The Most Powerful Slaughter Investigation, Ever

I originally posted this a year ago. It must not be forgotten…

An explosive slaughter expose, the most powerful I have ever seen, from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and our friends at The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses in Australia. Two points before you watch: Yes, it is graphic, but please don’t let that dissuade you. This needs to be watched (and shared). And make no mistake, the exact same thing is happening to American racehorses.

“Come on you dumb fucking horses.”

“You’re going to fucking die here, you fucking maggots.”

“You’re dead. You’re dead, dickhead.”

“Fucking dumb cunt.”

“Fucking stupid cunt.”

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    • Horse racing needs to be shut down. The so called regulations are not being followed. Whips are painful and should be banned. Horses don’t want to race . They want to be loved and cared for by caring owners. I pray God stops this industry from surviving. Any sport that causes an animal pain and distress should be shut down now !! God is watching 🙏

      • Also — the BREEDING of Horses MUST END — the IDIOTS are looking for that SUPER-HORSE who’ll win the big races for them — they continue to BREED and BREED and BREED hoping for the Horse-God — they should ALL be ashamed of themselves — they lack rationality, wisdom, sanity, compassion — they’re abusive USERS who need their IDIOT-EGOs fed — they do NOT consider the horrors they’re inflicting on the Horses — we MUST STOP the IDIOT-ABUSERS.

    • Prince Charles hunts and always did. He may be an environmentalist in some ways but he is an animal killer in other ways. British traditions die hard. What’s worse is Prince William also does some hunting, which is a pathetic way to honor a mother he supposedly loved, since Princess Diana was a HUGE animal lover.

  1. The same treatment should be done to those people who subject these poor horses to such cruelty. I would volunteer to carry out the justice for these animals

  2. It’s so shameful. These animals are so majestic and dignified. On the other hand, these “people” are so mean, they take everything from these animals. Nothing to be proud of. No respect, no compassion … I think this terrible indifference is frightening.

  3. This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. This type of abuse MUST be stopped and the individuals working in this industry must be held accountable.

    • One of the workers in this video was charged, he appeared in a Queensland court and was fined about $2,000. He showed no remorse and appeared to make fun of the fact that he only got a paltry fine.
      Another worker in the video could not be charged because he couldn’t be properly identified. The bloke that drove that truck all the way from Victoria to Queensland (2 days of hell for the horses – similar to what American racehorses suffer to Canada and Mexico) was found to be guilty of a non-compliance with transportation of these horses and fined a few thousand $. He still operates his business. In the video, one horse is dragged off the truck in a shocking state, is on the ground and looked close to death.

      • Yes — these IDIOTS are truly IMBECILES — they’re MISSING something upstairs mentally — they belong in Rubber Rooms — Society is allowing them to commit crimes, abuse and murder — what kind of People are we? we can STOP them — throw them in Prison — transfer them to Psyche Wards — SHUT DOWN these HELL HOUSES.

  4. This abuse should not be happening. The violence is UNBELIEVABLE and disgusting!!

  5. What kind of person works in a slaughterhouse???? What kind of person keeps them employed???? Absolutely appalling to see the abuse and horror these racehorses are subject to on this earth, all for the ‘sport of kings’ !!! The money these majestic, beautiful horses made for their so-called ‘love them like family’ owners, trainers, only to be discarded like trash. One day, all you lowlife’s will die, and will go before God, to be judged for your time on earth. The ‘Wrath of God’ will not be so forgiven, nor will any of you!!! Shut these hell hole slaughter houses down, and the whole race horsing industry now…

    • Marjorie, I haven’t watched the footage as yet as we had to have our 16 year old Retriever euthanised today, so so sad. However, in answer to your 1st sentance, the sort that would think nothing of doing the same to a child, it’s happened time after time. The laws need repealing and sentances must be strong enough to deter these evil lowlifes.

      • This slaughterhouse in the video is Meramist which is owned by a Belgian company which kills these horses for human consumption in a few European countries and a few others outside of Europe. A Queensland government investigation (100 pages) into this unspeakable killing of these horses has recommended that changes be made to the structure of the plant to make the process of slaughter humane (as if that’s possible!).
        The Belgian company’s response –
        (this is not verbatim)
        it would cost the company too much money for it to be viable.

