Dead at Batavia

Annapolis Hall was euthanized at Batavia Thursday, says the Gaming Commission, after a “presumed colic worsened.” He was six; his last race was 12 days prior.

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  1. ‘presumed’ ?

    No vet to confirm that it was in fact colic ?

    Yeah, just another racehorse dies – so they ‘presume’ it was colic without bothering to state categorically the cause of death. If it was colic, then ANNAPOLIS HALL suffered probably the worst death a horse can and it sounds as though a vet had not attended him to put him out of his agonisingly painful and slow death.

  2. The wrongs continue for these magnificent beings..STOP!!!..sadness for this young horse!!!

  3. What a horrible and painful death ‘Annapolis Hall’ went thru, all for the ‘sport of kings’…my heart hurts and my tears cry for this magnificent horse. Horseracing needs to stop, now!!! End this hellish carnage these beautiful horses live, Rest in Peace ‘ANNAPOLIS HALL’…

  4. Where was the owner, the trainer, the groom and the veterinarian when this horse died in agony?
    ANNAPOLIS HALL, so sorry you had to be a slave and a victim to people caring more about their money than their horses.
    Rest in peace🙏💔

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