTELY AIDEN except through this blog. Thank you for uncovering the undeniable truth about the cold and callous exploitation of racing Thoroughbreds, as well as Standardbreds and running Quarter Horses.

  2. Absolutely heart breaking to read about these two racehorses!!! Yes, they were both bred only for horseracing, but died in the same manner of these evil humans that only want to make money off of these horses. Thank you, Patrick, for all you do for these racehorses. To tell their stories, their lives, and their deaths is hard to do. You are their voice. Horse racing needs to end, now. Rest in peace, GIOVANTE and ABSOLUTELY AIDEN..

  3. Well, in true horse racing fashion, the Killers Cup does it again! I know we were all hoping for these poor horses to come out alive but nope..instead more “accidents”. Yes, they are ALL the same and their lives and deaths equally horrific. Two more beautiful, amazing creatures dead! For nothing but cheap entertainment. RIP AA and Giovante. We will keep fighting for you and your buddies.
    But “good news” everyone…after Maximum Security’s less than desirable “performance” in the Bleeders Cup, he was vanned… to a farm where he will begin his stud “duty” next year. Yet Baffert is wishing him a “happy retirement”!!!??? The wickedness if these psychopaths knows no boundaries.

      • I suppose not, Nancy but hey, maybe they’ll van him to the stud farm too…as a retirement “ bonus”. Wicked humans!!!
        And this from Teflon Bob re:Authentic after the BC win “ “He just struggled that day,(Preakness) “but we got him back and I’ve got a great team and we just tightened the screws on him.”- guess what “tighten the screws” means…sickening to the core.

    • Right, Andrea, MAXIMUM SECURITY could eventually drop to the ground and not be able to get up again on his own as ARROGATE did. A champion racehorse retired to stud and died at the age of 7 years. These Thoroughbreds are doomed.

      • They really are, Wanda! From the second they are foaled…my heart breaks for each and every one of them

      • Nancy, thanks for the updates. It will be interesting (and sad) to see how things turn out for these horses (MAXIMUM SECURITY, TIZ THE LAW, AUTHENTIC) in their so-called retirement from racing and starting their second career. The pro-racing crowd calls this form of slavery and exploitation of Thoroughbreds a “second career” but the horses are still slaves to the racing participants and industry, as you know.

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