        Just to add that this slaughterhouse is situated at Caboolture (about an hour’s drive north of Brisbane) and there are above average cases of child abuse and domestic violence in that town.

        • CAROLYN — thanks for the data regarding depravity in this town — Animal Abuse, Child Abuse, Violence to all Living Beings — to think that this continues without anyone stopping it — where are Government Representatives? — where are ELECTED Officials? — people MUST RISE and DEMAND this HORROR be stopped — KEEP PUSHING and AGITATING these MONSTERS — GO VEGAN — GO VEGAN — give BEYOND Burgers and BEYOND Sausages a try — GO VEGAN.

      • Tony, am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful Retriever. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time.

  6. Sickening and horribe.
    My heart is breaking. These poor beautiful animals.
    These people are monsters.

  7. There is NO JUSTIFICATION for such depravedly, immoral cruelty to our Horses — What you do NOT see is the horror behind the scenes — if you KNEW, dear Spectator, you would STOP dead in your tracks to NEVER return to the Racetrack — to add insult to injury, many of our HORSES meet with unconscionably brutal deaths at the Slaughterhouse (which, by the way is ILLEGAL in the U.S.) — RESCUE our HORSES — STOP frequenting the Racetrack PERMANENTLY — let’s SHUT DOWN this sadistic, heinous industry FOREVER — What kind of People are we? — Horses have always BEEN THERE for Humankind — the History of Mankind is Carried on the BACK of the HORSE.

  8. I can’t even bear to watch it, I will literally end up in a mental institution if I do, but I will share this far and wide for the non-believers that do not think that this evil s*** happens. Thank you Patrick for constantly keeping this out there for everyone to see in order to save these precious animals that were given to us by God!

    • GO VEGAN — GO VEGAN — the HORRORS to these HORSES is so beyond heartbreak, there are NO words — the whole industry belongs in PRISON — they’re all deplorable MURDERERS — the lack of conscience, morals, sanity, compassion, mercy — they are the WORST, the LOWEST of Humanity, if there’s even such a thing — they belong OUT OF normal society and into a CONTROLLED environment similar to a PRISON — again, GO VEGAN — GO VEGAN — ALL of these industries MUST BE SHUT DOWN — the Plan to SHUT THEM DOWN must be aggressive and firm — if there’s pushback or refusal, the Monster-Individuals MUST be arrested and hauled into Prisons — this is DOABLE — it CAN be done — it MUST be done — all Horses must be pulled out and sent to Rescue Ranches.

  9. The sad truth is that most racehorses end up dying on the slaughterhouse floor.
    This video shows the repulsive and brutal end to a racehorse who was once a gambling bet.
    Every single day at kill auctions all over this country stands the battered, abused and crippled racehorses of horse racing.
    Every single call to prior owners, trainers or this business goes unanswered or, if answered, they refuse to send one dime to save a horse that may have made them hundres of thousands of dollars.
    However, it’s the wagering firms like Stronach-owned XpressBet and a multitude of other wagering entitites they own, and the sales auction houses – these 2 make the majority of money and give little to nothing to racehorse aftercare.
    Years of receiving billions of taxpayers money and/pr casino profits, mostly controlled by the “horsemen” groups AKA HBPA and still no mandatory financial contribution to aftercare facilities.
    Here in Canada the horrific end is the same as this video – no different.
    The slaughterhouse in Mexico, where most racehorses who race in the south end up, can’t afford the stun guns and equipment so they resort to taking a large knife and stabbing the racehorse through the spine to sever the nerves responsible for breathing.
    It’s one of the most gruesome and horrific acts to watch a racehorse go down that way and there are videos available of this as well, but if you can’t get through this one you won’t get through that one.
    All pro-horse racing entities know this and they are well aware of what happens to their unwanted racehorse mess.
    Racehorses are mere disposable gambling chips in this vile business and this slaughterhouse video makes it crystal clear unfortunately.
    Every time you place a bet, watch horse racing on TV you are supporting this, you are complicit in killing racehorses whose finish line is the slaughterhouse floor for most.

