Progress? With Latest Kill at Golden Gate, California Counts 88 Dead on the Year

In the 5th yesterday at Golden Gate, Look At My Hooves, says the chartwriter, “was seriously injured after the race and had to be vanned off.” We now know (CHRB) that he is dead – euthanized for said “serious injury.” Look At My Hooves was four; ’twas his 9th time under the whip. California Racing has been super-busy lately congratulating itself on the supposed decline in deaths; with this latest, California Racing counts 88 dead horses on the year. Progress, horseracing style.


  1. Why is this not in the news anymore. This needs to be published and put out there for everyone to see. I am just sickened by all these deaths. Horseracing needs to be stopped!

  2. “Look At My Hooves.” Clever name. I think it’s probably a play on John Mulaney’s (very funny) “Horse in a Hospital” routine about the Trump administration.
    Problem is, there’s nothing funny at all about Look At My Hooves now. Is there, racing creeps? Maybe y’all ought to work the hilarity of your poor horse’s hideous breakdown into another stolen joke? You know, like, “Look at my Hooves. They’re facing three different directions now.”
    That’d sure get everybody laughing again.

  3. The irony of the names knows no bounds as Look At My Hooves is more like look at me die.
    Nevertheless, the bullcrap coming out of this business is beyond ridiculous such as Santa Anita this week proclaiming no deaths at their race meet as published by Paulick.
    Horse racing has always been a public relations scheme that was once accepted.
    Now, however, the facts reveal the bold face lies to keep their millions of wagering profits come in and the peril and detriment of their voiceless victims – the racehorses.

  4. Please stop this horseracing cruelty. One death of a horse due to injury during racing is ONE TOO MANY !

  5. Even though there is a lot of election chaos going on as well as the global health PANDEMIC of the novel Coronavirus known as COVID-19, new cases being reported everyday and more deaths to COVID-19 everyday, the news media outlets still have a “sports” section where a reporter writes an update on the major horse racing meet known as the Breeders’ Cup.
    If a short press release was submitted to the Los Angeles newspapers/news media outlets, it would be appropriate to let the editors of said media outlets to decide whether or not they have room for such a report. It is really happening that a certain number of horses have been killed at many, many racetracks in every geographical location where horse racing is going on. So I think a short press release from HORSERACING WRONGS reporting the true number of horses that have been killed in California at all California racetracks and training tracks would be extremely appropriate. It is a government subsidized business that would dry up without these public funds to keep the brutality to horses going and killing more horses every week. The public has a right to know.

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