A Kill at Keeneland on Breeders’ Cup Weekend

In the 2nd race at Keeneland today – part of the Breeders’ Cup weekend – Absolutely Aiden “suffered an injury and fell…then was vanned off.” The 4-year-old colt is, we now know, dead: “humane euthanasia was in the best interest of the horse,” said a statement from the track. By virtue of the setting – the richest two days in horseracing – and given what has befallen this industry over the past year – heightened scrutiny in the wake of Santa Anita – this kill will undoubtedly be all over the media. What won’t be mentioned, however, is that this happens to multiple horses on American tracks every single day. And that, in every way possible, is an outrage.

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  1. Not only is this cold and callous exploitation of a Thoroughbred an outrage, but the news media is covering the news of the VOTE COUNT and who won PENNSYLVANIA today, November 7, 2020. For some people following the political races, I think horseracing news will take a back seat, so to speak. There is not too much new about that really though. Horse Racing News always takes a back seat to the people that don’t follow Horse Racing.
    That b***s*** line about what is in “the best interest of the horse” is an outrage!!!! Reading that pro-racing public relations crapola makes me extremely angry!!!! It p****s me off!!!! Hey, I’m not done feeling obnoxious about it!!!

  2. Congrats, AGAIN, Bleeders’ Cup officials! You’ve proven to the world what we already knew:

    You can’t keep these horses alive, even on your biggest day, with your most stringent “safety” protocols, and even with a hundred veterinary “professionals” monitoring every step they make. Hell, throw a thousand vets at each horse. You’ll still have your famous Bloodbath at the Bleeders’ Cup, each year. Why?

    BECAUSE YOU’VE BRED THEM TO BREAK DOWN, you demented monsters.

    • And, Kelly, in spite of the irresponsible breeding, many horses defy the odds and continue to be abused in the low level claiming ranks until they wind up in the slaughter pens. The horses are doomed – breakdown or slaughter.
      That cruel sad fact alone tells everything one needs to know about the moral fiber of racing. Add that to the rampant corruption and you have a business that should be legally and morally unacceptable.

  3. Race 2 was the only one “not available” on the 12 race card for replay.
    Baffert horses really cleaned up today
    Back to Southern Cal with a wealth of future ops right???

  4. The racing industry, fans, supporters, and apologists make themselves very clear that only the “elite” horses are worthy of press, condolences to “connections” and their own sad emoji faces when they break down and die. The countless “cheap claimers” get nothing from any of them when they’re killed.

    • And then there are the racing-employed who don’t even MENTION the broken-down horse…such as Director of NTRA Communications Alicia Hughes who tweeted (after Absolutely Aiden was injured, fell and vanned off); “sounds like Tyler Gaffalione, David Cohen, Chris Landeros [jockeys involved in the incident] are body sore but OK.” She followed that up with another tweet that they’d all been “cleared by first aid.” Not a word about Absolutely Aiden…until she was asked. Yea, they really love those horses, don’t they?

      • Wait, another one whose job depends on equine slave labor – Marty McGee (DRF) – tweeted about the jockeys involved in Absolutely Aiden’s catastrophic injury and fall, as well – and not one mention of the dead horse from McGee. One response was “thank god that happened on the undercard and not on NBC.” Someone did ask about the horses…crickets.

      • What a demented and callous thing to say, “thank god that happened on the undercard and not on NBC.” In other words, they think their image wasn’t tarnished? It is not exactly a secret that these rich barbarians kill horses, but forcing horses to run to the horse’s detriment and eventual death on NBC supposedly would expose the demented character of these rich, sadistic barbarians? Maybe it would be too much trouble to have to hire Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Bramlage to make up a contorted “explanation” of how it wasn’t anybody’s fault that the horse was forced to run to the point of catastrophic injury which necessitated euthanasia. These horseracing participants have proven themselves to be disgusting on all levels of depravity.

      • Joy ,the horse Ortiz was riding (Engage) had to be be eased up because he made contact with poor Aidan fallen on the track. And no one mentioned this whole horror at all like you said. Just sweep under the turf like “oh well”.

  5. Hey now. But Kate Upton was there every few minutes on NBC with her big hat and her big…uh hum…..smile. Isn’t that what is important?

  6. According to Merriam Webster, euthanasia comes from the Greek word euthanatos that means “easy death”. Then they throw in the word “humane” which seems superfluous, but has a good PR connotation.
    But the death of Absolutely Aiden was neither HUMANE or EASY.
    As for “the best interest of the horse”, that was violated the day he was slated for racing!

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