  10. what goes around comes around – Karma – there will be a horrific consequence to the evil, cruel fuckers at this slaughter house – the breeders of these horses will pay via Karma & it won’t be kind

  11. These are not “dumb animals”! They are living, intelligent creatures that feel emotions like we do! They deserve to be treated better than this!

  12. Unbelievably horrific..inhumane and I weep for these glorious..magnificent..gentle..serving and beautiful animals..WTF is wrong with us!?!..criminal acts once again ignored😔😢🙏🙏🙏
    I could not finish disgusted with being even a small part of so much wrong!!!

  13. Now ABC or someone must follow up again to find out if any investigations were made and what they are doing about this horrific abuse. If it isn’t followed up they won’t do anything.

    • The CEO of Racing NSW who was interviewed in this video instituted legal proceedings against the ABC and the journalist, Caro Meldrum-Hannah in our Federal Court in Sydney. The hearing has just been completed and awaiting the Judge’s decision.

      • Carolyn …please let us know the results.
        The truth always hurts doesn’t it and videos do not lie.

      • Just to add that the video was played in court in the early stages of the hearing. On the anticipated last day of the hearing, the Judge mentioned that he had watched the video again at home the previous evening. Due to the length of the submissions by both parties’ barristers, it went on to another day.
        I hasten to point out that this case is about the CEO of Racing NSW suing the ABC for damages for portraying him in The Final Race expose as being responsible for the horses going to slaughter. Heads of some other racing jurisdictions in Australia refused to be interviewed, so there was nothing the ABC could do about that and, if my memory serves me correctly, this was pointed out in the expose. Interestingly, the first time the CEO watched the whole video was in court. Apparently when it was screened on national TV this time last year he got a fellow racing official to watch it and report back. He later stated in court that he watched a couple of bits of it the next day.

        Whatever the Judge’s decision, there’s no denying that the majority of racehorses, whether recently retired from racing or later on after having been usually passed from one equestrian owner to another, the horses end up being horrifically tortured and killed in the slaughterhouse process. And the global racing industry has had full knowledge of this unspeakable treatment of its ‘much loved’ horses for decades and decades and decades.
        Unconscionable and Inexcusable.

      • Most of the helpless horses waiting to be tortured beyond belief would not exist but for racing. Racing and the “big shot” CEO’s et al reap all the “rewards”. They exercise what they see as their “right” to use and facilitate the use of these animals for gambling then shirk any responsibility for their fate. Plus, they are never held accountable for a decidedly corrupt business riddled with animal abuse and torture.
        There is no “dark side” to racing – there is nothing but darkness!!

  14. Yes this is TRULY TERRIBLE, but this is what happens to 150 BILLION cows, pigs, sheep every year, there is NO difference.
    So if you eat meat, you are paying for this DISGUSTING trade.

    • You are soooo right, Shirley! Eat vegan and leave meat off your plate and lives..

  15. Who are we as humans?! Who the hell are we to treat other beings like this!! I cannot stop crying! I will never understand this and other abuse….this violence must end!!!! Omg it must end!!!


  17. Horrific. Any endorsement of horseracing contributes to the brutal killing of innocent horses. The one horse who was sold for $400K was not given to a loving home but instead tasered with high volt shocks, starved, cursed at, kicked in the head repeatedly, terrorized again & again, forced to live in deplorable prison. They lied and said he was still an active horse in the registry! All the industry knows of this for this to happen. 35 times a week at just one facility these champion racehorses are humiliated & being bolted 5 times in the head then kicked & cursed at for money. Anyone who bets on an animal, anyone who attends a for profit animal event of racing is just as guilty as the person bolting the horse, electrocuting the horse, kicking the horse because we NOW & FOREVER KNOW these horses are raced & then brutally abused beyond what I ever knew a human could do to these beautiful creatures.

  18. I admit I have not had the courage to watch the torture of these innocent helpless horses.
    I have been worried and sad because one of my horses being treated for cancer of his 3rd eyelid may lose his eye! Now I think of the unspeakable suffering off countless horses because of the greed and depravity of humans.

