3-Year-Old Breaks Leg, Euthanized on Track at Finger Lakes

In the 6th yesterday at Finger Lakes, Maddy Black was said (by Equibase) to be “in distress, pulled up.” In fact, she is dead: according to the Gaming Commission, broken leg, euthanized where she lay. Maddy was three; ’twas her 7th time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Ohh, she was ‘in distress’. Oh really, EQUIBASE ?
    This 3 year old filly (in Australia not a mare until 4 years of age) BROKE her leg and most of us know that that is FATAL for a horse. And most certainly the horseracing industry knows what a broken leg means for a horse.
    Yet, Equibase, who is a significant representative of the horseracing industry in the USA, sees fit to state that this very young horse was ‘IN DISTRESS’ when she had broken her leg – only in distress, eh ?
    Equibase, you have the knowledge that MADDY BLACK would’ve, at the very least, been in excruciating pain, in shock, in fear, traumatised and then the humans handle her and she’d have no comfort in that when all the shit on a racetrack environment goes on around her in the process of euthanasing her, usually without even a sedative prior to the green needle and then the horse can suffer terribly for up to 2.5 minutes.
    Mmm, as always…just a racehorse.
    So very disposable.

    • Yes, Carolyn, you are right. Animals should be sedated before the lethal injection. The fatal medication burns badly in the vein and adds to the distress. Being sedated first helps to make it a more “peaceful” death which is the definition of euthanasia. Shooting the lethal medication into the vein without sedation first is the last act of cruelty perpetrated on the horse.
      But as you said, it is just a racehorse.
      The focus is get this “inconvenience”over with…

  2. This is horrendously unacceptable abuse of a beautiful young Thoroughbred. Rest in peace MADDY BLACK🙏🙏🙏💔💔💔💔💔 You didn’t deserve this sadistic, barbaric abuse.

  3. This 3 year old, as we all know, was ruthlessly killed. Murdered. I am so sorry for you, Maddy. They used your young body as they wished and pushed you to your so very young death.

    • You are Sooooo right Nancy. Slop kills them, slop maimed them,slop DESTROYS. The low IQ people in this fraud…may they rot. Oh, by the way more cheating and drug abuse scandals from used car salesman bob baffert.

      • I saw that Bonnie. Excuses excuses excuses that it is enviornmental. Yeah right
        I also responded to your thoughts about Mongolian Groom
        Hope you caught it

  4. Horse racing is despicable because so many horses are injured and get killed or are sold to vicious kill buyers. The owners just want to make money off them and then they are thrown away like trash

    • I so agree!!! These reports of barbaric acts of exploitation and killing of innocent horses are so very disturbing and difficult to read every time.

  5. If dumbass owners AND trainers had a brain they would get the concept how not only is slop slippery,it’s also like a suction cup that is pulling down on super skinny FRAGILE bones!!! I have seen too many catastrophic breakdowns and early ends to promising talented horses…for anyone to tell me slop doesn’t DAMAGE these innocents. And yes Nancy, god bless. Everyone take care and stay safe.

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