Another Kill at Los Alamitos

Hit It Up was “vanned off” in the 8th at Los Alamitos last Friday. Today we learn (CHRB) that he was euthanized for the undisclosed injury. Hit It Up was two years old.


  1. I pray that these people who commit these criminal acts of abuse against horses will be punished by law as they rightfully ought to be recognized and punished. Ban horse racing forever!!!!
    Rest in peace, HIT IT UPπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” You were born into this life of heinous torture and suffering. Now your suffering has ended.
    However, your stable mates will go on to endure more abuse until they are killed.
    Someone inside this operation needs to be brave enough to stand up and put a stop to this. Los Alamitos race course needs to be shut down!!!!!

  2. I actually forced myself to watch the video of him “tying up” in his final race. Looked like his hind end was collapsing as the jockey was pulling him up so hard. But of course, the camera immediately panned past the horror to follow the “important” part of their Daily Death Race.
    True to form, Los Al’s announcer, Michael Wrona, failed to provide any insight into Hit it Up’s ordeal. And why should he? Every time Mr. Wrona opens his mouth outside of Los Al’s cloistered, uber-defensive circle of horse-killing monsters, he gets grilled about the medical status of this or that (almost always deceased) racehorse. So he’s finally learned to Zip it Up. Helps him better fit in with the super-secretive culture of Doc Allred and his policy of never, ever, EVER admitting, acknowledging, or apologizing for ANY of the horses Los Alamitos kills.

    Oh, and I guess somebody really ought to ask them why it took five days to end the suffering of this poor horse. (Of course, that somebody will never get an answer. But still, the question really should be asked.)

  3. Patrick, can you please clarify the racehorses that were killed at Santa Anita since 2019?
    The other day Santa Anita released a statement, via pro-horse racing publication Paulick Report, that NO racehorses died there training or racing since the last 2019 meet and this 2020 meet.
    Perhaps they worded it in a twisted manner to confuse because I find that hard to believe.
    Out of all the tracks in California Los Al was the worse when it came to lack of transparency and power control there.
    Doc Allred has a bevy of well-paid attorneys on his racing board who guard their killing show like Ft. Knox and they didn’t answer to the CHRB – not a chance when I was there and I was repeatedly told to “back-off” and to never question what was going on there.
    HIT IT UP yet another victim of their killing business.

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