    Also, I have to say Belgium seems to have an insatiable appetite for horse flesh. It must be a lucrative business with slaughterhouses in so many countries. Of course, the responsibility for this outrage runs deep.
    Sad to say, barbarism is still with us, it is just hidden behind blood soaked by walls by those walking among us in suits and ties…

    • I hope and pray outcome of your Horse’s eye will be successful and rid of that cancer — I DID watch the footage of the slaughter of these beautiful Living Beings — it was very bad, horrible — if the world KNEW, many would think twice before eating Horsemeat — no Living Being should ever be treated the way these Horses are treated — DECENT societies would NEVER ALLOW this — RESPECTABLE, dignified societies would NEVER ACCEPT this — we MUST continue to spread the TRUTH about the sadistic, torturous treatment of HORSES — if we do not speak up and speak out, the criminal-IDIOT-MONSTERS will continue with their depraved TORMENT and MURDERS — Employers & Employees participating in this despicable industry need PSYCHE evaluations — they should be SHUT DOWN and thrown in prison.

    • I cannot watch either, Rose – I don’t need to be convinced that horses suffer unspeakably because of human greed and selfishness.

      My thoughts and prayers are with your precious horse for successful treatment and swift healing – and with you for comfort and peace. You are an amazing caretaker of your horses and I only wish there were countless more compassionate and committed individuals like you, Rose!

      • My heartfelt thanks to all for the kind words and good wishes. I mentioned my horse’s cancer because suddenly it almost seemed trivial in light of the awful torture thousands upon thousands of his kind are subjected to day after day. I was jolted back to that ugly reality! My horse will be cared for in his home, unlike so many others.

        Getting U.S.H.R 961/S. 2006 – Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) ACT voted on and signed into law would be a start to eventually ending the slaughter of our horses.
        I know some think it is just about protecting humans. However, it would greatly reduce the number of horses being slaughtered if the flesh could not be sold for human consumption. It would no longer be a profitable business. It is the wedge principle – the camel’s nose under the tent, if you will. And what politician would want to be on record as voting against food safety!

  19. My heart is broken beyond repair and my soul is shattered. I have to admit i tried… but I just could not watch the most graphic parts. The sheer horror in these beautiful souls’ eyes and the way they are beaten, electrocuted, name called is beyond any normal human being’s comprehension. These monsters need to be locked up, hit in the head, beaten and electrocuted to get a taste of their own medicine. The sad reality is that, as long as racing exists, horses will die horrific deaths… on the track and the slaughterhouses around the world. I despise these disgusting “humans”

    • Andrea, you are braver than I. I got as far as the introduction…
      The responsibility for this outrage runs deep, far beyond the depraved individuals involved in the torture. Everyone of these horses had a breeder, an owner, a name and even trust in humans at some point in their lives. Then comes the ultimate betrayal. Enter the profiteers, the kill buyers, the “entrepreneurs” and investors in these slaughterhouses. Lastly, there are the consumers who willing buy and consume the meat without a second thought…
      And as Carolyn pointed, out society pays a price for industrialized slaughter. A 2009 study by criminologist Amy Fitzgerald indicates, slaughterhouse employment increases total arrest rates for violent crimes in comparison to other industries. And we know the crime rate was high in the areas around the now closed horse slaughterhouses in Texas and Illinois.

  20. The ugly people are killing the beautiful innocent horses. The low lifes gave priority to themselves. Evil. So grateful to the people who are exposing this. I had no idea.

  21. Quit breeding and slaughtering these horses! This is awful! You should be ashamed!

  22. Sadly, who knows when race horsing will end, I feel like it will take as long as greyhound racing took to shut down. There is still a few fair grounds that allow greyhound races. Pitiful and so shameful

  23. I can’t watch it, the read comments are already heartbreaking enough😥shame on all of you involved, what a misery.

  24. Horse racing needs to be abolished!! These lovely animals don’t need to be subjected to what the humans do to them for the purpose of making money. How about we punish and I would gladly volunteer to be selected to punish these bastards that have abused these lovely horses. Man is so cruel and nothing gives them the permission to abuse animals.


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