Training Kill Makes It 21 Dead at Saratoga

Chad Brown-trained Hedda, a 2-year-old coming off her first race, was killed while training yesterday at Saratoga. The self-styled “oldest sporting venue in the nation” can now boast 21 dead “athletes” on the year – equaling its all-time high (2017). At all New York Racing Association tracks (Aqueduct, Belmont, Saratoga), the toll is 68. This, for an organization that holds its safety record up as the best in the business. Vile.

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  1. where can i find more on her death? ny breakdown report didn’t state anything so i’d like to see where this news came from as i didn’t see it anywhere else. thanks in advance for reporting this

  2. The carnage continues and those responsible continue to do NOTHING!
    Death after death after death of innocent horses.

  3. I hope that there will be a “political will” to change how much money goes to supporting this horror show of animal abuse against horses. If the amount of corporate welfare went to $0, that would NOT be depressing!!!!!

  4. This poor baby filly HEDDA was a $170,000 purchase as a yearling in the financial portfolio of a “bloodstock” agency called AROC Bloodstock (wonder who they are) and a subsequent sales price of $325,000 with the potential of a $495,000 equine insurance policy or $325,000 minimum.
    Although only about 10% of racehorses are insured you can bet that HEDDA was insured at the fall of the hammer during the sale.
    HEDDA’s first start finished 4th and nobody except Chad Brown, the attending vet, and potentially the owners knew what pre-existing conditions HEDDA may have had or may have sustained during her first race rendering her useless as a racehorse.
    It’s those secret mysterious vet/treatment records that are not disclosed so anything goes really.
    The only option to cash in would be to kill her and I wouldn’t put it past these parasites.
    Of course this is all speculation because we will never know what was in the needles given to her before she was sent out to the track and less scrutiny during training hours right?
    All the hallmark signs are there.
    What a despicable business and even if HEDDA was not insured, which I doubt, she’s still dead.
    Saratoga “the oldest killing venue in the nation.”

    • Gina, remember at Ellis Park earlier this year on their Derby Day, in the juvenile derby a 2 yr old Runhappy had a catastrophic injury in the race!!!! So that makes at least two 2yr olds (of Runhappy) we know of breaking down. VILE.

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