Horse Killed – “Possible Broken Neck” – on “Family Day”

From the FAQS section of the Foxfield Steeplechase website:

Q. What should I wear? A. You’ll see everything from “Sunday Best” to “Country Casual” for both men and woman.  Women lean towards dresses, men are usually in shirt and tie often paired with khaki shorts.  Hats are a favorite of many who attend the races!

Q. Is food available at the races? A. We encourage you to bring food and beverages and tailgate during race day.

Q. When/Where can I purchase Foxfield Merchandise? A. There will be Foxfield souvenir stands in the Purple and Green sections during the race day or you may contact the race office if you would like to purchase merchandise prior to the race.

Sporty attire! Hats! Tailgating! Souvenirs! Fun for all – indeed, Foxfield bills it “Family Day at the Races”! (photo gallery here)

Now, here is the Stewards’ Report for the October 4 event:

“BOLD ESCAPE fell at the second last [fence] after meeting it wrong, getting in close, hooking his knees and sustaining a rotational fall resulting in a possible broken neck and was dead when examined by the course vet.”

“possible broken neck…dead when examined by the vet”

Still, the stewards appended this note to their report: “The course was in excellent condition…. It looks to continue to improve with the current management.” Just one minor hiccup, huh? Disgusting. And to those parents who patronize these “family events” where fully sentient beings are killed in the most horrific of ways, I humbly and respectfully ask: Any regrets, guilt, shame? If not, why, how?

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  1. NAMES NAMES NAMES!!! Who was the stewards, that said these words…where do said stewards live?? Who ae said stewards children? Where do they live? YOU MUST GO IN FOR THE KILL YOURSELF as NOBODY WILL LISTEN, unless the people who work for and live by the race course PAYCHECKS, would not want to be outed for working at these places!!!
    rules……FACEBOOK! Protests at the HIGHEST LEVELS!! NYRA has a WONDERFUL bunch of assholes, yet I never see anyone, EVER, go in for their NAMES< WHERE THEY LIVE< BELMONT PARK< AQUDUCT, ETC!!

    FACEBOOK, find someone who knows how to use it, and START! LOLOL They will absolutely HATE BING OUTED!! EXAMPLE: David O'Rouke, in charge of Belmont Racetrack, AND, there is a WHOLE list of PEOPLE if you simply look up: WHOS the BOARD OF DIRECTORS???? Its on the internet, under BOARD OF DIRECTORS for NYRA! And, SOMEONE NEEDS TO START DOING EXACTLY THAT!!! They would implode! People don't want any blood money, if their names, WITH PICTURES AND ADDRESSES are attached to the stories!! YOU MUST INVOLVE EVERYTHING!

    Does anyone know how to get information out on Facebook???

    Stay well, all!

    • I dare say most of us know how to use Facebook having Facebook accounts.
      I share these posts on Facebook.

  2. I’m really starting to hate even reading these stories. The epidemic seams hopless, since it is controlled by a higher power…i.e. our politians and greedy investors who are sleeping with each other…

  3. What is their definition of “a course in excellent condition” and does it horrify any of the spectators to know that a horse goes down and NEVER GETS UP AGAIN???
    What difference does it make that the course could be new and improved, in excellent condition or improving under current management when horses’ lives are at risk of catastrophic injuries and death???
    A horse is killed on a course in excellent condition. That is demented!
    Rest in peace BOLD ESCAPE🙏💔💔💔💔💔 Your tired, worn out body could not keep going. I can only imagine you were exhausted and out of breath.

  4. Yes, these horses are expendable to them. They are profit and fame. They aren’t animals at all they are machines. It is absolutely horrible and they should be punished for the way they treat horses.

    • I agree with Liv that these people should be punished for the way they treat horses. This is horrible!

  5. Even some staunch pro racing folks hate “jumps” racing because the increased risk of serious injury and death to the horses. It’s mind boggling though that they are ok with these very frequent outcomes within their own preferred mode of racing.

    • So true, Peggy. These same folks also profess to hate the Baby Breezes at the 2-year-old sales. But they just can’t bring themselves to go public with the horror stories of them.
      Because, they know if they tattle, they’ll be expelled from their beloved horse-killing game.

    • The adults should not be attending these events, whether it is flat track or steeplechase racing or harness racing. Everyone should boycott the races and/or protest with signs. I agree children should not see this **** but it’s a reality that eventually we have to become aware of no matter how gruesome.

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