3-Year-Old Killed at Belmont; NYRA Can Now Boast 69 Dead Horses on the Year

And the New York Racing Association killing-machine hums along, unabated. This morning at Belmont, says the Gaming Commission, Hemlock “sustained a displaced condylar & comminuted P1 fractures while breezing – euthanized on track.” Hemlock was three years old and had been raced four times, though, as the Commission points out, his last race came almost a year ago. Trainer, William Mott. This makes 69 dead horses at the three NYRA tracks in 2020. 69. Reform is a ruse; safe racing is a lie.

Voice your outrage: Link this post. Cite data from this website. Tell them horseracing is animal cruelty; horseracing must end.
Governor Cuomo
Senator Schumer
Senator Gillibrand
Assembly Speaker Heastie
Majority Leader Cousins
“Domestic Animal Welfare” Committee
NYS State Senators

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  1. “Euthanized on track.” Hey, at least NY horse killers are keeping their injured and suffering horses on sight to be put out of their misery. Not to belabor the point — or, beat a dead horse, if you will — but California regulators and racing officials have discovered a great new way of minimizing their dead horse numbers: they’re hauling their mangled, suffering victims OFF THE PROPERTY of CHRB-licensed tracks for their “treatments.” This way, they don’t have to admit to any training kills. It’s brilliant, isn’t it?
    And, it’s working. The CHRB’s Equine Fatalities page shows a DROP in its dead racehorse count by more than 60 percent, almost overnight. And no one is the wiser;) Everybody wins!
    Oh, except for the horses, that is.

  2. If the Jockey Club were to release an accurate count of horses registered, number of horses still alive at the ages of 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, 36 months, 48 months and so on, we would see the numbers of live horses decreasing. Of course, knowing how the industry operates, to expect the JOCKEY CLUB to do an accurate counting of horses, both living and dead, would be and is ridiculous. Would it not be appropriate to have some transparency from that one organization though???

    • I know there would be more horses foaled each year, but if the JC did a count for the entire foal crop for each year, it would show relevance.
      I can only imagine that the ground could be frozen at Belmont and a lot of other race tracks in New York as well as many other states and provinces this time of year. However, these horrible injuries happen any time of year.
      Rest in peace HEMLOCK.🙏💔

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